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Black Man Falsely Convicted Now Helps Others Wrongfully Convicted (Video)

Jarrett Adams could have gone home and gone quiet after his exoneration, but he chose to turn that page of his life in a different way… going to work for The Innocence Project to get other wrongful convictions overturned. Incredible NBC Nightly News story on Attorney Adams. Salute to the brother!

Lester Holt interviews Jarrett Adams, who was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault when he was just 17 and — as an attorney — is now helping others who are in similar positions as he used to be.
– NBC News

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Sports/Politics: Bob Costas Declares That President Trump Has Galvanized The #TakeAKnee Movement (Video)

Do you want a President of the United States who, even if you’re giving him the benefit of that doubt, is so tone deaf to the racial implications of this?
Bob Costas

Right on time! There was so much on Kaep and #TakeAKnee this past weekend and even before. Wasn’t sure how to cover it all here. But then veteran sportscaster/commentator Bob Costas comes through and wraps it with a bow!

NBC Sports broadcaster Bob Costas speaks to CNN’s John Berman and Alisyn Camerota after President Donald Trump criticized the NFL and players who took a knee during the national anthem.

Great points. Trump galvanized the #TakeAKnee movement. Can’t even call this ‘shots fired’ really. Just facts!

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Gerald Olivari Speaks On Co-Founding BV Mobile Apps, The Ins & Outs Of The Mobile Software Development Business And More (Video)

The homie Gerald Olivari really gives some good food for thought and digestion. Of course, he could have just plugged his own company and told the viewers to contact him for all the knowledge he just gave out for free… but G.O. is one of the good guys; one you should support. So since he wouldn’t say it, we will. Holler at ASAP. Talk to them about building your mobile app and online presence. We did (and do)!

BV Mobile Apps Co-Founder Gerald Olivari discusses how to create a mobile app and how to maximize it once you’re ready to launch. Atlanta Tech Edge airs on 11Alive in Atlanta every Sunday at 11:30am. The host is Cara Kneer.

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The Birth of Saké (Documentary)

The award-winning documentary “The Birth of Saké” balances the physical labors of saké-making with the brewery workers’ personal stories and private sacrifices.

Incredible! This documentary is about a tradition, an art, craftsmanship, a lifestyle, a family business, a journey of self-discovery and appreciation and so much more brought to us by Japanese-American documentarian Erik Shirai. Turns out that Saké is waaaay more than fancy rice wine. The story’s telling – in “The Birth of Saké” – does involve a lot of cups of it though. The best!

In Japan, it’s such a normal thing to be an artisan, to dedicate your entire life to one craft and to be really good at it, so much so that Japanese people don’t find it interesting. But I was able to understand the culture, but also see it from a different perspective and really appreciate it. Hanging out [at the Tedorigawa brewery] for such a long period of time helped me realize that the Japanese culture is very embedded in who I am, in my aesthetics, my values, and how I see the world.- Erik Shirai

Check out the trailer above. Catch it on Netflix. More on the documentary at NBC News online.


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ESPN’s 30 For 30: This Was The XFL (Trailer)

This trailer is intriguing. Check it out.

ESPN, the world’s sports leader, is going to do a documentary on the XFL, the failed football league borne of and bearing more than a slight resemblance to Vince McMahon’s leading sports entertainment franchise, World Wrestling Entertainment. Any televised sport has to be entertaining enough to bring eyeballs and ad revenue, right? So maybe Vince thought he could put out an entertaining football program with no sweat. Whatever the motivations and machinations behind the result and resulting demise, we should learn something watching this 30 For 30.

(Speaking of learning something… Do you know what XFL stood for? Answer: It was NOT Xtreme Football League! It was not an acronym at all. Learned something already, huh?)

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Comedy: Jiminy Glick Interviews Drake For ‘Celebrity Sensations’ (Video)

An absolute living legend of rapsterdom!

Baahahaaa! Folks who know know that Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick is actually an old shtick from his SNL days. Well, Drizzy just did Saturday Night Live and he has been in the TV biz for a while. Plus, he has shown he can deliver the funny time and again. Check him out on this “Maya & Marty” clip delivering again!

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This Is Us (Series Trailer)

Okay. It has been hard for me to get excited about NBC programming lately. I have seen them mess up some quality shows, and watched them invest heavily in some messed up shows, but with “This Is Us”… Heck, NBC may yet prove it can provide good TV… something other than a show with Law & Order in its title. Okay, that was an unnecessary jab (but I’m still sore about ‘The Player’ being sacked).

From the writer and directors of “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” this refreshingly honest and provocative new series stars Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia. Coming soon to NBC.

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Chad Johnson On NiteCap: Opening Up About The NFL, His Past With Evelyn, ‘Possibility’ For A Monogamous Relationship And More With Peter Bailey (Video)

“This upcoming episode is probably one of my most entertaining and most provocative.”
Peter Bailey

Was Chad at fault for playing the game the way he wanted to play it? Or was the NFL at fault for trying to rein him in? Hmmm. This purposeful juxtaposition of point-of-view by Peter Bailey is the type of stuff that wins him critical acclaim. His conversational series has him sharing a NiteCap on South Beach with former NFL star and reality TV personality Ocho Cinco / Chad Johnson. Chad opens up to Peter about his past including (of course) his ‘hard road taken’ NFL career, his ‘road’… with Evelyn Lozada, growing up in Liberty City and more.

“I been a weirdo, long time ago… Nothing about what I’m doing is a ‘role’…”
Chad Johnson

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The Goodie Mob Perform Their New Single ‘Fight To Win’ On NBC’s ‘The Voice’ (Video)

The Goodie Mob performed on national television last night debuting their new single “Fight To Win” on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ where Cee-Lo is the host.  This particular song is very “Cee-Lo heavy” with the singing, but I guess it’s appropriate for the platform they were on last night.

Janet Jackson Talks About Low Self Esteem & Her Years Of Self Inflicted Abuse (Video)

It never ceases to amaze me how the majority of beautiful women tend to be the ones with the most low self-esteem issues. In an interview that’s scheduled to air on Dateline NBC at 7pm Sunday, Janet Jackson discusses her years of dealing with self-inflicted abuse because she thought she wasn’t attractive enough. Crazy right? Sheehz!