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‘What Would YOU Do’ If You Witnessed Racial Profiling In A High End Retail Store? (Video)

Yes! This “What Would You Do?” episode is not as much a test of racial profiling store owners and staff…we know they are out there. This is a test of bystanders’ willingness to call them on their bullsh!t.

When you see injustice… people have to step up!
– Patron at the High End Store…who stepped up

Weighing in on this episode (and going undercover as a customer being harassed for ‘shopping while Black’), Daymon John (Founder Of FUBU clothing, ‘shark’ on ABC TV’s “Shark Tank”). Great clip!


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Black Woman Disrespects A Black Man & White Girlfriend in Harlem Barbershop. What Would YOU Do? (Video)

I enjoy these ‘candid camera-type’ of social experiments that ABC News reporter John Quinones does in his “What Would You Do?” series that usually airs on Friday nights.   This episode is particularly interesting as they head to a Harlem barbershop with a large black clientele.  Things get interesting when a black female disrespects a black man & his white girlfriend.  Personally I’ve dated every race there is & wouldn’t tolerate anyone disrespecting my girlfriend or wife no matter what her race is. In fact, many of my family members are also involved in interracial relationships which reflects how much America as a whole is changing.  Many great points were made in this video by the people who stood up including the brother in the video who made a excellent point that interracial relationships are not destroying the black community. It’s drugs & poverty, but we can’t combat that with our own ignorance, hatred, & bigotry. African-Americans should know better than anyone else not to discriminate on anyone as much as we have been for many years. There’s so many great quotes in this segment it’s amazing. Ultimately, the most important thing about ANY relationship is “LOVE”.

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‘Barbershop’ In Real Life: Brother Says To White Barber, “Nah Man” (Video)

We enjoy John Quinones’ segments on ABCNews called ‘What Would You Do?’ but this particular segment I don’t find to be racist at all.  It’s a little more nuanced than black customers simply refusing to get a haircut from a white barber. Some brothas have a tough time allowing a female barber to cut their hair as well for one simple reason. They don’t know them OR their work. Most brothas have a tough time giving a new barber a chance to cut their hair no matter what the gender, orientation, or race of the individual.  Usually it takes time for anyone to get to see someone’s work & develop a relationship with them before you begin to trust someone with your hair.  Especially if some haircuts are ‘Non-Refundable’ if the work performed was terrible.  Personally one of my barbers for a time was a white guy who still cuts hair in a barbershop with a mostly black customer base.   I was referred to him by a friend I trusted when my normal barber was out of town.  Needless to say I still go back to him on occasion.   There’s some guys who refuse to allow a woman to cut their hair if they don’t know how good they are at their craft.  Now does it matter to anyone in THIS barbershop the race or gender of the barber? Just check out this segment of ‘What Would You Do?”.  It’s a little more nuanced in not thoroughly knowing the the work of the individual who’s going to give you that haircut more than racist in my opinion.

Sure the White barber in Ice Cube’s hit comedy “Barbershop” got respect eventually but it took time to develop that relationship & trust.


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