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Producers ‘Christian Rich’ Bring out Vince Staples during their DJ Set @ Mixmag Lab LA (Video)

When it comes to Chicago, Kanye is not the only producer out here making consistent heat.  Taiwo & Kehinde Hassan are Chicago born but of Nigerian descent who are blood brothers who make up the production duo Christian Rich.  If you are not familiar with the name sure you will know the siblings’ resume.  They have hits they created for Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’, J.Coles ‘Born Sinner’, Childish Gambino’s ‘Because The Internet’ and Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Doris’.  Recently they were invited to play a live set in LA for Mixmag Lab that consisted of Hip Hop, House, Dance and Electronic music during the mix.  During their set they brought out current XXL freshman and West Coast emcee Vince Staples who is making a lot of noise right now.  He performs on a new track that the duo produced with Vince rapping on it.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Adrian Younge Has A Conversation With Odell While In Atlanta For His 1st Performance As A DJ (Video)

How many producers do you know that can say they have worked one on one with the likes of Bilal, Ghostface, Souls Of Mischief and the Delfonics?  Well the only one that comes to mind is Adrian Younge who was recently in Atlanta for his first DJ performance and ArtByOdell sat down with him for an exclusive interview.  They talked about what inspires his musical process what he thinks of today’s R&B and what new albums he has coming out.  He shares with us a great piece of information that he will have 4 albums out by the end of 2015 listen to find out who they are with and what the titles are!

“The level of execution of older music compared to music of today. By bringing in a Horn section, or just literally having a song arranged with complex chords and a  bridge with ill structures rather than just noise put together for a Stripper to dance to.” – Adrian Younge


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Iman Omari Speaks On His Music & His Debut Performance In Atlanta (Video)

Recently Iman Omari was in Atlanta to perform for the first time.  ArtByOdell talked with the talented Singer, Producer, DJ about his music making process and how he feels about music right now.  It’s a great conversation that also reveals the name of Iman’s new album coming out later this year.  Did you know that Iman is from a talented musical family and his father worked with some legendary R&B groups?  Well after watching this interview you will learn a lot about the singer.  SoundCloud link below for extended interview and live audio from his ATL performance.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Oddisee Talks ‘The Good Fight’, Opportunity To Work with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath & Being True To Himself (Video)

In today’s scope of Hip Hop most artists seek out the limelight and love talking about how well they are doing. The Artist/Producer Oddisee is quite the opposite is he dedicated to his craft and concerned with being the best performer he can be absolutely.  Does he concern himself with the fact he might not get certain props or being tracked down by certain rappers for beats negative.  Oddisee has a new album out “The Good Fight” and it is a self produced album exhibiting some of his best work (my personal opinion).  He recently sat down with Rosenberg at Hot 97 to discuss what he has been up to.

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Black Milk – “I Guess”

Detroit is known for their Soulful Acts who make Soulful music.  This testament is not only for the Motown days you could attribute it to the current acts making Hip Hop from that 313.  Black Milk is a MC/Producer who is keeping up this tradition I guess?  Okay there is no reason to guess that is just the name of this new hot track Black has dropped “I Guess” that exhibits his skills as a dope emcee and producer.  Right now Black Milk is on tour with the live band Nat Turner and he will be in Atlanta March 23rd be sure to check back to the site for some exclusive material & footage!

“No Room for Actors, Coons, or Rap Vultures.  No room to act, I’m giving you back dosage of bedroom walls with rap posters.” – Black Milk


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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DJ Dug Boogie + Children Benefit

dj dug boogie + fam - jayforce.comAs you may have heard, Atlanta based DJ Dug Boogie’s wife, Linett Wilder lost her battle with Lupus on Tuesday. The hip hop community is coming together to raise some funds to help Dug & his children through this difficult time.

On Tuesday December 23rd, there will be a benefit concert at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta

Performances by
Clan Destined
Boog Brown
DJ Nervex
DJ Gee Supreme
Hosted by Fort Knox

We are suggesting a minimum of $10 donation at the door, but any support at all is greatly appreciated.

“This fundraiser is on behalf of my friend and DJ comrade Dug Boogie. Dug Boogie has been a prominent figure amongst the hip hop DJs in Atlanta and needs our help. His beloved wife Linett passed away from complications of Lupus on the morning of 12/16/14. Now what you may not know is Linett and Dug adopted Linette’s niece and nephew a few years after their mother passed away.

Now that Linett is gone, our homie Dug Boogie needs assistance for the two children that he’s become a dad to. Fortunately, he has the burial costs covered but I figured we in the hip hop community can offer some extra help to relieve some financial stress while he segways into being a single parent.”

