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Late Activist Sara Bland’s Sisters Speak On Their Family’s Tragic Loss, Her Legacy, And What We Can Do (Video)

Sure, you have heard the story of Sandra Bland. But we should keep hearing it. We should NEVER forget, never let this get “cold,” never let this tragedy or any like it stop hurting. The pain MUST drive us to seek truth… and justice.

More than three years after Sandra Bland’s death sparked national outrage, her sisters Shante Needham and Sharon Cooper share how they’re still seeking details surrounding her passing. Their new doc ‘Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland’ premieres Dec. 3 on HBO.
– The View

‘Outrage fatigue’ is a real danger for us with all the #BlackLivesMatter situations we go through. But don’t tire #StayWoke

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50 Cent Tells The “The View” What He Would Do If He Became An ‘Accidental President’ Like Trump (Video)

Hey yo Fif! Hit ’em with the Fiddy essence, maaan. The ladies on “The View” will swooooon, player. Hahaaa! The time will fly on this clip. Good talk with several relevant topics covered.

50 Cent weighs in on kneeling protests, ‘Power,’ fatherhood.
– The View

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Issa Rae Speaks On The Success Of ‘Insecure’ And Her ‘Awkward’ Time With Drake (Video)

I’m a red-blooded woman, and I love male body parts.

Yeah, ol’ sexy smooth choco-skinned Issa Rae does it for me. Gotta admit. I don’t even watch ‘The View’ but seeing Issa… had to give a watch. She talks about fans taking the show seriously enough to ‘come for her in her mentions’ due to her cheating, on purposefully including lots of male nudity in her episodes (because, see the quote above), and she talks about the time she met Drake and…

…just watch.


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Killer Mike Comments: Bernie Sanders Deals With Dissent While Hillary Clinton Condescends (Video)

Hmmm…some of you, now having seen and heard what Former Secretary Hilary Clinton respond to Ashley Williams’ “bring them to heel” protest, may be saying to themselves (and each other), “Somebody should SAY something.”

Well, Killer Mike is ON IT! After all, stumping for Bernie Sanders AND following up a jab at the Clinton campaign. Win-win, right?

Above: The ladies of The View welcome Killer Kill to clarify some of his hot-button campaign commentary. Oh, and while I am sure I do not have to urge YOU to vote, let the people around know… Whether during early balloting or Super Tuesday… VOTE DAMMIT!! VOTE!


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50 Cent Gives ‘The View’ His Thoughts On Love, Oprah, Visiting Somalia, SMS Audio Headphones, & More (Video)

50 Cent stopped by to see the ladies of ABC’s  “The View” on Friday & they managed to get an abundance of information out of Curtis Jacskon on a variety of topics in this 8 minute sit down. 50 speaks on how he didn’t particularly care for Oprah in the beginning but grew to love her, misconceptions about who he really is, how his business dealings have a humanitarian effort attached to them & more.  I wanted to post this interview earlier without it being in parts, but glad someone like Splizzy was able to get the full interview with no interruptions. Watching the body language of a certain blonde **Cough** (Elizabeth) **Cough** on the show I can tell she’s feeling Mr. Curtis Jackson….