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Antonio & Terricka Cromartie Speak On Their New Reality Show (Video)

Daaaamn! They got 14 kids though???? After a vasectomy???? Yeah, that’s a reality show if nothing else. And I’ve watched a couple; not bad, no crazier than any other show. So Antonio retires from playing with a team of eleven [on the field] to a family of more.

Actually, that’s just the start of a pretty good interview. Watch.


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She’s Got Game: Meeting The Game (Episode 1) [Video]

Don’t think of She’s Got Game as ‘reality television’ (well, you can if you want). Think of it as The Game sharing his Eye Candy with you. For while he looks for love, we get to look over his foine azz choices. And remember, so do his friends…

…and this is a competition… meaning these ladies are all but guaranteed to hate on each other at some point. So, now you have VH1 trademark drama on deck. Use that as ‘cover’ for your ogling. Got the show’s premiere episode cued above for you to practice that.

(You can say something like, “Baby, why are they acting all wild and crazy and embarrassing themselves like that? Breastses and azz just wiggling and jiggling all over the place. And do you see what they are wearing? Wow. Let’s remember to watch for that when we rewind when we watch this again On Demand. Mm mm mm. Just trifling. Right, Honey? Honey… awww why you mad? What did I do now??! Just trying to spend quality time watching TV with you, and now you get salty.”)

Whew! Check for some snapshots after the jump. And altogether say, “Thank you, Game” (who is still rocking shows AND exec producing the show… meaning the player is still about business)!

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The Game Takes A Page From Flavor Flav In New Reality TV Show (Video)

The Game says the only thing still missing in his life is a lady to love (got close: flashback to “Marrying The Game”). Well, he’s gonna find one dammit. And he’s gonna get his friends to help. And they’re gonna put the potentials through some serious paces to test their worthiness. And they’re recording all this for television. And you can watch, starting August 10, 2015 (9PM EST on VH1).

And NO… the show is NOT called The Game Of Love. It’s called “She’s Got Game.” Check out the trailer above.

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T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (Video)

T.I. & his wife Tiny’s new reality show focusing upon their family starts tomorrow. I don’t watch too many reality shows, but this one right here maybe pretty interesting instead of the fake housewife joints that have been flooding television lately.
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T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (Episode One)

I had initially set up the the trailer to T.I. & Tiny’s new show to post a day before it was to air on VH1, but it looks like the network decided to post the show on the web before it actually was broadcast on their network. (Shrugs) Not sure of the thinking on that, but here’s the first episode of T.I. & his wife Tiny’s new reality show centered around their family. The show officially airs at 9pm EST on December 5th…

Adventures Of The Club Play Girls (Trailer)

Memorial Day weekend unofficially kicks off today & may people are making their way to many places including Miami. Timing couldn’t have been better for the producers of a new reality show based on the women of Club Play. Not sure what else the show or teaser is about, but check out the trailer…..

Cory Gunz – ‘Son Of A Gun’ Ep. 4 (Video)


Cory Gunz – ‘Son Of A Gun’ Ep. 3 (Video)


Cory Gunz – ‘Son Of A Gun’ Ep. 2 (Video)

Cory Gunz: ‘Son Of A Gun’ Ep. One (Video)

Rap artist Cory Gunz new reality television show just aired & for the very first show I thought it was pretty interesting. We’ll see how the rest of the season pans out….

VH1 Debut’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Reality Show (Video)