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Kendrick Lamar – “These Walls” (Video)

Recently I was watching Comedian Corey Holcomb‘s “5150 Show” and he mentioned that he was going to be in the upcoming “These Walls” video by Kendrick Lamar.  If you know Corey then you know he is hilarious so I knew it was going to be something worth checking out.  Well the video has now dropped and it didn’t disappoint.  Kendrick has it titled correctly as a Black comedy because it is an 8 min piece.  You know how Kendrick does he gives you humor and a message all tied in together.

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L.A. to The Bay (Documentary)

Screenshot 2015-07-13 22.49.21Like most anything, folks who don’t know what they are looking at will miss some things. Case in point: Y’all know the West Coast is not just some monolithic thing, right?

(If not, just nod along like you do. We got you after the jump below.)

Check out this BET documentary released in the buildup for The BET Experience. It’s entitled “L.A. To The Bay” and provides a good overarching look at two major pockets of music and culture that make up Hip-Hop out there in Cali. Competitive rivalry to making inroads. Up-and-comers and industry vets (including DJ Quik, E-40, Nipsey Hu$$le, Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Mustard, HBK Gang, Problem, Bad Lucc, Bobby Brackins). Heavy baselines, g-funk, 808s and storylines. Gangbanging and pimping. And more. Let’s get some Left Coast perspective, shall we? Hit the jump below and click play.

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Warm Brew – “A1Day” feat. Racella (Video)

West Coast based group Warm Brew just dropped some new visuals for the track “A1Day1” off their “Ghetto Beach Boyz” album.  The song features Racella bringing her lovely voice to the song and is one of my favorites off the album.  If you are not familiar with Warm Brew they are signed to Dom Kennedy OPM label.  I enjoyed the album quality production and a mixture of funk and hip hop along with their own style is refreshing to see these days.  The video is nicely done and helps pay homage to some classic West Coast movies with the storyline.  Click here to purchase the album!

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Iman Omari Speaks On His Music & His Debut Performance In Atlanta (Video)

Recently Iman Omari was in Atlanta to perform for the first time.  ArtByOdell talked with the talented Singer, Producer, DJ about his music making process and how he feels about music right now.  It’s a great conversation that also reveals the name of Iman’s new album coming out later this year.  Did you know that Iman is from a talented musical family and his father worked with some legendary R&B groups?  Well after watching this interview you will learn a lot about the singer.  SoundCloud link below for extended interview and live audio from his ATL performance.

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Rewind: A Young ‘Kendrick Lamar’ Parties with ‘U-N-I’ & ‘Miguel’ in their “Lately” Clip (Video)

Recently I was watching one of my favorite videos “Lately” from the duo U-N-I from the West Coast.  Well U-N-I (YO & Thurz) are no longer a group but Thurz has continued to make music as a solo artist.  The video was refreshing it had a Cali vibe plenty of fly ladies in it and just a couple of brothers having a good time.  The video came out in 2010 and singing the hook is a young Miguel who has went on to have big success with a new album titled “Wildheart” that will be released June 30th 2015.  Something that stuck out to me this time when I was revisiting the video was a scene where the guys have some friends backstage partying and to my surprise I see a young baby faced Kendrick Lamar with a cameo.  Of course he was putting out music back then and making a name on the West Coast but nothing like what he is doing now how he dominates the Hip Hop charts.  Well enjoy this rewind video and remember you never know who might be in the background of a video will turn out to be a huge star!

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Kurupt Gets Enraged Over The ‘King Of New York’ Title Both He & Kendrick Lamar Used (Video)

“In this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV, Kurupt went ballistic over New York’s defensive response to Kendrick Lamar’s “I’m the King of New York” line on his “Control” verse.

Kurupt originally spit the “King of NY” line on the 2010 track “Get Bizy,” which also featured verses from Kendrick, Terrace Martin, and Bad Lucc. When asked about the meaning behind his original line, Kurupt replied, “That means I’m the f**king worst, and that’s all it meant.” Shortly after giving an explanation behind his line, Kurupt went off over how quick New Yorkers are to get offended by any line that mentions their city.

He explained that “King of New York,” is actually “a f**king movie” from 1990 about a drug lord named Frank White who returns from prison to take control of his streets once again. Kurupt is extremely angry by how quickly New Yorkers are to jump to the conclusion that anything mentioned about their city is a diss of some kind. He emphasized that there is no problem between the West Coast and New York, and that every state within the United States is ultimately a part of a family.

He did, however, state that if anything were to happen to Kendrick, or anyone else from the West Coast, that there would certainly be severe repercussions, but ultimately it is New York who is always quick to ignite drama between the two coasts even when the West has no intention of starting problems.”

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Focus… – “Autumn”

Check out this new heater from our homie & Grammy award winning producer & emcee extraordinaire Focus… The track, “Autumn,” is one of the cuts to be featured on an EP release “Focal Point : 1172.”

Exile – “Klepto” (Video)

I have never really been a fan of rapping producers, but the latest single by frequent Blu collaborator and West Coast beatsmith Exile can get some run. Don’t expect to be wowed by any crazy bars as Exile goes in on what he deems wack emcees and producers, but the beat is pretty ill and you can ride out to it. The video for “Klepto” is kinda wild but it seems like the angle he was going for anyway.The album 4TRK Mind is out now.


Club Scene: Dr. Dre & Swizz Beatz Hosting Party At Colony Nightclub In Hollywood (Video)

Def Jam Cipher Sessions: West Coast Edition

Def Jam’s Cipher Session continues with the West Coast featuring Chace Infinite, Fashawn, YG, Skeme, Tiron, & El Prez. The sun rises in the east & it sets in the West, but let’s see which one of these new comers will rise above the rest after tomorrow night. Check the video as it serves as an appetizer……