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‘Privileged’ White Extremist Protestors Push Back A Reluctant Riot Squad (Video)

Go home and think about this… That’s all I’m asking…

Dude on phone cam was amped, right? But was he right about the White privilege being exemplified.

Think about it. Honestly. Really think: Could Black protesters get away with doing this to a squad of police already in RIOT GEAR??


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DL Hughley Speaks On ESPN’s Sage Steele Firing, White Privilege, & Fox News Anchor Bill O’Reilly (Video)

Deeeeem! It’s cold out here for Sage Steele now that the ESPN door got slammed, esp. in the Hughley-verse.

More than that, in this short clip, DL went IN on the FoxNews x Bill O’Reilly situation in the right way… Hell, I remember having genuine HEAT for FoxNews’ ‘Papa Bear’ when he attacked Ludacris on his show (attempted character assassination); when Pepsi dumped Luda as a spokesperson (by the way, eff Pepsi for that.. I’m a Pepper)!


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Comedian Louis CK Puts White Privilege In Perspective (Video)


This is dope. Okay, if you are not already, get into the comedy of Louis CK. He goes HARD with his brand of social commentary; not so serious that you will not get in a gut-busting chuckle, but you definitely get the point. And he does not just save it for the stage. Here he is giving it to Jay Leno and his audience a while back. White privilege is real; too real.

And anyone who says America’s history of slavery is way in the country’s rearview, f#ck you! See? Too strong, Gotta mix that sh!t in with some comedy, like Louis does. Watch.

(Shout out to Shaun King for the Twitter chatter that matters.)

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#BlackLivesMatter Activist DeRay McKesson Speaks On His New ‘Campaign Zero’ Movement And More With Stephen Colbert (Video)

Activist DeRay McKesson and Stephen Colbert have a colorful, conscientious conversation about White privilege, Black Lives Matter, Campaign Zero and more.

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‘White Squad’ Helps People Of Color Enjoy White Privilege (Video)

Mm hmmmm! This is going to enlighten some, sting others, and make most of us laugh. Good! Saw MTV coming with something truly bold and provocative (no, not a ’16 & Pregnant’ spin-off) – a biting satire called “White Squad.” Part of the network’s Look Different campaign against prejudice, it features a ‘consultancy’ that offers advice and provides stand-ins to help clients of color get fair treatment in situations where being lighter (read: White) is an advantage.

As the “White Squad” site says, “White privilege is real. White Squad is fiction.” So, in a way that respects our intelligence (and sometimes may have us forgetting that it’s just TV), “White Squad” brings up and faces down uncomfortable societal issues. While being tongue-in-cheek funny, it makes us ALL think about how people of color are treated. Now, if MTV’s broaching topics they should ‘leave alone’… that is, if “White Squad” content threatens to make folks uncomfortable… then those folks should should watch. “White Squad” and the Look Different campaign was meant to reach them; not just so-called ‘offenders’ but those who have accepted being ‘offended’ as part of being part of society, too.

Fair is fair for everyone; not just the fairer-skinned. That’s what this site says. Watching you MTV. VERY interesting…

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Comedy: Racism Insurance Commercial (Video)

Oops, I was racist. Black guy come herrre!

Bwaaaahahahaaaaa! I will not ruin this for you, if you have not seen these already, but get ready to watch a triple-shot of comedy the form of ‘State Farm’ commercial spoofs. Lately comedians have quipped that it’s good for a Black person to have a White friend, and for a White person to have a Black friend, to bail her/him out of troublesome situations from time-to-time. Nothing like having that kind of ‘insurance.’

I dunno what these plans cost; but they are worth it. And this commercial series… priceless!


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Heated Debate On White Privilege: Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reilly Square Off (Video)

Frienemies Jon Stewart and conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly sit down to have a light convo about White privilege. Yeah… NO! Heck, it took a gargantuan effort from Stewart to even get O’Reilly to admit that White privilege exists… on some level O’Reilly. And even then he stuck to his guns; refusing to acknowledge that White people enjoy any advantages in America because of their race.

“You think I’m sitting here because I’m White? What are you, a moron? I’m sitting here because I’m obnoxious, not because I’m White!”

Bill O’Reilly

Ummm… heh, heh… That’s just a piece of it. See the full fracas above. Keep in mind that they actually respect each other… sorta.

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