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Comedy: Clint Coley Lets Her Know She Needs To Be With Him (Video)

When you are a dude, making sense, and making battle rap lyrical works of art from the heart for a sista… how could she not want to get with you? Well, this Honey was about to make that mistake and pass on his advances; but Coley got them WORDS (BARS)! Hahaaa!

#ReadyToGoSteady #BlackMenDontCheat #ADD #Community


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Comedy: Khadi & Kelz Are Out Here Handing Out ‘One Hitter Quitters’ To Dudes (Video)

She said that “Don’t flinch” like a gangsta for real though. Hahaaa! But dayummm, them rights were landing! Y’all gone learn about playing this good p*ssy late pull-out game in deez skreetz out’chea though. HA!

Khadi Don and 4EverKelz go full “Jody” in this parody to the movie Baby Boy. #Community
– All Def Digital

But hmmm… looking at Khadi’s IG… might have to see ’bout what she got going. Might be worth taking the punch *wink*

(But watch all the way to the end though.)


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Comedy: Clint Coley & His Girl Are Not ‘Cuffing’… Here Is What They Are Doing (Video)

We’re f**king, eating and going to the movies together…

That’s what we’re doing! Bwaaahahaaa! Two things always get me about these funny azz Coley clips: (1) how fine af the girls in them are AND (2) how screwy their facial expressions get when he tells it like it is!


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Classic Clips 1996: Snoop Dogg x Tupac Shakur Mobilize The Community To Vote (Video)

Remember when Hip-Hop HAD to say something?? Even the most gangsta, clowning around, sex-driven, smoke-you-down, or whatever rap act had to have a stance on, or answers to, the political questions of the day back in The Golden Era. Well, check out some visual ’90s gold: Death Row Records labelmates Snoop, Tupac, Hammer (yup)… even CEO Suge Knight at a political rally doing right by the community. Great clip!

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Activism: Killer Mike Speaks On Mike Brown’s Killing, What It Means To All Americans And More (Video)

See? When your music speaks truth, you get called on to speak truth. See how CNN’s Brooke Baldwin even mentioned the “Reagan” video (got that one here)? She knows. Killer Mike should speak on matters like Mike Brown and Ferguson. Father, husband, SON OF A POLICEMAN, concerned member of the human race… Killer Kill From Adamsville has much to say, and man, he said it! The next eleven minutes of your life should be spent watching this video (above) right here, right NOW!

If this police officer is not arrested… rioting… tears… pain… But what really happens… is all of our rights are thrown out the window. I am afraid for all Americans. I’m not just afraid for Black Americans… We as a people have to be more vigilant about policing the people we pay to protect and serve us…

That about it, people. It ain’t just the cops. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? It’s US! WE have to step up! We have to vote in LOCAL officials (sheriffs, councilpersons and alderman, and other officials) and participate in (and/or institute) watch-dogging so cops know that ‘policing’ goes both ways. More than that though, we need to develop solid, respect-driven relationships with police authorities; just as Killer Mike (with his barber shop) has. That does NOT excuse cops abusing their authority, but our steps toward revolution should bear in mind that we seek resolution. And building relationships that deescalate abuse of authority, and build respect and care for the community into the citizen-officer relationship is a necessary part of the resolution.

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Common x Monta Ellis Spend Time with the Youth at Oakland’s YMCA (Video)

“Rapper Common and NBA premier shooting guard Monta Ellis run a basketball camp with youth of the east Oakland YMCA. Filmed and edited by Mark “Malek” Adam of P.O.W. Filmsâ„¢” – Wild 94.9