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Pharrell & Rick Rubin Interview Each Other (Video)

Pharrell asked Rick Rubin about “Rock The Bells” right off… and Rick’s no-big-deal response followed by Pharrell gleefully going within himself for a moment… That’s the way this convo is gonna go. They seem to really ‘get’ each other #MutualRespectAndAdmiration

Two music legends, Pharrell and Rick Rubin, sit down at Shangri-La to have what can only be called an epic conversation. In this wide-ranging mutual interview, the two cover everything from the Blurred Lines lawsuit to how the LL Cool J album Rick produced influenced Pharrell. Sit back and enjoy, because this epic conversation is a ride.
– GQ


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N.O.R.E. – “Uno Más” feat. Pharrell Williams (Prod. By Misha Louy) [Video]

Just one more clink with me baby…

Yeaaah, babeeee, sip a li’l more, just “One More,” with the homies N.O.R.E. and Pharrell. You know you want to. C’mon now… “Uno Más.”


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N.O.R.E. – “Uno Más” feat. Pharrell Williams (Video)

Of course, N.O.R.E. gotta offer her “Uno Más” bebida alcoholica (e.g. one more alcoholic drink). He’s a Drink Champ! Hahaa! Plus, Pharrell Williams is probably a solid wing man at the bar.

The dynamic duo of Queens Hip Hop legend and podcast heavyweight, N.O.R.E., and multi-platinum, Grammy-Award winner, Academy Award-nominated producer, Pharrell Williams, reunite for the release of their latest collaboration, “Uno Más” via Mass Appeal Records.
– Mass Appeal

Good team up. Animated visuals above. iTunes link to cop below.


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Jimmy Iovine ‘Defies’ Industry Conventions And Speaks On How The Music Business And Technology Really Work (Video)

Did you catch “The Defiant Ones” debut last night? Interesting. If you have not, there will surely be an encore presentation before the next ep. But for now, you should check out this interesting clip of gems from the defiant Jimmy Iovine… talking about the music industry, the effects of technological innovation on it and more like a ‘g’ (as in guru, as in the wise man on the mountain who has seen it all and saw you coming).

Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener in the OTHERtone studio with Jimmy Iovine of Apple Music.
– iamOTHER

Artists should focus on their art! Make good music first, THEN worry about ‘getting paid’ on the road and selling gear and getting YouTube hits. Of course, the industry is not helping. The art is dying because the priorities are screwed up: (1) The industry is still holding to licensing/copyright mantras that still keep money from artists (the source of the art) and (2) the technology is providing promoters (the gatekeepers for artists getting money on the road) a new, albeit largely inaccurate measure of an the ‘value’ of what the artist is putting out. A YouTube sensation who makes music in two weeks is just demonstrating that they can get clicks, NOT that they make music as good or better than artists that spend months crafting their music (who is not getting all those clicks). On the whole, those who crank out tracks in two weeks from the road CANNOT be making better music than folks who take the time off tour and focus on turning out their best product… even if that’s what the YouTube views say. Iovine called that click count chicanery ‘fake news.’

BOOM! And this comes from Iovine, a guy who has made A LOT of money in music. Watch the short, powerful clip above with all three eyes open though. Now, remember that Iovine is with Apple Music; another music-meets-tech entity, where the streams are not ‘totally free.’ EVERYONE has an agenda, even Iovine.

Interesting that this is a YouTube clip though.

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Calvin Harris – “Feels” feat. Pharrell Williams x Katy Perry x Big Sean (Preview)

So, Calvin Harris enlisted Pharrell ‘Maker Of Happy’ Williams, Katy ‘Always Happy’ Perry, and Big ‘Happiest Emcee From Detroit’ Sean to give us the “Feels”… or in the case of the clip embedded above… a preview of the song. Technically, it’s a preview of an album preview of the “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1” (out on iTunes tomorrow).


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Pharrell Williams – “Yellow Light” (Video)

When 8-bit meets real life and gives you life. Hahaaaa!

Gotta love the energy of a Pharrell song. The ‘Despicable Me’ movie franchise sure does. Below, you can check out an audio snip of the “Yellow Light” joint he dropped and maybe cop as part of the ‘Despicable Me 3’ soundtrack pre-order via the link if ya likes.


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Pharrell Williams Talks Praises Kaytranada’s Signature Sound And More (Video)

Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener in the OTHERtone studio with Kaytranada. Appreciation from your peers, even as a producer, is one thing. But props from Pharrell… commendable, noteworthy, epic!

At first, Pharrell had trouble describing Kaytranada’s music and its consistent effect on the listener; then he settled on ‘signature sound’ as a descriptor. Nice.

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Pharrell And Others Talk Virginia, Influences, Memories And More (Video)

Beats 1 and OTHERtone studio was loaded down with the Down South: Pusha T, D.R.A.M. and Fam-Lay. And, hey, Pharrell Williams. It doesn’t get much more VA than that player.

Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener in the OTHERtone studio with Pusha T, D.R.A.M. and Fam-Lay. Tune in on Beats 1 every other Sunday at 12PM PT / 3PM ET.

