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Headkrack – “High Off Life Freestyle 006” (Video)

Are you not entertained?!!

BAAAARZZ!!! Which is always what happens when you give Headkrack a hot mic and a dope beat (like that “Oochie Wally” instrumental)! These High Off Life freestyles are always FIRE! That’s why you are gonna keep giving me late passes when I post them #BecauseDOPE

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RIP Nipsey Hussle (Video)

I hoped against all hope that it was not true, but CNN and major news and online reporting outlets confirm that Nipsey Hussle died tragically, the result of a shooting near his clothing store, in the area of Crenshaw and Slauson. Born Ermias Davidson Asghedom, he was 33 years old.

Beyond the obvious, what is really saddening is that while Nip lived a lifetime in his short years, he had so much more to live for. He was fresh off a well-deserved Grammy nomination and consistently recognized for his solid body of work in rap, his noteworthy successes in business, and his neighborhood activism in keeping with global thinking and local action. But he was due for more: J. Cole and Drake both shared that they were set to do songs with him and would miss his presence. He was in the final stages of buying up the block [where his business operates] and bringing peace & brotherhood to his hood. And we just posted on the committed relationship and family life he had built with Lauren London on here.

Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle died after a shooting in Los Angeles near a clothing store he owned, according to a high-ranking law enforcement official with the Los Angeles Police Department. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin discusses with DJ HeadKrack.

Such a loss for us all. In time, we will heal. But for now, we will mourn. Rest In Peace, Neighborhood Nip.


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Headkrack talks Radio,TV, & The Nature of Show Business on Odell’s Roundtable

If you are an intricate part of a top rated morning show that is syndicated all over the US. Someone would think that it was something you were a natural at. Then couple that with being on a top rated TV show that airs five times a week. Most people would think that it just all came together nicely.  Well Headkrack is someone who is on a top rated morning show (The Rickey Smiley Morning Show), on TV (Dish Nation) five times a week and it didnt just fall in his lap.  He joined ArtbyOdell on Odell’s Roundtable to discuss his journey and what it took to get here.  He is not finished and is not someone who is resting on what he has already accomplished.  He is a talented emcee and is making a name for himself in all forms of media.  In this interview he gives detailed events of how he got on the airwaves in Dallas without any prior radio knowledge.  He stated that growing up in the Bronx made him a hustler and he never lost that mentality.  Check out the interview and let Headkrack & Odell know what you think about it!

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Bodega Brovas – “Meat Cleaver” feat. Jean Grae (Prod. By Picnictyme)

Say ‘NO’ to bullying. On the job, at school, anywhere in life. More than a ‘new cool’ way to be; consider it health advice. Listen in to Bodega Brovas and Jean Grae telling y’all how bad it can go down if you don’t follow that advice.

Tough day on the job? Punks stressing you at school? Kill everybody……With Kindness?

“Meat Cleaver” beat by Picnictyme.


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The Bodega Brovas – “Show Out” (Prod. By Clayton Lauren)

The Bodega Brovas are back! Hitting heads with their “Show Out” single produced by Clayton Lauren. Check out the video for it above, and you can grab the audio off iTunes via the link below.

When things in this world get tough it’s your fam and crew that will hold you down. This is how we “Show Out.” Much love to everyone who #BelieveInBodega


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HeadKrack Kills His Freestyle on Sway In the Morning (Video)

A lot of people know Headkrack for his work on Rickey Smiley Morning Show or syndicated TV show Dish Nation.  What some people may not know is he is a true Hip Hop head and emcee one third of the group Bodega Brovaz.  Well for those who don’t know will enjoy watching this video of Headkrack getting loose on Sway in the Morning.  It starts off with a quick interview before Krack let’s off a ferocious freestyle off the dome just watch it words don’t do it justice!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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The Bodega Brovas – “The Freshest Facade” feat. Astronautalis (Prod. By Picnictyme) [Video]

Got Lamborghini dreams and a bus pass budget.

Living the contradiction. Don’t let the flash fool you. Pretty much the message on this one. However, if it took a dope visual like this to convince you that these dudes are the truth… Well, yeah, go with that. Indeed, The Bodega Brovas check in some Hip-Hop perfection with this release. Watch the music video for “The Freshest Facade” (featuring Astronautalis) above. Track produced by Picnictyme, this is the first track off of their upcoming album, “L.G.A.” (Loaded Guns and Alcohol).

The Bodega Brovas are Headkrack, Travii The 7th, and Keynote.

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“Who’s Driving Hip Hop” Has Headkrack Along For The Ride (Video)

I find this “Who’s Driving Hip-Hop” concept to be hella creative & dope. Heavy on the guest and their story; but also taking care of business (mentioning the vehicle they’re in; best believe somebody kicked in on the budget for the promo mention). Good guest selection by the way: Headkrack (of Bodega Brovas) is an on-air radio personality, a character on or offline and a dope emcee (earlier posts on him here).

