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Lio Rush x Briana Brandy x Josiah Williams – “The Cypher” (Video)

Okay, y’all can hate if you want. But I subscribed immediately after the clip ended! The WWE’ers did great in “The Cypher.” Rap & ‘Rasslin? Nah, son. This ain’t no joke… Wrestle & Flow!

With the BET Hip-Hop Awards right around the corner, a few of us at WWE NXT figured we’d show some love of our own. This is The Cypher. Featuring Lio Rush, Briana Brandy and Josiah Williams. Be sure to check out NXT on the USA Network on Wednesdays at 8/7c.
Josiah Williams

(Dope hoodie, by the way, Josiah.)


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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver On The ‘WWE’ (Video)

‘Last Week Tonight’ is such a brilliant mix of comedy and chat on serious matters. Perfect for covering what happens in the pro wrestling industry, in WWE in particular. Full disclosure: I love wrestling, too.

John Oliver discusses how the WWE takes care of its wrestlers — and how it doesn’t.
– Last Week Tonight


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Ronda Rousey Cracking Jokes, Cracking Knuckles, And Talking About Cracking Heads With Kevin Hart (Video)

If you don’t know, this is a good time to learn about the interesting life that Rowdy Ronda (current WWE nickname) has lived thus far. She and Kevin take it to the ice and chat and chill.

Kevin Hart and Ronda Rousey kick off their shoes and jump in the tub to talk Olympic dreams, intimidating your significant other, and the meaning of FOMO.
– LOL Network


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ESPN’s 30 For 30: This Was The XFL (Trailer)

This trailer is intriguing. Check it out.

ESPN, the world’s sports leader, is going to do a documentary on the XFL, the failed football league borne of and bearing more than a slight resemblance to Vince McMahon’s leading sports entertainment franchise, World Wrestling Entertainment. Any televised sport has to be entertaining enough to bring eyeballs and ad revenue, right? So maybe Vince thought he could put out an entertaining football program with no sweat. Whatever the motivations and machinations behind the result and resulting demise, we should learn something watching this 30 For 30.

(Speaking of learning something… Do you know what XFL stood for? Answer: It was NOT Xtreme Football League! It was not an acronym at all. Learned something already, huh?)

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Ricky Velez Confronts Racism… In The Ring! (Video)

Wow! It’s been forever and a day since we’ve seen WWF’s WWE’s Virgil, muscle and manservant to The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Whoa wait-a-minute. Manservant? Isn’t that pretty much another term for slave? To get the answer, The Nightly Show correspondent Ricky Velez goes to the former WWE wrestler and former ECW wrestler Tommy Dreamer for some real answers…and some real training…enough to fake it and make it in an actual match…and dares to expose the truth about racism in professional wrestling. Oh, and the answer to that ‘manservant’ question? That’d be a ‘YES.’

“Wrestling is racist as f#ck, Larry.”
Ricky Velez

Let’s start there.

And watch the two-part story, starting with part 1 above, for the whole story, exciting ‘finish’ (part 2 and bonus clip, after the jump) and discussion with host Larry Wilmore.


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