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VICE: Chicago’s Gang Problem & The Inequitable Sharing Of Nigeria’s Oil Resources (Video)

YES! Damn smart move by VICE: posting its HBO shows online for their fans who don’t have premium cable.

“Don’t nobody wanna talk no more. It’s so easy to get a gun out here. Everybody wanna shoot it out.”

Wow. Remember how we posted on ‘Chi raq’ (Chicago being a war zone akin to Iraq)? Well, VICE addresses that in this episode’s first half. For the last half, VICE documents Nigeria’s oil industry – oil theft, financial and social costs, and more.

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Comedy: Michael Blackson Goes In On Team USA To Revenge Nigeria (Video)

North Philly (by way of Africa) comedian Michael Blackson goes in on Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, & other members of Olympic team USA for their record breaking win to embarrass Nigeria 156-73 during the Olympics last week. Team USA eventually won it all over Spain yesterday to receive gold medals, but Michael Blackson is not letting them off too easy with his comedic insults. Shouts to RealtalkNY for the heads up. Now check out the video you ‘Mudda Suckaz’!!!…
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Naira ft Lloyd Musa – ‘Put Me On’ Interview on Love Ultra Radio

NAIRA Put Me On Interview

Another nice check-in with the talented N.A.I.R.A as we talk about the release of her new single featuring Sierra Leone emcee Lloyd Musa. We also joke around about her accepting the award for ‘Best U.S. Based Female Artist’ at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

Listen to “Put Me On” at | Check out the lyric video here: