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Young Buck – “SkyScraper” (Video)

Man oh man, do you see that thick sexy woman in this visual!? Buck must be doing something right in this life, or maybe he did something worthy in the one before. Yeezus WEST!

New video from Young Buck, “SkyScraper” taken from his “Compulsive” EP available now!



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DJ Kayslay – “Danger” feat. Young Buck x Uncle Murda x Don Q x Trick Trick x Tony Yayo (Video)

DJ Kayslay got the Unit on the “Hip Hop Frontline.” That’s “Danger” for all the wack ones and folks not feeling the realness. Young Buck, Uncle Murda, Don Q, Trick Trick, and Tony Yayo checking in strong!


– @ojones1

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Young Buck – “2019 Unrap” (Uncle Murda x Star x 50 Cent Diss)

Interesting. I actually did not pay much mind to the Buck shots in “Rap Up 2018” and such, rather the shots at Young Buck. But Buck did. And the shots came back!


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Young Buck Speaking On Starting Rapping As A Teen And The Winding Road He Took To Join 50 Cent’s Team (Video)

So, for those not knowing, Buck was at Cash Money’s doorstep before getting down with G-G-G-G-Unit! Stayed cool with Juvenile the whole while. And that dealing eventually led to 50 Cent. Young Buck shares some interesting backstory and insights in this interview.

Young Buck On Relationship With 50 Cent, Ca$h Money, Talks New Music + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Jevenile was on Death Row at one time though? Wow…

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DJ Whoo Kid – “NY Sh!t” feat. Young Buck x Raekwon

Shaolin Chef Raekwon and Cashville’s Young Buck doing it up on some “NY Sh1t” with DJ Whoo Kid.


Young Buck – “Back To The Old Me” (Video)

Young Buck drops off the music video for “Back To The Old Me” off his forthcoming mixtape “10 Bodies” (hosted by DJ Whoo Kid & DJ Drama). Due out July 15, 2016.

(Gritty rhymes over an ominous track. Young Buck is back to Old Buck indeed!)

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Young Buck – “Not This Time” (Video)

Young Buck has always been one of my favorites in G-Unit. Good to see he’s back at it. Young Buck’s “Not This Time” dropped as part of the “10 Bullets” mixtape. There’s the version hosted by DJ Whoo Kid, but we got the raw no-talk version linked for you below.


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Young Buck – “New Years Cake” Freestyle (Video)

Damn, I guess y’all love me again. These R&B b!tches wanna come f#ck me again…

It’s Young Buck (of G-Unit) over that fire “Pound Cake” by Drake instrumental. He must have followed somebody’s auntie recipe… because this “New Years Cake” came out just right! Not too sweet; and a lot of heat. Shots fired in general directions; but they know who they are. Buck’s back on it…

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Snoop’s Gotta Know: How High Can Kidd Kidd Get? That Question, 50 Cent, G-Unit And More On GGN (Video)

Sure they have an EP out, but why would G-Unit not have time to shoot the sh!t with Snoop on GGN. Curtis and his crew have a sit-down that blends hijinks and realness (like ‘depression is a luxury I can’t afford’ … damn, 50, deep). And when the ‘Weather with Stormy Frontz segment comes on… some real THICKNESS. All with the Doggfather and his faithful followers (like us).

(And yeah, you WILL hear about how in the f#ck even Buck came back to work with 50 Cent. Remember their drama? Google that sh!t. But watch. This is a great watch!)


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G-Unit – “Come Up” (Video)

Outstanding… that’s that life related by the video for “Come Up” by 50 Cent – featuring Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Kidd Kidd and Tony Yayo. Yep. G-Unit! Ice on the wrist. Champagne in the glass. Bling-bling and bravado. Buxom beauties abound at the big house. You know how G-Unit do.

Bad b!tches don’t f#ck these Soundcloud rappers. – Tony Yayo

Did…did Yayo drop the line of the rhyme? Thinking so. Check it another nice Eif Rivera video above.

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Young Buck – “To All My Haters”

Despite all the personal problems with the I.R.S. & pending jail time, Young Buck managed to let loose this dart to all his haters. Check out the song below as well as some video further down of Young Buck debuting an unreleased song & bobbing his head to his estranged G-Unit boss 50 Cent’s banging “Murder One” joint off theThe Lost Tape” project that just came out.

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Tony Yayo & DJ Premier Keep It Honest About 50 Cent, Prodigy, Game, Canibus, & More (Video)

Say what you want to say about Tony Yayo, but his interviews are interesting because he usually keeps it honest despite being very loyal to 50 Cent. This interview right here is the most honest I’ve felt that Tony Yayo has ever been when he talks about his relationship with 50 Cent, Prodigy, Young Buck, and even the situation with Game. DJ Premier also is featured in this interview as well & speaks about the problems he had with Canibus in greater detail. DJ Premier also keeps it honest about who won the battle between LL Cool J & Canibus. Primo’s comments are most definitely the truth regarding that situation. Canibus may have won the lyrical battle with LL, but politically & behind the scenes LL had won the war.