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Corey Holcomb Speaks On How Hard It Was To See Kevin Hart Go Through Marital Issues And How Easy It Is To Cheat (Video)

Always great to catch Corey Holcomb on-air with interviews like this. For some reason, I had dismissed this one until now because I thought it was a Breakfast Club ‘throwback’ from way back. Still fresh though. And Corey, though toned down a touch, is still giving Yee and Envy that raw commentary.

Corey Addresses Comedy Beefs, Monogamy + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

I don’t think they ‘got it’ at the end when Corey was ‘pulling their leg’ a bit at the end. Still a great watch though. But why did he have to go in on President Obama like that though… because Corey, man. That part.

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Race, Age, Mayo, And Beef! It’s All On The Table, And Neal Brennan Speaks On It (Video)

Still miss that one-two combo of Dave Chappelle and him on The Chappelle Show. Comedy Central, y’all took a ‘L’ for that entire situation… Dave making millions on Netflix, and Neal is still hilarious! Watch.

Comedian Neal Brennan Talks ‘Here We Go’ Tour, Rap Beefs, Mayonnaise + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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How To Get Gun Control Legislation Passed NOW (Video)

Okay, so you see Trevor Noah with Neal Brennan at The Daily Show desk on COMEDY Central. So, it is okay – even expected – for you to laugh. But dude’s idea is brilliant, and it actually worked… back in the ’60s. Score one for #BlackPanther for real #AmericanSymbolsMatter

The ‘solution’ to which Neal referred above is presented in the clip embedded after the jump. Scenes from that earlier ‘Panther’ movie. All Power To The People #Forever

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