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Anderson .Paak Speaks On Making Music With Dr. Dre, Lifestyle & Music Influences And More (Video)

Good programming here. This OTHERtone show on Pharrell’s iamOTHER channel. Check out this extended ‘preview’ clip. But hold up… Dr. Dre put out 90% of .Paak’s work (and we still don’t get ‘Detox’)?? Doesn’t even matter if we believe it or not, it’s just a dope thing to say.

For the first OTHERtone episode of 2017, Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener are joined by Anderson Paak. Tune in on Beats 1 every other Sunday at 12PM PT / 3PM ET.

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Pharrell Williams Speaks On His Post-Election Feelings, “Hidden Figures” And More (Video)

In this sit-down, Pharrell also speaks on who “Happy” was originally for… goes into his love for A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, living in Virginia, and much more! A lot of meat in a relatively short, but deep conversation. Pharrell Williams talks about the “Hidden Figures” movie – for which he served as producer and soundtrack composer. Even segueing into that early on got deep.

Don’t trust the polls…Millennials don’t answer house phones, and there’s 43 million Americans.

Well worth the half-hour. Peep.

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Do Lyrics Still Matter? Is It All About The Beat? The State Of Hip-Hop Addressed By Flying Lotus And Pharrell Williams (Video)

Interesting esoteric insights provided by practitioners who have floated along the edges, and into and throughout Hip-Hop music.

Flying Lotus and Pharrell Williams with real talk for Scott Vener. So how is Hip-Hop doing on the whole? Are the beats dominating while lyricism lacks? That’s what every generation of Hip-Hop, or music in general, says (e.g. it’s not as good as it once was) vs. real is real and this ain’t it… Several angles of commentary on the state of Hip-Hop covered.

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Pharrell Williams And Jimmy Fallon Are On TV Now Talking About TV Music In The ’80s (Video)

That 1980s music. Gotta love it! Especially with Fallon and Pharrell on the set… and The Roots on point! Watch as host Jimmy Fallon and guest Pharrell Williams, backed by The Roots every so often, take The Tonight Show audience on a hip trip through (e.g. discussion of) theme music of the freshest TV era ever.

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Pusha T Responds To People’s Comments About Himself, “Grindin'” And More (Video)

It’s The People vs. Pusha T. Some People come with kind comments; but others come his the hard cracks on the 2002 instant classic “Grindin’.” Casio beat…really? Struggle braids…really? Haaaaaaa!

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Puff Daddy – “Finna Get Loose” feat. Pharrell Williams (Ted Smooth Remix)


DJ Ted Smooth does the doing to Puff Daddy’s grooving, remixing this “Finna Get Loose” (featuring Pharrell Williams). Get the FREE download via the link below.


A Tribe Called Quest – “Bonita Applebum” (Pharrell Williams Remix)

A Tribe Called Quest is doing a redux of their debut album “People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm.” Cool. Now, what we have is a Neptune‘d up version of “Bonita Applebum” (remixed by Pharrell Williams). Nice inclusion on the 25th Anniversary Edition of the classic by ATCQ.

Oh yeah, it’s noontime. Ummm… tell ya what… let’s link y’all back to the post with the incredibly sexy Stephanie Santiago as ‘Bonita Applebum’ During A Tribe Called Quest’s New York Performance.

You’re welcome.


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Pharrell Williams – “Freedom” (Video)

Stringing together footage and experiences from around the world to make a visual for the single, “Freedom,” Pharrell has himself another hit. Without spoiling it for you, there is a lot going on in there. By the way… You can buy “Freedom” on iTunes now.


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TOKiMONSTA – “Saw Sydney” (Pharrell ‘That Girl’ Flip)

Tigress TOKiMONSTA went beast mode on the board on Pharrell’s “That Girl” – put hands on it and shook the… well… hit the stream and discover for yourself.

Made this last night in my hotel room in Sydney, Australia.


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Snoop Dogg – “So Many Pros” (Prod. By Pharrell Williams) [Video]

Incredible treatment for this video! All kinds of movie genres of the 1970s era touched on for content – Bond to Blaxploitation. Question: Has Snoop Dogg ever done anything with ‘Snoop’ from The Wire (aka Felicia Pearson). Well, she’s got a cameo in here. “Bush” (another thing certain 70s movies were know for) will have this single – “So Many Pros” – on it for the May 12, 2015, release. But you could pre-order now… if you wanted to… below.


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Pharrell Williams Talks With CNN’s Don Lemon About Mike Brown, Ferguson Fallout And More (Video)

Okay, so Talib Kweli’s friend Pharrell Williams’ talk with Don Lemon went way better than Kweli’s. Check it. A self-admitted apolitical celeb, the singer/producer weighs in with comments on the situation in Ferguson (Missouri, USA), on Michael Brown’s death and more. Much more; even in this short clip.

This is gonna be the longest hangover in race relations…ever!
Pharrell Williams

Interesting insights.

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Pharrell – “Frontin’” feat. Jay Z (Disclosure Remix)

This beat’s build-up kinda makes you wait for it… Then Disclosure lets enough of the original drip into the drop for the beginning to set it off right. No “Frontin'” this is a nice dance remix to the Pharrell and Jigga classic collab.


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