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Eleven-Year-Old Artist Waris Kareem Draws On His Everyday Experiences To Produce Masterpieces (Video)

This kid is 11 years old. At 11, I was almost literally still trying to figure out the walk-and-chew-gum “art”… no way I could do amazing stuff like this back then or even now. Learn about Waris Kareem and his artwork above.


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Brothers On The Grind: Growing The ‘Cafe Neo’ Coffee Shop Franchise (Video)

Café Neo was opened in 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria, by two brothers. Two entrepreneurs – who are also brothers (biological) – are currently capitalizing on underrecognized coffee demand. Ngozi and Chijioke Dozie have as their mission to bring out “the best African coffees produced by Africans, drunk in Africa”… and soon enough, across the globe!

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Producers ‘Christian Rich’ Bring out Vince Staples during their DJ Set @ Mixmag Lab LA (Video)

When it comes to Chicago, Kanye is not the only producer out here making consistent heat.  Taiwo & Kehinde Hassan are Chicago born but of Nigerian descent who are blood brothers who make up the production duo Christian Rich.  If you are not familiar with the name sure you will know the siblings’ resume.  They have hits they created for Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’, J.Coles ‘Born Sinner’, Childish Gambino’s ‘Because The Internet’ and Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Doris’.  Recently they were invited to play a live set in LA for Mixmag Lab that consisted of Hip Hop, House, Dance and Electronic music during the mix.  During their set they brought out current XXL freshman and West Coast emcee Vince Staples who is making a lot of noise right now.  He performs on a new track that the duo produced with Vince rapping on it.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Jay Electronica Talks About His New Orleans Roots, Getting Back To His African Roots, Badu, & Music On Nigerian Radio (Audio)

Great interview stuff. Jay Elect gets to cover stuff fans might consider common knowledge in a new way. Doing so gives those not up on their Electronica studies a chance to catch up. First time in Nigeria. Appreciative and inquisitive interviewers on 99.9 FM The Beat (Lagos, Nigeria).

Super Star International Rapper/Producer Jay Electronica was live on The Morning Rush today with Olisa and Maria. The multi-talented producer talks about life at Roc Nation and whats it like to work with Jay Z and a host of others, he also lets us in on his relationship with [Erykah] Badu etc.

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Big Men (Documentary)

Now, this is long enough a film to be called an epic saga… but it’s real life. And it keeps happening to us. “Big Men” takes us into the high-powered world of African oil deals – money, power, but the respect… that’s limited. The lens the filmmakers use – the telling of a couple of stories about countries at different levels in the oil game at the time: Ghana and Nigeria. The main story is an insider’s inside view of Dallas-based oil company Kosmos Energy and its partners developing the first commercial oil field in Ghana’s history (between 2007 and 2011). In parallel, the documentary covers an angle of the oil story in Nigeria’s Niger Delta: a militant gang trying to profit off oil in many and any ways…holding that they must do it because the prosperity promised the region’s people hasn’t come after all these years. Very telling of Ghana’s future in the industry.

It’s a shame. Same damn story. Outsiders find a rare resource in Africa. They seek to exploit it for profit. They know the venture will be dangerous and risky to the native people and to themselves. But that’s okay in capitalist pursuits; shared risk, shared rewards, right? But then the money comes, and there is just never enough to do the right thing, is there? And you know, even that might be okay, if everyone wins and loses sometime… but that is NEVER the case. Corrupt government and politicians ALWAYS win; partnering with the oil companies who always win. The people who scrape by, legally or illegally, win small if ever. And the every day person ALWAYS loses. And it’s always Africa. And it is always apparent right from the start.


In the Ghana story. Man. They were burning $2 Billion of oil … a day … and they are just ‘testing’ the field? Wowwww… Extracting oil from Ghana was not only being done in a less-than-equitable way; it was WASTEFUL and was putting toxins in the air to no one’s benefit. Well, at least to start; as Kosmos Energy and its stakeholders looked to make many more billions once pumping begins in earnest. Guaranteed it doesn’t get better for the people from that point.

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VICE: Chicago’s Gang Problem & The Inequitable Sharing Of Nigeria’s Oil Resources (Video)

YES! Damn smart move by VICE: posting its HBO shows online for their fans who don’t have premium cable.

“Don’t nobody wanna talk no more. It’s so easy to get a gun out here. Everybody wanna shoot it out.”

Wow. Remember how we posted on ‘Chi raq’ (Chicago being a war zone akin to Iraq)? Well, VICE addresses that in this episode’s first half. For the last half, VICE documents Nigeria’s oil industry – oil theft, financial and social costs, and more.

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Comedy: Michael Blackson Goes In On Team USA To Revenge Nigeria (Video)

North Philly (by way of Africa) comedian Michael Blackson goes in on Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, & other members of Olympic team USA for their record breaking win to embarrass Nigeria 156-73 during the Olympics last week. Team USA eventually won it all over Spain yesterday to receive gold medals, but Michael Blackson is not letting them off too easy with his comedic insults. Shouts to RealtalkNY for the heads up. Now check out the video you ‘Mudda Suckaz’!!!…
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Naira ft Lloyd Musa – ‘Put Me On’ Interview on Love Ultra Radio

NAIRA Put Me On Interview

Another nice check-in with the talented N.A.I.R.A as we talk about the release of her new single featuring Sierra Leone emcee Lloyd Musa. We also joke around about her accepting the award for ‘Best U.S. Based Female Artist’ at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

Listen to “Put Me On” at | Check out the lyric video here: