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Odell’s Roundtable: Love, Sex, & “Cuffin’ Season” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable the topic is “Cuffing Season”.  It is getting colder and people are going out less and want to snuggle up with someone.  What goes in to cuffing season?  Is this really a scenario where you are only dating someone for a Season rather than a Reason?  Do you let the person you know that this is temporary and not to catch any feelings?  What about you do you catch feelings or what happens if someone tells you this was only temporary?  The panel consists of host Odell along with Alita, Brittany (from ATL Remix show) & guest BoxMann.  Funny but informative discussion like always on the Round Table.  Follow the show on Twitter/Instagram and email them at


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Odell’s RoundTable: “What’s On Your List For A Mate?” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable the topic is #TheList?  When speaking of the List it’s in reference to the list one has for a possible mate.  Is your list realistic?  Is it full of superficial items?  Do you possess the items on your list that you have for someone else?  All of these topics and more touched on in this episode.  So you have Odell playing moderator with co-host/producer Dre Day along with regulars Alita, Tierra, Petrina & DJ Knotts.  A special guest joins us for this episode Myke C-Town of Dead End Hip Hop adding insight and laughs to the show.  Plenty of back and forth discussion on this one make sure you tweet the show @ORTshow & follow the @ORTshow Instagram page to see photos from each recording.

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Odell’s RoundTable: “Is Experience The Best Teacher?” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable the panel discusses Is Experience the best teacher?  Think about that question for a minute can experience best teach you in relationships?  Do you need to have bad experiences in a relationship to appreciate a good one?  Just because someone else has experienced something can you learn from them or do you have to experience it yourself?  These questions and more are discussed.  The discussion is moderated by Odell aka ArtByOdell along with co producer Dre Day.  The regulars of the panel like DJ Knotts, Tierra  Alita & Petrina are there as well along with two first timers at the Round Table.  Mr Be Everywhere himself Sean Falyon along with Filmaker/Photographer Artemus Jenkins join in on the discussion.  Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and on SoundCloud.


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Odell’s RoundTable: “Monogamy in 2015”

Another week another episode of Odell’s RoundTable the podcast which is now also a live video show that airs every Monday night 9pm Est 6pm Pst.  You can watch the show live at LiveHipHopDaily and interact by texting the number on home screen or tweeting to @ORTshow & using the #ORTshow.  The topic of discussion for the latest episode was “Monogamy in 2015”?  Odell is joined by his co/producer & co host Dre Day along with Petrina & DJ Knotts.  Smaller panel than usual but great discussion nonetheless with insightful thoughts and comedy along the way.  Can you truly expect a person to only sleep with one person the rest of their lives?  Is monogamy natural for men and women and what happens if your partner has a lower sex drive than you?  These topics and more discussed on this episode.  So sit back and enjoy and remember you also have the choice if you want to just catch the audio of podcast make sure you subscribe to iTunes and get new episodes delivered to you for free.  Get ready for next week where the panel will have another juicy topic to dive into.

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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Filmmaker/Photographer “Artemus Jenkins” Speaks on Season 2 of The “Smoke & Mirrors” Web Series

Right now quality programming is not exhibited much on Network TV.  Most great shows are on cable with what HBO & Showtime have done and now with channels like Starz & others being the go to place for great content.  With that said there is another place where people are finding the best content right at their fingertips. Yup U Guessed it (OG Maco voice) the Internet, Web Series & Netflix are where I spend a lot of my time.  I don’t know what abc or nbc is playing but ask me about “Smoke & Mirrors” and I can tell you all about it. If you are not familiar Smoke & Mirrors is a web series shot here in Atlanta, GA by Christmas in July productions.  Artemus Jenkins & KarynRose Bruyning are the creative forces behind it as Filmmaker & Director. After a successful first season they are back with Season 2 full of great stories and scenarios to keep you tuned in.  I decided to speak with Artemus Jenkins about Season 2, creating web content, and dating life in Atlanta which relationships are highlighted in the series.  So episode 1 of season 2 is posted here for your viewing pleasure be sure to go back and watch Season 1 and enjoy my interview with Artemus.

  • ArtByOdell - Share with people what the aim is behind the web series Smoke & Mirrors?
  • Artemus Jenkins - The aim behind Smoke and Mirrors is to express an image of love that relates more to what a lot of us actually know about lov. It is based more off experience than an idealistic portrait of love. The fact is, many of us have had a hard way to go when engaging in matters of love and romance so my partner KarynRose and I wanted to connect with everyone in a very organic way thru the stories we tell in Smoke and Mirrors

Click Here To Get A Copy Of The Entire Season 2

Complete Interview with Artemus after the Jump Below…

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Odell’s RoundTable: “Researching Your Date Online” (Video)

I am happy to say that Odell’s RoundTable is moving forward and is gaining progress.  I want to thank everyone who has listened to the podcast and shared with others and now you can subscribe in iTunes as well.  Also along with the podcast being on iTunes you are able to watch me conduct the Round Table.  That’s right for the first time the RoundTable was video taped and ready for you to view courtesy of Live Hip Hop Daily.  So watch me as I have Asha, DJ Knotts, Shon, and my partner in crime Dre Day discuss the topic of Researching your date online.  Is that cool to Google search someone you just met ?  Should you go online and look at someone’s social media profile and use that to judge if you should date them?  Plenty of great ideas shared let us know what you think Follow the show on Twitter: @ORTshow and subscribe and comment on iTunes!

Watch Part 2 after the jump

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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The Ladies Of The ‘Boom Boom Room’ host ‘ArtByOdell’ & Ms Sina of ‘Love & HipHop Atlanta’ (Video)

One of our chief writers for the site ArtByOdell was invited to be a guest on the Boom Boom Show hosted by Sue Yung & Ms Lola for Live Hip Hop Daily.  For this episode regular co host Lola was absent so Sue Yung invited Ms Sina from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to help her co host.  As a guest they spoke with ArtByOdell about the Beatz & Lyrics show he is a co host on also about his personal podcast Odell’s RoundTable .  The ladies also spoke with Odell about his personal thoughts on relationships, dealing with ladies and current pop culture incidents like a couple being arrested in Miami for sex on a beach, Tyga current alleged situation with a transexual.  Lots of laugh and funny conversation and make sure to check out the Boom Boom Room show every Thursday 9pm Est on LiveHipHopDaily!

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The “Relationship Dismount Topic” on the “Zo What?! Morning Show” (Video)

Relationships are a class that we are always enrolled in and never graduate from.  I can’t take credit for that analogy I got it from the brother Zo Williams Author/Radio Host/ Counselor .  The Zo What morning show  created by Zo Williams highlights intelligent discussion on topics that are affecting our communities.  This is done with serious thought also some humor and fun with his regular co hosts Geoff Brown Comedian and Dr. Mark Ghoulston.  This episode highlights Zo’s new book “The Relationship Dismount” which details getting over a bad break up and also good advice on dealing with current relationships.  On the show he is also joined by Tony B Conscious, The Mooney Twins, and Veronica Conway adding their voices to the discussion.  Check it out now I am sure you will learn something. Click Here to pre-order Zo Williams Relationship Dismount book!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Male & Female Relationships: “What About Your Friends?” on Odell’s RoundTable [Podcast + Recap Video]

The Round Table is back with another episode for you to check out.  The topic of discussion is “What About Your Friends” we talk about Men & Women being friends what part does it play in relationships.  Do people have friends just so they can be on standby when you break up with someone?  This and much more discussed on the show.  Moderated by host Odell joined by co-host Dre Day & guests Lady Godiva, Ali Rai, Lady T, and Sheriff Quick sure you will enjoy the discussion.  So listen, comment on SoundClud page and share with others.  Stay connected email the show ortshow@gmail and follow on Twitter @ORTSHOW

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Male & Female Relationships: “Does Size Matter” on Odell’s RoundTable [Podcast+Recap Video]

The Round Table is back with another episode for you to check out.  The topic of discussion is “Does Size Matter” of course there is an obvious thought when that phrase is said.  The discussion goes much further than just the sexual connotation including size of someone’s bank account weight size and more.  Moderated by host Odell joined by co-host Dre Day & guests Lady Godiva, Ali Rai, Lady T, and Sheriff Quick sure you will enjoy the discussion.  So listen, comment on SoundClud page and share with others.  Stay connected email the show ortshow@gmail and follow on Twitter @ORTSHOW

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Male & Female Relationships: Welcome To “Odell’s RoundTable” [Podcast + Introduction Video]

Welcome to the Round Table…. Odell’s Round Table, a place where real conversation happens between men and women. It seems like everywhere you turn someone is telling you about relationships giving their “expert” opinion. Who made these people experts? Are they really saying anything that you don’t already know? How about sitting some men and women in a room and talking about what’s going on and get a better understanding? You like how that sounds? If so, Welcome to the Round Table where Odell, an Atlanta based radio show host & visual artist will be stirring the quality discussion.