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6 Rings (Punchline x 4-IZE x Señor Kaos x Number 2 x Headkrack) – “Afraid Of Heights” [Produced By Buckwild]

Um… yeeaahhh… you didn’t think 6 Rings was just a click that ‘United’ for a bit then faded away, did you? You do remember Volton came back handing out azz kickings continuously, right? Well… turn to the book of now-you-know and get on the same page of the rest of us faithfuls. And you ought to be afraid of this “Afraid Of Heights” (produced by Buckwild) that 6 Rings dropped in the inbox. Damn good. Soulful.


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6 Rings (Punchline x 4-IZE x Señor Kaos x Number 2 x Headkrack) – “Ultra Beast United” [Produced By Phillip Morris]

Mic massacre over the beautifully basic boom-bap beat (courtesy of producer Phillip Morris). Yes. Please. And thank you! Check out 6 Rings – emcees from Chicago, Atlanta, and New York making up a most lyrical crew. “Ultra Beast United” by 6 Rings (4-IZE, Number 2, Punchline, Señor Kaos, and Headkrack) – the musical stew they bring to you.

Music is a craft… a food that needs to be cooked properly so the listener can enjoy all the flavors when they make contact with the taste buds… Eat up. But don’t forget to save room for desert… cause TRUST there is more coming.

Señor Kaos

FREE download. Get that ASAP.


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Headkrack’s ‘Hip-Hop Spot’ With Guest Kendrick Lamar (Video)

Headkrack stays on the run; hitting the streets for the latest and hottest underground music, good food, and movies! And he’s on Dish Nation every weeknight on Fox Television. As far as the music, check out this episode’s guest Kendrick Lamar.

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Kendrick Lamar Freestyles on ‘The Ricky Smiley Morning Show’ (Video)

My homie Headkrack is a co-host on ‘The Rickey Smiley Morning Show’ on Hot 107.9 FM (Atlanta) & a skilled emcee in his own right. I chuckled to myself watching the video as Headkrack called out a rapper from St. Louis **Cough Nelly Cough*** who didn’t want to freestyle on the show, but their guest in the studio this particular day was not just some ‘ol basic rapper. Headkrack managed to coerce Kendrick Lamar to spit a very dope of-the-top freestyle while live on air. Good job, man. Kendrick, too. Hahaaaa! Now this is a true & perfect example of the difference between a rapper and an emcee.
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Common On The Rickey Smiley Morning Show (Video)

Hip Hop veteran, actor, & author Common was in Atlanta for the Soul Train Awards and stopped by Hot 107.9 with our homie Headkrack who is a co-host on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show to talk about his multi-faceted career, the diversity of his fans and the women he has loved. The Chicago emcee had some interesting things to say about ex flames Serena Williams, Erykah Badu and Taraji P. Henson. Common also talked about how he inserted hip hop into his role in the new animated film Happy Feet Two, and he also kicked a live version of his classic “I Used to Love H.E.R.” in the studio…

The Beatz & Lyrics Show with Jayforce: Rebroadcast / Podcast [7/30/11]


The Beatz & Lyrics Show with Jayforce!

This is the rebroadcast/podcast of the show that aired on Saturday 7/30/11 featuring nothing but a nonstop audio assault of new & exclusive music! There are three parts to this July 30th edition of the show that aired but we also added a few bonus uncensored tracks to the third segment of the show specifically for the podcast. This is another explosively live edition of the ‘Beatz & Lyrics Show with Jayforce! Click on the appropriate links for the complete tracklisting in each segment. Listen or download parts 1, 2, & 3 from above, below or from itunes.


50 Cent Gets ‘Headkracked’ With Many Many Questions (Video)

My homie Headkrack, who also works over at Hot 107.9 FM Atlanta on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, interviewed 50 Cent while he was in Atlanta & the discussion went everywhere from the future of G-Unit, the recent Jimmy Henchmen arrest allegations, the new deal with Shawty Lo, Dr. Dre’s Detox album, Lil Kim, Tony Yayo, Game, & more.

The Bodega Brovas – ‘Now Or Never’

Congratulations to the homies Headkrack, Travii the 7th, & Keynote on their recent signing to HiPNOTT Records. Also big up to Kevin Nottingham for doing the damn thing repping for indy artists via his blog & now with the new label venture dedicated to artists on the come up. I had the Bodega Brovas on my radio show I think early last year & their vibe immediately takes me to that fun style of hip hop involving call & response crowd participation along with lyricism. They are like a 2011 version of the Cold Crush Brothers but with a few less members & a name change to the ‘Bodega Brovas’. They have a new album slated to drop in the fall of this year. Check out the song below & after the jump I included some video from when the fellas took a trip over the pond in their mini-movie ‘American B-Boys In London’.


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