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History: A Celebration Of Confederate Pride… In Brazil? (Video)

Sure, okay. The South lost the Civil War (oops, War Of Northern Aggression…whatev). BUT, did you know that by the end of the divisive North American war, there was still legal and thriving slavery farther south; as in South America. Specifically, in Brazil; where then Alabama Senator William Norris led a migration of over 10,000 Confederate loyalists to settle. The town was called Americana, of all things; truly an idyllic place for those slave-seeking settlers who came looking to pick up where they left off not-so-long-ago in The States…to live where things were still the way they should be for the most part.

How do we know? VICE is telling us so (above). Amazing [is one word for it]! Talk about a Deeper South version of Ol’ Dixie. Wow. Check it out. It’s the third story in this episode of Daily VICE.

Today on Daily VICE we head out on the road with legendary punk band Dillinger Four, give advice on how to make your booze taste better, search for buried treasure with deep-sea robots, and uncover the enduring Confederate pride of one Brazilian town.

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Live From China: Dog Meat Festival (Documentary)

“It’s meaty… horribly, horribly meaty… mixed with that familiar doggy smell…”

Okay. Westerners may need to settle themselves and their stomachs. And open their minds. Yes. It’s just as you’d suspect: VICE is at a meat market (in the Chinese province of Yulin) where they butcher and sell dogs to lots and lots of people who eat them. You will hear shocking terms used… like tasty… and healthy…

No judgements. Okay, that’s bull… but watch the video expo though. It’s VICE, so you know the reporting will come at the story from a different perspective that might cause you to rethink. Compelling.

(Gotta say… the reporter, Izzy Yeung, is hella cute.)

In 2013, the Yulin festival gathered so much negative press that this year, the local government denied the Summer Solstice dog-eating tradition ever even existed. But that hasn’t stopped locals from celebrating—nor has it stopped die-hard activists from flooding the town in an attempt to rescue the dogs before the slaughter. VICE Reports headed to Yulin this year to get to the bottom of the most controversial festival in China.


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50 Things About Jamaica (Video)

Seriously there is Reggae, Coffee, Rum, Fish, Sun, Beaches and more than 50 more things… but THIS VIDEO RIGHT HERE…. eh, I will not spoil it for you. To all my Caribbean, African and American friends online, this is the best description of why Jamaica is the most influential country (period). And yes people, learn the 2nd Verse and sing it loud!! Roger B again… and the B Stands for ‘BOSS’ (LOL). Check out the 50 Ladies T-Shirt & Skirt below courtesy of CY Evolution….

Happy 50th Jamaica!
#TeamJamaica #Jamaica50

Directed by: Roger B Stillz
Read more about his at
Twitter: @rogerbstillz
Instagram @ RogerBstillz

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