Odell will moderate the discussion along with his partner in crime “Dre Day” as they invite different ladies to join in & contribute to the issues. Listen to the first episode of the ORT Show where the topic is “First Date Rules”, what to do what not to do and we even have a drink of the week best for first dates. So watch the video learn more about the Round Table Go to Odell’s SoundCloud page follow the show on Twitter @ORTShow @ArtbyOdell.

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Comedy: A Few Clear Signs That A Woman Is NOT ‘Dateable’ (Video)

If you are on a date with a lady and she pulls out a selfie stick to capture the moment for social media she probably isn’t dateable.  The good people over at Your Black World Films, a division of the site YourBlackWorld, created this humorous video.  Trust me you will chuckle as they present different types of ladies that are just undateable!  Watch and ask yourself if you have been on a date with one of these ladies?

ArtByOdell   SoundCloud

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Black Woman Disrespects A Black Man & White Girlfriend in Harlem Barbershop. What Would YOU Do? (Video)

I enjoy these ‘candid camera-type’ of social experiments that ABC News reporter John Quinones does in his “What Would You Do?” series that usually airs on Friday nights.   This episode is particularly interesting as they head to a Harlem barbershop with a large black clientele.  Things get interesting when a black female disrespects a black man & his white girlfriend.  Personally I’ve dated every race there is & wouldn’t tolerate anyone disrespecting my girlfriend or wife no matter what her race is. In fact, many of my family members are also involved in interracial relationships which reflects how much America as a whole is changing.  Many great points were made in this video by the people who stood up including the brother in the video who made a excellent point that interracial relationships are not destroying the black community. It’s drugs & poverty, but we can’t combat that with our own ignorance, hatred, & bigotry. African-Americans should know better than anyone else not to discriminate on anyone as much as we have been for many years. There’s so many great quotes in this segment it’s amazing. Ultimately, the most important thing about ANY relationship is “LOVE”.

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Why Some Women Are B!tches (Video)

Tracy McMillan – the ‘Supreme Matchmaker’ and author of “Why You’re Not Married Yet” – explains why some women are b!tches on ‘Sway in the Morning.’ Her rather simple yet candid answer makes all the sense in the world if you think about it. But Hey… Just sharing some insight with you. She also speaks a bit on her show ‘Ready for Love.’

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Chelsea Handler Speaks on her Relationship with 50 Cent; Says Ciara Cause of Breakup (Audio)

Chelsea Handler, host of the popular television talk show “Chelsea Lately”, finally speaks out on her relationship with 50 Cent as a guest on the Howard Stern Show. Chelsea talks about how she’s always been attracted to black men because of their hyper masculine aura, the details of the 3 month long relationship with 50 Cent, & how R&B singer Ciara’s attempts to get back with 50 Cent was the cause of their actual breakup. This was pretty good interview & Howard Stern manages to get her to go in-depth about a variety of relative things regarding their relationship.


Donor Unknown (Trailer)

Now this is a documentary I’m very interested in seeing. Today there are literally thousands of adult people who grew up not knowing their fathers because they were products of artificial insemination through sperm donors. In this upcoming documentary called ‘Donor Unknown’ a group of adult children will meet their biological father for the first time but his circumstances & the true picture of who he really is may shatter the ideal of what they expected.

Check out the website DONORUNKNOWN.COM

Tyrese Speaks On ‘Why Men Cheat’ (Video)

I agree with what Tyrese has to say on this topic…..Brothas talk about this all the time

Joe Budden TV Returns With ‘Dictate The Box’ Discussion on Sex & Relationships (Video)

Joe Budden damn sure has kept some dime females around him over the years. I seriously think ‘Jump Off Joe Beezy’ may understand women a lot more that the average male does because of his history in dealing with the some bad ass women. He’s arguably the hip hop version of Prince Nelson Rogers (when it comes to women). Of course we’re not comparing Joe Budden to Prince musically. That would be blasphemous. When it comes to the ladies though Joey is Charlie Sheen style #Winning. Check out this discussion he has with this young lady regarding relationships in this ‘Dictate The Box’ episode of what appears to be his renewed Joe Budden TV web series.