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Angie Martinez Speaks On And Shares Her Lost Interview With 2Pac

Hmm. last time the Interwebs were abuzz with talk of 2Pac and Hot 97 in the same breath was when it was ‘the world’ vs. Funk Flex ranting about the way Pac talked & moved while he was here. Folks pretty much took the view, “Flex, it’s been decades. Let it die.”

But time and again, we see that 2Pac and all things related come up and come back to life (so to speak).

Angie Martinez Details Meeting 2pac, Interviewing 2pac & Puffy Telling Her Not To Release Interview
– The Art Of Dialogue

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Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Sitting In… With Angie Martinez (Video)

Ahhh, love. Sweet love. With just enough crazy to make for good radio. There’s a grownness about Joe & Cyn’s convo (esp. Joe’s) when they get to the meat of it. You know how a dude thinks he can pull a girl that’s into girls… Well, Budden’s done it. Don’t hate.

He’s my man now…
Cyn Santana

Still very light-hearted talk overall. I liked watching it. I think you might, too. Peep.


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Angie Martinez: Everything You Need To Know (Video)

Consider the beans spilled! Angie Ma got songs with Rozay from back in the day, Big Pun’s cookies in a bag crushed her mind like a building, and so much more, JAMMED into this quick sit-down chat with the on-air NYC Hip-Hop personality.

Having spent the better part of the last three decades on the radio and on the roads, Angie “The Voice of New York” Martinez has a hell of a lot of stories to tell. There are a lot of gems in her new memoir—My Voice, which is packed with previously untold tales about everyone from Tupac to Wendy Williams to Rihanna and is out now—but, figuring there is still more to mine, we asked her to come into The FADER offices to film an episode of Everything You Need To Know. In the video above, Martinez talks about the beat Biggie stole from her, high times at The Tunnel, and a crazy sounding Rick Ross collab that’s locked away in her vaults. Check it out.

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Nas Speaks on His Children & Signing New Artists (Video)

Hot 105’s Angie Martinez has the G.O.D.M.C. on-air for an interview. Talking about all kinds of things: From congratulations to Angie for her move to the Home of The Breakfast Club, to her congrats to Nas announcing the release of the “Time Is Illmatic” documentary…

Nas surprises Angie in-studio for legendary New York Moment. He discusses his new documentary and upcoming music.

…but it doesn’t stop there. Talk about Nas’ babies growing up and his growing label (Mass Appeal) birthing (re-birthing) artists on the scene. Sneaker store… stuff like that.

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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Interview With Hot 97’s Angie Martinez (Video)

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. dropped by the Angie Martinez show to talk (part 1 above, more after the jump)… about his victory over Robert Guerrero, about 50 Cent, and about his upcoming fights, and more. Now that Floyd is out, and he and Manny are both still in the fight game, will they get that Pacquiao v. Mayweather fight to happen soon? Well…

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Nas Speaks On His Grammy Nominations, CNN Calling Him The Best Lyricist Ever, & Being Motivated For A New Album (Video)

It’s been pretty good year for Nas musically & 2013 is starting just as good. Nas has been nominated for 4 Grammy Awards (18 over his entire career), CNN made a case for Nas being the best hip hop lyricist ever, & things in his life appear to be making a turn for the better following public divorce from Kelis. Nas stopped by the Angie Martinez show on Hot97 in New York for her birthday & gifted her with a very good interview in which he speaks upon the Grammy noms, CNN’s accolades, mending his friendship with his ex-wife, & how everything that’s happened has motivated him musically.
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A$AP Rocky Meets Rakim (Video)

Rising Harlem Punk Rap artist A$AP Rocky, who’s mother named him after the God emcee Rakim, was surprised by a recent visit from the “7th letter” while doing an interview up at HOT 97 in NYC with Angie Martinez. The story of how his mother first met Rakim is hilarious as hell too. This was a great video to watch as you can tell the kid was genuinely excited & humbled…
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Game Speaks On His Former Manager Jimmy Henchmen (Video)

With the FBI recently arresting Game’s former manager Jimmy Henchmen on drug charges & new allegations that Jimmy Henchmen had something to do with Tupac’s shooting back in 1994, there’s no one in a more odd position than Game at this moment. But Game keeps it clear that what happened back in 1994 he was still a 13 year old kid.