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Jadakiss x Styles P – “In And Out” (Prod. By G.U.N. Productions)

N!ggas shooting their shot like they play for GUNzaga!

Woohoooo! This was out in 2013??? I been sleeping!

A’ight, I gotta go get that late pass. But so what…It gets no doper than Jadakiss & Styles P trading off on the BARZ! This “In And Out” is indeed an instant Classic! Salute to G.U.N. Productions for that dark airy beat that The L.O.X. bredren just aired out!

Here’s that classic “In And Out” banger from Jadakiss and Styles P of The Lox. This is off of Funkmaster Flex’s 2013 mixtape titled “Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself?” Prod. By G.U.N. Productions.
– PaperChaserDotCom


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Janelle Monáe – “Crazy, Classic, Life” (Video)

Speaking the truth of every “Dirty Computer” out there in this visual, Janelle just wants to be left to live her life… her “Crazy, Classic, Life.”


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Classic – “Beat Bullies” feat. Skyzoo x Murakulous (Prod. By Casso Beats)

Dope music from Classic (hit the jump for a full bio), real underground Hip-Hop go-to Skyzoo and Murakulous.

Single off the “Lake Michigan” album, “Beat Bullies,” produced by Casso Beats out of Buffalo, NY, teams up with Classic who features Brooklyn’s own Skyzoo and west Michigan sensation producer/artist Murakulous out of Muskegon.



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Schoolly D Speaks On Philadelphia and The 30th Anniversary Of His Hip Hop Classic “PSK” (Video)

Schoolly D and DJ Code Money saying it’s so still doesn’t make it feel like it’s so. Been 30 years…damn. Hear them talk about the Philly of old, when it was fun. That environment helped birth “PSK” man. And they’re re-releasing the joint on vinyl. Nice!


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R&B Rewind: Horace Brown – ‘Things We Do For Love’

When Wu-Tang’s slick lyricist Raekwon dropped his ill Stop Trippin’ freestyle over R&B singer Horace Brown’s album track Trippin’ that we posted yesterday, it made me feel like going back & listening to a few other hot singles the Charlotte, North Carolina singer dropped back in the 90s. The 90’s was a great period for black music in general & Horace Brown had some dope ass gems with ‘Things We Do For Love’, “Taste Your Love”, & of course the very popular ‘One For The Money’. If you lived through that period in the 90s like I did I want you watch these joints to reminisce with me. If you’re just a little too young to know any better all you have to do is just pay attention & know that I’m putting you onto something dope. Check out the rest below….

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DJ Tony Touch’s 50 Classic Clips: Big Pun & The Beatnuts Performing At Rock Steady’s 20th Anniversary (Video)

As we mentioned in a previous post about DJ Tony Touch’s upcoming project “The Piecemaker 3 (Return Of The 50 Emcees)” due July 9th, the legendary DJ had stated that he’ll be releasing classic never-seen-before footage everyday leading up until his new album release. In episode 5 above Tony Toca unlocks the video vault to footage of Big Pun performing “Off The Books” with The Beatnuts at Rocksteady’s 20th Anniversary show. In case you missed episode’s 1-4 featuring Onyx, Heather, B, KRS-ONE, Boot Camp Clikk, Guru, Inspectah Deck, Busta Rhymes, & a whole host of other significant cats in hip hop check out the videos & links below. CLASSIC!


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Flashback 1990: The Gangstarr Video Press Kit (Video)

1990 was my first first year in radio when I was doing a hip hop show called ‘Strictly Hip Hop’ in Pennsylvania. I had also started a cable access show of the same name later that year & it wasn’t uncommon to receive dozens of new records & videos in the mail every week. Back then most of the videos we would receive from the record labels & indie promoters would arrive in the form of 3/4 inch tapes or on VHS. I need to get on my job like Tampa Bay area DJ Sandman who digitized one of Gangstarr’s old video press kits from back in the day. I know I have this same video on VHS somewhere in storage. I’m literally kicking myself to get on it because I do need to take the time to digitize many of my old shows & interviews from the 90s. In the meantime check out the video of GURU & DJ Premier’s video press kit.  Rest in peace GURU! On another note….I’m definitely feeling how DJ Premier is rocking my favorite NFL team’s baseball cap. #RAIDERNATION BABY!

“This was a VHS Promo sent out by Chrysalis Records at the time the legendary Hip Hop group, Gang Starr was getting ready to release their 2nd album, “Step In The Arena” (Released 1/15/91) This video tape has been sitting in a box in my studio for years..I’ve always wanted to share it with Hip Hop fans who may have never had a chance to see it. It includes rare footage of Dj Premier & Guru in the studio working on their album and also a rare interview.”DJ Sandman

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R&B/Soul: Anita Baker – “Lately”

For her new album “Only Forever” (due out October 23, 2012), Anita Baker (yes, THE Anita Baker) recorded a cover of Tyrese’s “Lately.” And it’s dope, like you knew it would be. Ready for some serious R&B from a vet in the game? Well, click play and let Anita take you away! By the way, that’s a HOT pic of her above… just saying.



Nas Speaks On His Classic Style With Music & Sneakers (Video)

Over Labor Day weekend, Nas rocked the Rock the Bells Festival in New Jersey…with Lauryn Hill!!! Okay, that was a FAN-atic moment. In this brief video vignette, Nas touched on “Life is Good” (his latest album), the 90s, the sneaker culture, and such. Check it out.
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Strong Arm Steady – “Classic” (Prod. Statik Selektah)[Video]

Strong Arm Steady did damage on this joint “Classic” (produced by Statik Selektah)! “Sit in a circle, puff on some purple…” Hey, like the lyric says, it’s a classic session…and a nice track to boot. “Classic” is available on the SAS full-length release “Stereotype” which is available for download at iTunes now. We put the link here for you, because that’s what we do. You’re welcome.


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Rewind: Sting – “Desert Rose” (Video)

Had my itunes on shuffle on the plane ride back from Philly & this classic Sting song “Desert Rose” came on.  After not hearing this song in quite awhile it felt so good that I repeated it a few times. So much so I thought I’d bring the video up as a “Rewind” segment reminder to the rest of you of just how good this song is.

DJ Jaycee – Eargasm 9 Classics (Mixtape)

One of the illest DJs in Atlanta, by way of Detroit, DJ Jaycee delivers a new edition to his Eargasms mixtape series with this special mix dedicated to the classic joints. I know some of you maybe thinking, “Not another classics mixtape”, but hold on…waiiiit up. There truly is a blatant difference when Jaycee puts these joints together as compared to your average dj who just got serato & a laptop full of music. Sharp transistions, scratches, some on the fly remixing of sorts using only the two turntables, Blends, & some dope diggin’ with the selections as to not flood the project with too many joints you may already be familiar with is Jaycee’s recipe. THIS is how a true classics mixtape should be done. Check out the complete tracklisting below, but i’d advise you to just turn it up & trust your ears like I trust his…….

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Rewind: East Flatbush Project featuring Des – “Tried By 12” (Video)

All real hip hop heads know this classic beat when DJ Premier through it on during the BET Hip Hop Award Cyphers. I’ve heard many emcees rock over this East Flatbush Project production over the years, but the casual rap fan doesn’t know any better so I thought we’d post this joint back up for the real heads, young cats, & those trying to catch up. I interviewed “Spencer”, who is the producer & mastermind behind the East Flatbush Project about a year or two ago & if I remember correctly he told me the emcee “Des” who is rhyming on the song & video has been incarcerated for over a decade now. If so I’m sure cats in the day room are probably biggin’ him up right now wherever he is….

Happy Anniversary: Outkast – ‘SouthernPlayalisticadillacmuzik’

Today marks the 17th anniversary of Outkast’s 1994 debut album ‘Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik’. I remember back when this album dropped I was still doing a hip hop radio show near Philly. I was feeling several key songs on the album back then like ‘Crumbling Erb’, ‘Get Up Git Out’, ‘Ain’t No Thang’, ‘Hootie Hoo‘, & of course ‘Players Ball’. thought it was a cool debut album from a group from a city not yet known for its abundance of quality hip hop acts. It was one of those albums that made me take notice, but I had not converted into a full fledged fan at the time. Outkast’s ‘Atliens’ album was the album that made me a full fledged fan, but there is no doubt that their debut album set the bar high for southern hip hop at the time. Many great hip hop albums dropped in 1994 & Outkast was hanging with the ‘big boi’s’ (pun intended) in the music industry in the competition for ears & car stereo systems. A bar that only Outkast themselves could only surpass with their subsequent releases of ‘Atliens’ & ‘Aquemeni’ in ’96 & ’98 respectively

Hip Hop Classic: Just-Ice feat. KRS-ONE – ‘Going Way Back’ (Video)

One of my all time favorite hip hop songs to this very day….I never get tired of hearing this joint…NEVER…..had to bring it back. A lot of history in this song right here. Perfect for a Sunday….

Classic Clips: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – ‘You Really Got A Hold On Me’ (Video)

Although ‘You Really Got A Hold On Me’ isn’t one of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles most well known singles, it’s a personal favorite of mine. If you happen to be an artist watching these videos you need to study Smokey Robinson & The Miracles’ movements in these clips. Not only are they performing live vocally, but the dance steps are so on point with precision its a wonder how they don’t bump into each other. Pay attention artists. The rest of us will just enjoy it…..Timeless classic. More video after the jump.
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Reggae/Dancehall Classic: Buju Banton – Driver A (Video)

Had my iphone on shuffle for a while yesterday & it landed on this classic from Buju Banton. Figured I’d post the video up on the blog today because it’s just what I was feeling for today. Allow me to take it back for a minute to one of my favorite Buju tracks….