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‘Lost In Space?’ Nah. Olympic Legend Usain Bolt Never Loses A Foot Race… Even In Zero Gravity (Video)

Wow. Fastest man on Earth and in ‘space’ though. Usain Bolt loses NO race; not even a ‘space race’ (ha)!

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Coming Soon: The MSC WorldClass Fleet, The Largest Ocean Cruise Ships Ever (Video)

Insane! This is like the Titanic launch on steroids. Three times the size and almost as much worldwide fanfare. When MSC Cruises’ World Class fleet of super duper sized oceanliners are built (scheduled debut in 2022), they will measure a 1,082 feet by 154 feet. The ships will be able to spend more time at sea without having to refuel, have more amenities aboard, and house more guests than any cruiseliner on the waters now.



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Paris, France, Will Be The First To Have Flying Taxis In Service (Video)

These taxis ought to blast that ‘George Jetson futuristic funk…’ (ha! shout to Craig Mack) when they take off. I said ‘take off’ instead of ‘leave’ or embark because them shizz be FLYING!

Paris will be the first city with flying taxis.
– Discovery News

Seems like they are just hydrofoiling in this clip though. Still, cool tech.


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VICE: The Devil Tried To Divide Us (Documentary)

There are REASONS we have rules for wars… that nations declare war, seek coalitions before they do, and convene war crimes courts after. The ongoing tragedy in the Central African Republic though… Damn. There have been no rules, no understandings, and countless crimes against humanity… for DECADES… and it has just gotten worse! VICE News is taking us there. They have to, so we can try to understand. Watch above.

The Central African Republic’s capital of Bangui has seen its Muslim population drop from 130,000 to under 1,000 during the past few months. Over the past year, thousands across CAR have been killed, and nearly a million have been displaced. The United Nations recently stated that the entire Western half of the country has now been cleansed of Muslims…


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DJ Premier’s Interview In France With OFIVE (Video)

Primo gave an interview to OFIVE in France. Speaking on past and present collabos, the new Hip-Hop generation, and a return to Hip-Hop fundamentals – “Dope beats and dope rhymes!”

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VICE: Ground Zero – Mali (Video)

This is the story of the Battle for Gao, the biggest city in Northern Mali. The French used to rule the region. They left. Militant extremist factions like Al Qaeda moved in… banned music and booze and basically anything they call “sin” and instituted HARSH punishments for violators and martial law. It’s Jihad on steroids on steroids. It’s just wrong. The Malian-French alliance forces are trying to stop this; but can they? VICE went over to give us an up close look… and some answers.

It’s basically the first legitimate combat footage to come out of the war there…[I]nsurgents came to us: they slipped into Gao overnight on small boats and used suicide bombers to blast their way into government buildings. The French left the fighting to the Malian army for most of the day as a test of their combat abilities. Malian soldiers, while very brave, are almost completely untrained and had great difficulty fighting less than a dozen jihadists, some of whom were children. They fired wild bursts of automatic fire everywhere, destroying the city center. The Malians soon ran out of ammunition and had to wait for the French to show up and save the day.


More video after the jump. Spoiler alert: No one wins…

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Skyzoo Performing With His ‘Pockets Full’ In Marseille France [Video]

Skyzoo doing it live! Here’s video of him performing “Pockets Full” in Marseille, France, at Nomad Café. – a stop on his “A Dream Deffered Europe Tour 2013.”


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Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Brings Out Kanye West At His Show In Paris (Video)

I’m doing better but I’m still trying to get used to Mos Def’s official name change to Yasiin Bey. Often when I bump into people on the street anywhere in the world & we bring him up I find people still haven’t made the connection yet as well. Once they do make that connection then they already know that Yasiin Bey will represent on stage no matter where he is on the planet. Check out this recent footage spotted at HHNM of the mighty Yasiin Bey rocking in Paris with Robert Glasper & as a special treat he brings out Kanye West. Seems like it was a dope night in Paahh’reee……


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Ludaversal: Swizz Beatz Flies Ludacris Out To Cannes, France (Video)

In Ludaversal Blog 1 Ludacris talked about getting the phone call from Swizz Beatz about shooting his video in Cannes, France with Chris Brown. We have that and Ludaversal Blog 2 in an earlier post here. Now, in this third installment, check out what happened once Ludacris stepped off the private plane. Without giving it away… fine women… fine dining… and… as for the rest and what’s next? Well, watch and see.
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SupaFuh x Nai – “Mauvais Esprit”

You know Quiet Dawn, right? The super-smooth French producer from Paris. If not, don’t worry. We got you. Click here to hear an earlier Quiet Dawn post. Well, in short, as far as jazzy grooves go, Quiet Dawn has been making noise. It follows that – in taking jazz into Hip-Hop – he would only mess with the best. For this foray, he brings producer SupaFuh and lyricist Nai aboard. Warning: French-spittin’ writtens ahead. Might have to take a tip from Jay Force and get a passport. Head to Europe. See what Hip-Hop worldwide is all about! But for now…take a listen to “Mauvais Esprit” (English translation: “Evil Spirit”) here! You’re welcome.



R&B/Jazz: Quiet Dawn – “Sunshine”

Quiet Dawn is a producer, arranger, and radio host from Paris, France. He does music in the Hip-Hop, Nu Jazz, Nu Soul, Broken Beat, and Deep House genres. This track caught my ear right from the click – a smooth instrumental melody that made me nod and bob. Get down to “Sunshine” however you do when a mellow groove comes through your speakers.


Quiet Dawn – Sunshine | On Deck Bonus #3 by BamaLoveSoul

Rick Ross Tour Paris France (Video)

I was just in Paris France a few weeks ago but couldn’t get a good gauge on Rick Rozay’s fanbase & popularity while I was there from people. Probably due to my limited knowledge of french. The video above may provide some better insight as to his popularity abroad in places like Paris, London, Manchester, & a few other last stops on his “Rich Forever European Tour”.

Yasiin Bey- “Forever Alive” (Prod. By Ohno) Live From Paris France In-Studio Performance (Video)

Check out the last video of Mos Def Yasiin Bey rocking live in a Paris radio station performing exclusive records over the air. This last video shows Yasiin Bey checking out the scene in a Paris club at a fashion show afterparty then quickly gets back to the studio for a live exclusive performance of “Forever Alive” produced by Ohno….



Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) & Talib Kweli Rock Paris As ‘Black Star’ (Video)

The energy that the crowd had for Black Star was great….at least quality hip hop still thrives in Europe. More video from the show under the hood…
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Fabolous Travels To Paris France (Video)

Fabolous travels to Paris, France to perform at Jordan Brand’s, “Quai 54,” international basketball tournament.

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, & Warren G Performing In Cannes, France (Video)

Some video from a special private performance in Cannes, France with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, & Warren G providing the musical soundtrack for the evening. The event was in part to promote Dr. Dre’s sponsored Beats By Dre headphones in the market.

Ice Cube Performs ‘Natural Born Killaz’ Live In Paris France (Video)

While the VH1’s Behind The Music was airing here in the states, Ice Cube & his squad were just finishing an energetic show in Paris France. Ice Cube proving that he’s a ‘Natural Born Killa’ when it comes to bodying the stage.