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Snoop & Son: A Dad’s Dream (Episode One) [Video]

Remember that trailer for that ‘Snoop & Son’ series we posted here? If you need to review, please do. But more important, be sure to watch Episode One above. That’s right. It’s here.

Calvin and Cordell BroadusSnoop and his second-born son – have their own series. Not like that; but a real ‘reality show’… a mini-documentary on what it’s like for Cordell living in the shadow of one of the most well-known in the music game; and following his attempts to step out of that shadow and into his own lane… on the football field!

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Beanie Sigel – A Day In The Life (Episode One) [Video]

The Broad Street Bully aka Beanie Sigel Desert Eagle hits the fans with part one of his new vlog series ‘Beanie Sigel: A Day In The Life’.

Pimp My Turntables: DJ Jazzy Jeff (Episode One) [Video]

Chances are if you’ve watched MTV at any point in time you’ve seen the “Pimp My Ride” show hosted by rapper/actor Xzibit or as participants on the show would often refer to him as….”Mr. X To The Z”. The ‘Pimp My Ride’ show would find willing participants with the most busted ass vehicles & then have a team of creative auto mechanics trick it out. Professional DJ & former Masters Of The Mix show finalist DJ Yonny hosts this new internet show that just debuted called “Pimp My Turntables” where they creatively trick out the equipment for professional DJs & turntable enthusiasts. In the very first episode they catch up with international party DJ & Philly legend DJ Jazzy Jeff as they trick out his turntables in such a way that just leaves him speechless.

The Chuuwee Channel Episode One (Video)

“Follow Chuuwee as he goes through multiple radio appearances, shows, and studio sessions and performance from the “Crown Me King” release party”

Big K.R.I.T. – “Road Less Traveled” [Episode One]

Backstage Pass: Black Milk – “Claps&Slaps Tour” Episode One (Video)

Black Milk recently finished his US “Claps&Slaps” Tour alongside J. Pinder and ADd+. Flud Watches and director Erick Lee traveled with Black Milk throughout the US to document the tour, capturing live performance footage, and more. Today, enjoy Episode 1 of 3 where you are introduced to Black Milk and his band Nat Turner, while Black Milk talks about Detroit, his musical influences, and more.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (Episode One)

I had initially set up the the trailer to T.I. & Tiny’s new show to post a day before it was to air on VH1, but it looks like the network decided to post the show on the web before it actually was broadcast on their network. (Shrugs) Not sure of the thinking on that, but here’s the first episode of T.I. & his wife Tiny’s new reality show centered around their family. The show officially airs at 9pm EST on December 5th…

Who Is Phene? Episode One (Video)

“In an era where everyone is a rapper, what makes one stand apart from the rest? While some consider him a new artist, PHENE has already endured a journey far beyond the likes of your average freshman. Episode #1 takes you on a ride from 2004 to now….”

“You need to know the whole story to know where we’re going” –Phene

Entourage: Final Season Episode 1 (Video)

J. Cole Preps For A ‘Cole Summer’ Episode 1 (Video)

In what’s supposed to be the first in a series of web vlogs, J. Cole is prepping his fans with his new Cole Summer series. September 27th will be here before you know it so it’s no doubt that J. Cole & his team want y’all to stay focused leading up until that album release date.

Who The F*ck Is Boog Brown?! Episode One (Video)

Cory Gunz: ‘Son Of A Gun’ Ep. One (Video)

Rap artist Cory Gunz new reality television show just aired & for the very first show I thought it was pretty interesting. We’ll see how the rest of the season pans out….

Mobb Deep – ‘Start Of Ur Ending’ Episode One (Video)

This is a new web series following Prodigy & Havoc around in the last few weeks & leading up to their next album release. This is part one of the series…..