Thanks in advance,
Rashuri Rasyrious

There is also a Go Fund Me page set up here:

Locsmif – “In The Loop Radio: Episode 3 (Loops and Essentials)”

Is… Is this FREE? Get it. Get it now! Haaa! Well, actually Floyd The Locsmif (eh-hem, that’s Mr. Smif, to you) blessed the inbox with the DropBox Bandcamp linkage for a kit to make your sets hit; so we pass the blessing on to you. DJs – we doin’ it for you again! Now, if DJ’ing is not your trade, you can still be a DJ-for-one by downloading the sounds via the “In The Loop Radio” Episode 3 (Loops And Essentials) link below. Do something nice for your ears.


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Black Milk – Demo Beats 2012

Detroit producer & emcee Black Milk took to his soundcloud page to release some of the beats he’s cooked up for 2012 for his fans’ audio consumption. It’s about time we heard something from Black Milk who seemed to be rather quiet for most of the year. I’m still hoping he drops an official song & video for that ‘Don Cornelius’ joint he teased us with a while back. After listening sitting here listening to these instrumental demo joints, the track that catches my attention the most occurs around the 2:50 mark. That’s that gritty Detroit hip hop most of us fiend for. Black Milk has to stop disappearing like this. I’d like to see Black Milk put out more videos from past albums while in between projects to hold fans over until the new stuff is done. Until he does I guess these demo instrumentals should suffice for how.

New Remix: Camp Lo – “Luchini” (Tall Black Guy Remix)

Producer Tall Black Guy has been consistency putting out dope ass remixes & original pieces of R&B, Soul, & Hip Hop that is rapidly fueling his global fanbase. His stock is constantly rising everyday with the quality of his production work. If you’re an artist looking for an ill producer on the rise then you better holla at Tall Black Guy before everyone else starts hopping on the bandwagon. This brotha’s work doesn’t disappoint. Check out his new remix to the Camp Lo classic “Luchini” & I dare you to tell me that this joint isn’t fiyah!  Can’t wait to bang this out on my radio show Saturday…


Who to Check For: J-Rell

J-Rell is a producer/DJ I have been listening to for maybe 3 or 4 years. I was put on to his J Dilla tribute which he dropped back in 2007 and it is in permanent rotation. Read the rest of this entry »

Producer Spotlight: Behind The Curtain With ‘!llmind’ (Video)

A little history on dope ass producer !LLmind. The illest asian on the boards touches on his early years with music, purchasing his first sampler and making great relationships with artists from Little Brother to G-Unit. All new instrumental album from iLLmind “Behind The Curtain” is available now!

The CunningLynguists present “Behind The Dream: Volume One” | Finis ‘KY’ White” (Video)

Excellent video about pursuing your dreams. There’s supposed to be more parts to this coming later from the CunninLynguists which serves as additional promo before their new album drops on March 22nd.

Producer Spotlight: 14KT

The Detroit area is killing it with these all of these highly talented producers & emcees. Check out this interview with 14KT who, to the mainstream masses, is one of the Detroit area’s best kept secrets on the boards. His fortunes are changing in terms of the familiarity lane as was also the winner of the Red Bull Big Tune producer battle. In addition 14KT produced this new banger called ‘Sweet Tee Ish’ featuring Boog Brown that we’ve been digging over here where he flips an old school Sweet Tee record. Watch the rest of the interview where he talks about growing up in nearby Ypsilanti Michigan (outside of Detroit), his group Athletic Mic League, & he also shows the fans how he does it.

DJ Premier’s Beat Rejected By Kanye West For His MBDTF Album

Prior to Kanye West releasing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy it was reported that DJ Premier was supposed to appear on the album for a song called “My Mama’s Boyfriend”. Needless to say Kanye didn’t use the track that Primo submitted probably because it didn’t fit the overall sound of Ye’s album. Kanye changed the direction of the album & even the title a few times. Nevertheless I’m sure a gang of talented emcees can do this Primo track justice. Shout out to DJ Premier’s Blog

Producer Illastrate Draws Musical Pictures With Eddie Coleman’s Friday Night Theme Music

Although he originally hails from the midwest, Illastrate has been one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets on production duties for a few years now. He’s been the go to guy for many artists representing quality Soul & true school Hip Hop music. He recently dropped a new album on his birthday at the end of 2010 called ‘Eddie Coleman’s Friday Night Theme Music’ with the track ‘Inner G’ as the lead single. The Inner G track is so smooth I’ve even used it as a music bed on my radio show to talk over. I’ll give you a taste of the the Inner G track in this post but make sure you check out & support illastrate’s bandcamp page & website Working Class Music Group. Quality work

LISTEN: Illastrate – Inner G

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