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Performance: D Smoke – “Black Habits” (Live On ‘Strahan, Sara And Keke’) [Video]

A’ight D Smoke! I see you. We ALL do. But most important right now, forever cutie Keke Palmer is seeing you… AND sliding into your DMs though! See what happens when your skills and BARZ are strong? Take note emcees!


– @ojones1

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Okay, This Is REALLY The Final Season Of Marvel’s “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D” (Trailer)

… on ABC, at least. I am still holding out for a return to the storyline in some fashion on Disney+ or something. Why not? It was supposed to be a wrap last season, but ABC (owned by Disney) brought it back. Let’s keep bringing it back!

Speaking of ‘bringing it back’ … won’t this be like… the FOURTH Coulson we get?? Counting Agent Phil Coulson from the Iron Man, Thor, Avengers, and Captain Marvel movies… who died and came back to life to eventually become the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. …only to die and return (sort of, at least in borrowed body form) as single-minded evil alien slayer ‘Sarge’… who bites it… THEN we get a new and improved good ole [Life Model Decoy, or LMD] Phil Coulson (thanks to ancient mysticism and super-futuristic sci-fi tech)… I mean wowwww! That Coulson has gotta be part cat with all those lives, right?

And I was and am still here for ALL of it! Come on Season 7. Hurry up!

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Yes, Her Name Is ABCDE… (Video)

Five-year-old Abcde Redford pronounces her name “ab-city.”

…and watch the above clip to the end, because she is not the only one. Wow.

Okay, sure, tsk-tsk to the employee who made the little girl feel bad. Would it have made a difference if it was made clear that the PARENT who named the child was the real target? Dunno. Ummm. No. Probably not.

But… well… Though parents can name their children whatever, should they???

(Gonna leave it there.)


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Family Feud: Ayesha Curry Wins ‘Fast Money’ For Charity. Oh, And Steph Curry Helped (Video)

Been a minute since we had a Celebrity Family Feud clip up. Always fun to watch. After watching a second time I realized that Ayesha was actually one answer away from winning the whole thing herself! Has that ever happened??


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Comic Con 2017 Debuts Marvel’s Inhumans Extended Trailer (Video)

Oh yeah! Good look San Diego Comic Con… A new, extended, dope trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans series coming to Imax and ABC this Fall! Watch and enjoy.

(That bulldog though… I love bulldogs!)


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“Marvel’s Inhumans” Series Debuts This Fall (Series Trailer)

I am already a huge Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. fan. And they prominently feature Inhumans on that ABC series. Now, they are giving them their own series. Doooooope!

There’s a whole world of Inhumans out there. Meet the legendary Royal Family in Marvel’s Inhumans, coming to IMAX and ABC.

Hey, if Disney/ABC cannot have Mutants or X-MenInhumans will do. Inhumans will do big! Plus, there is always Cloak & Dagger on Freeform (posted the trailer on here earlier).

Besides, the Mutants will be on Fox and FX with The Gifted and Legion.


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Snoop Dogg And Sugar Ray Leonard Face-Off On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ (Video)

WaitWHAT?! Snoop Dogg missed the Family Feud toss-up question for the category of… WEED???? Aw hell no. Steve Harvey’s reaction when Snoop beat Sugar Ray Leonard to the buzzer though. Hahaaaaaa!!

We can’t believe Snoop Dogg didn’t get the top answer right away! He was pretty quick to hit the buzzer though. So what would Grandma do? Watch Celebrity Family Feud on Sundays at 8|7c on ABC.

Soooo… do you think Maw-Maw might ask for a li’l “medicine” for her… um… cataracts?

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Eddie Huang aka The Human Panda Talks About Identity And Chews The Pork Fat With Stephen Colbert (Video)

Good stuff. We knew Eddie when he was “Fresh Off The Boat” with VICE. Now, he’s with ABC… still “Fresh…” But he has not forgotten where he came from – Taiwan or online – and he is going back (to VICELAND with a new show, “Huang’s World”). Watch Eddie talking with Stephen Colbert above and after the jump about all kinds of stuff – like them delicious-looking pork buns.

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DJ Khaled Gives You The Keys…To Winning (Video)

Now you know… ‘They’ is the hater, the loser… the ones NOT to be entertained. Take your lead (like Kim K and The Bieb) from ‘The Best’ – DJ Khaled. He’s super-serious!

The Hip-Hop producer’s fame has exploded since he started sharing moments from his private life on the mobile app.

Watch the Snapchat King win again (above)… might learn yourself a thing or three about how you can, too. Or just maybe you just enjoy the clip. See? You win either way!

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Comedy: Mike Epps Stars In ABC’s “Uncle Buck” Series (Trailer)

Heard some folks are upset about this redo of “Uncle Buck.” C’mon… stop. John Candy (star of the movie version) was hilarious. Mike Epps IS hilarious. LAUGH at entertaining situation comedy. It is what both would want. That said, rest in peace, John… and Mike, you better bring it!

Based on the hit movie of the same name, Uncle Buck (Mike Epps) is a fun loving but irresponsible guy who needs a job and a place to stay. By happy coincidence, his nieces and nephew’s Nanny has just quit and his brother and sister-in-law need his help. His unconventional personality just may make him the right fit for the family and they may be the answer to his problems, too.

Coming to ABC this Fall.


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‘What Would YOU Do’ If You Witnessed Racial Profiling In A High End Retail Store? (Video)

Yes! This “What Would You Do?” episode is not as much a test of racial profiling store owners and staff…we know they are out there. This is a test of bystanders’ willingness to call them on their bullsh!t.

When you see injustice… people have to step up!
– Patron at the High End Store…who stepped up

Weighing in on this episode (and going undercover as a customer being harassed for ‘shopping while Black’), Daymon John (Founder Of FUBU clothing, ‘shark’ on ABC TV’s “Shark Tank”). Great clip!


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Alicia Keys On Nightline (Video)

Grammy winner Alicia Keys talks about a range of things in an interview with ABC’s Cynthia McFadden. She excited about her new album, motherhood, and more. She speaks on it all in the clip above. Note: Alicia is REALLY excited about motherhood… declaring that she’s up for at least one more baby. Swizz! Your wife needs to talk to you…
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Michael Jackson: ‘BAD’ 25 (Preview)

Spike Lee directed this upcoming documentary on the 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ album. The documentary scheduled to air on ABC from 9:30pm-11:00pm Thanksgiving Day November 22nd & is expected to flash us back to 1987 for Michael Jackson’s historic “Bad” album & tour with some never seen before footage. Looking forward to seeing this while chomping down some sweet potato pie. Who’s bad?!
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Rapsody – ‘ABC’ (Video)

New track from Rapsody from her For Everything project which is out now.