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Hawaii 2022 Travel Report Part V

Hawaii 2022 Travel Report Part IV

Hawaii 2022 Travel Report Part III

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Hawaii 2022 Travel Report Part II

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Hawaii 2022 Travel Report Part One (Video)

Hawaii has relaxed some of its Covid related restrictions as of March 25th, 2022 so JAYFORCE.COM took a trip to the Polynesian islands to get some sights, sounds, & give a report & review of how the tourism industry in the 50th state is moving with the new changes. Check out more videos & information after the break…

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Saving An Ancient Language Using Pop Music (Video)

Something very Hip-Hop about this story. We (Hip-Hop Nation, Black people, all people) know about griots who tell stories they were told, preserving history through generations, how slaves communicated stories (and plans) through song, and how Hip-Hop built on those traditions, speaking to and through the Culture… Well, Renata is doing that at the essence; not just speaking stories, but attempting to save the mode of speech (her language) itself using songs.

Renata Flores is a 16-year-old singer from Peru who is using her voice to save an ancient language. Though Quechua is the second-most spoken language in Peru, native speakers have suffered from discrimination and social stigma for generations, and today, many young people aren’t learning the language at all. But with her powerful vocals to covers of pop songs by Michael Jackson and Alicia Keys in her native tongue, Flores is sparking a renewed celebration of Quechuan language and culture.
– Great Big Story


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It’s LIT: How To Start A Fire With Sticks (Video)

Man WHAT? Countless survivalist shows all over TV will demo making fire with sticks, each sure to tell you how hard it is. But for this dude Kap… child’s play. Watch and learn, rookies. Then see how he flips the skills and breaks it down for the ladies. Putting that primal game down to ’em… like… if your man doesn’t smell like that real smoke, he is not ‘cooking’ for you. That smoke is older AND spicier than Old Spice, too. Hahaa!

But the real question: Who weaved up that grass headband?? Don’t act like you wouldn’t rock that on some tropical ‘ish!

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Exploring Kingston, Jamaica: Dre Skull x Popcaan Highlight The Roots & Culture (Video)

There it is. Music doing what it is supposed to do… The music entered his soul and spoke… made him a dancehall producer and bade him come to its home. Now it feels like his home. Watch the above vignette of producer Dre Skull traveling (once again) to Kingston; to immerse himself in the culture AND to link up with artist Popcaan to do work!

Aaaaah, back to Tuff Gong Studios. Others we’ve posted on have been there. See here.

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Nelson Mandela’s Old Johannesburg Hideout Gives South African Artists & Entrepreneurs A New Home (Video)

Nice! Shout to The Daily Beast for bringing this Johannesburg gem to light. A center for entrepreneurship and culture that was once at the heart of the anti-apartheid movement. In South Africa, if you want to realize a dream, this is the place – apparently to work it or witness the work come to fruition. Great look at the people and art of Johannesburg in this clip.

The hostel reputed to be Nelson Mandela’s apartheid-era hideout is now the center of a network of cultural entrepreneurs who have helped revive the South African city.
– The Daily Beast


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‘Outcast Forever’ Covers The 1st All-Black Outlaw Motorcycle Club (Teaser Trailer)

“This is an in-depth look at the hardcore lifestyle and fraternal brotherhood of the oldest all black outlaw motorcycle club in America.

Detroit, Michigan (1969) the founding members of “Outcast” started what is today a strong brotherhood of active members and clubs in 30 states nationwide. Over forty years after its inception, Outcast bikers are still proud to be in the 1% of people who live by the code of outlaw. They wear all black, ride black Harleys, and live by their own rules. They call their women property and their jackets colors. They fly their flag like a badge of honor and don’t take shit from no one! To them Outcast is more than a name; it’s a way of life.” – Outcast Biker Film (Producer @JasonStaten)

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Red, White & Beard: A Docu-Short On The Sikh Captain America (Video)

Captain Sikh America was comedian Vishavjit Singh’s way of fighting intolerance in the post-9/11 United States. Check out this 11-minute short film and get a good look at at Singh’s work. These colors don’t run, and neither does Captain Sikh America… from any form of racial/cultural intolerance whatsoever… or from a tourist asking where to get good pizza! Good clip.

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Miss Africa Greece Beauty Pageant (Video)

Very interesting. Okay, we’ll take this Eye Candy lunchtime thing in a different direction for second. Check this VICE story out.

VICE Greece discovered a beauty pageant focused on celebrating the identity of African women living in Athens. We linked up to talk to them about what its like to deal with racism in modern Greece.

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Kingdoms of Africa: West Africa (Documentary)

Incredible BBC Four documentary presentation. Frames West African history as an arc of time and development with timeless elements that exist in culture today as they did centuries earlier. Among the topics woven into this video are matters and practices regarding faith and worship, royalty and society, engineering and architecture, travel and trade, politics and war, and especially the arts are covered. Right from the start, the importance of the arts (including storytelling and recorded history) and craftsmanship as ways of marking time and linking present to past Africa is established.

In Benin, it seems history isn’t written by the victors. It’s written by the artists.

So much good content. Watch and digest thoroughly. This not just African history… this is world history!

People were using pottery here 8,000 years before it appeared in Great Britain… When West Africans began developing the skills that would eventually create some of the most exquisite art in the world, Europe was just emerging from the last Ice Age.

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Reggae: Iba Mahr – “Love You Girl” (Video)

This video was shot in Amsterdam while reggae artist Iba Mahr was on a European promo tour and his flow on the ‘In Transit Riddim’ is a killa! #Salute to the camera man and story line to show the lighter side of reggae and Rasta love. Track produced by Notis Music Group, enjoy.

Contact Iba online here:

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50 Things About Jamaica (Video)

Seriously there is Reggae, Coffee, Rum, Fish, Sun, Beaches and more than 50 more things… but THIS VIDEO RIGHT HERE…. eh, I will not spoil it for you. To all my Caribbean, African and American friends online, this is the best description of why Jamaica is the most influential country (period). And yes people, learn the 2nd Verse and sing it loud!! Roger B again… and the B Stands for ‘BOSS’ (LOL). Check out the 50 Ladies T-Shirt & Skirt below courtesy of CY Evolution….

Happy 50th Jamaica!
#TeamJamaica #Jamaica50

Directed by: Roger B Stillz
Read more about his at
Twitter: @rogerbstillz
Instagram @ RogerBstillz

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I-Wayne – Drug & Rum Vibe (Video)

For those who ‘STILL’ run jokes about how I-Wayne was pop down in most of the 2000’s, I must really point out how his latest album Life Teachings is REALLY DOPE. This is a good modern HD video for one of his bouncy songs off the album. With this track the message is still consistent with his overall image, and yeah, looks like he’s been eating good so no more jokes!

Life Teachings – available here: