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Behind “The Breaks” (Ep. 7) [Video]

Somehow you gotta expect to hear ‘these are the breaks’ don’t you? Sway show instant pedigree to get the story behind the story in his opening talk-off. When it comes to industry insiders, he is no slouch. But he goes further, not just I-know-a-guy but putting us onto one of THE guys… Kevin Liles. If anyone can tell the story of a ‘Foray’ street music exec of the ’90s, best believe Def Jam Alum Liles can.

Sway talks with Kevin Liles of 300 Entertainment about how to build a record label, competing against other labels for an artist, and advice for sustaining a successful career in the music industry.

Ready to pick up some gems?

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Mack Wilds & Pete Rock Speak On Artist-Producer Chemistry, Working On The “New York: A Love Story” And More (Video)

A R&B version of “Illmatic” though? That’s how Mack Wilds describes New York: A Love Story …DOPE! Interesting convo above. So interesting, you will ache realizing how fast the time flies while watching.

Sway meets up Mack Wilds (DeeVee) and Pete Rock at Platinum Studios to discuss structuring a song, the experience of recording in a studio, and the importance of chemistry between recording artist and producer.

This is a great look for ‘The Breaks’ series on VH1. RIP to Heavy D and Trouble T-Roy, too. This is Hip-Hop!

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The Breaks (Series Trailer)

Niiiice! Somebody got their head on straight over at VH1 and greenlit “The Breaks” as a series to pick up right where the movie they made left off.

Get that steady check (again) Mack Wilds! Tip in there, too. Cool.



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A-F-R-O Is “Hip-Hop’s Raider of the Lost Art” (Mini-Documentary)

You hear that??? Dude said he wants to “Save someone’s LIFE through the music!

Now, we hold up Joey Bada$$, Cole, Kendrick, A$AP Rocky, Chris Rivers, and several others as the embodiment of the modern “real emcee” archetype for the 21st century. But wait. Let me add another to your list: A-F-R-O (born James Gutierrez). Watch his compelling story and point of view in the above documentary vignette on the young emcee; entitled “Hip-Hop’s Raider of the Lost Art.”

Bonus: A-F-R-O has acting chops, too. Tonight, you can see him flex those muscles in “The Breaks” – a VH1 original production. Peep the trailer after the jump.


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