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Watch Joe Budden ‘Pull Up’ On T-Pain (Episode 7) [Video]

Okay, so Joe Budden has become known for creating the content and moments online, for being at the center of things, that make viewers go ‘wooooow’ right? Think about him almost getting into a three-on-1 (plus their bodyguard) fracas for smooth walking off mid-interview on Migos (e.g. whosaidIgotleftoffBadandBougie… doitlookitlikeIgotleftoffBadandBougie). But this is not that. His ‘Pull Up’ series, according to Joe himself, is all about sitting down ONLY with folks HE gives a f**k about. This T-Pain episode, case in point, looks like a conversation that is the result of ‘pulling up’ on a longtime homie to catch up & give him a chance to get deeper in depth about things like moves he’s made (changing the game with autotune, putting out the ultimate “Boo’d Up” remix) and moves he’s about to make (rumors of dope music in his clip he is about to let off).

Good stuff. Watch!

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Behind “The Breaks” (Ep. 7) [Video]

Somehow you gotta expect to hear ‘these are the breaks’ don’t you? Sway show instant pedigree to get the story behind the story in his opening talk-off. When it comes to industry insiders, he is no slouch. But he goes further, not just I-know-a-guy but putting us onto one of THE guys… Kevin Liles. If anyone can tell the story of a ‘Foray’ street music exec of the ’90s, best believe Def Jam Alum Liles can.

Sway talks with Kevin Liles of 300 Entertainment about how to build a record label, competing against other labels for an artist, and advice for sustaining a successful career in the music industry.

Ready to pick up some gems?

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Want Your Next Video To Go Viral? Pay Attention! (Video)

So maybe you don’t have the sex appeal of a Tabria Majors, whose content goes viral from the jump whenever she wanna jump. But you can still go viral with yours (looking at you especially, emcees, models and other artists). I got something for ya. Check.

In this episode B-Doe offers some key advice on how to get your next video to break the internet. That’s right it seems like today, going viral is a key ingredient to success. Internet fame isn’t a measure of talent but hey bottom line is you might want to invest in getting your talent out there!


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 7 ‘Letting Go in Amsterdam’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Sometimes you just need to let things go, especially when you’re in Amsterdam.

Episode Log – Episode 7, Season 2: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the crew catch up with DJ Shortkut in Amsterdam. First, heading to Rotterdam for a night at Corso, the guys realize they are in town for national 4/20 day.

Vinyl Destination. The guys are ‘Letting Go’ starting now!


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Vinyl Destination | Episode VII: The World Famous DJ Jazzy Jeff Finishes His Middle Eastern Tour (Video)

In episode 7 of DJ Jazzy Jeff’s web series ‘Vinyl Destination’ we find the Philly turntable legend & his crew finishing up their middle eastern tour in places like Bahrain, Dubai, & more. This particular episode finds DJ Jazzy Jeff rocking a number of parties, taking in some Formula 1 racing with race car driver Lewis Hamilton, & rocking for U.S troops stationed in Abu Dhabi two hours outside of Dubai.

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Entourage: Final Season Episode 7 (Video)