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Headkrack talks Radio,TV, & The Nature of Show Business on Odell’s Roundtable

If you are an intricate part of a top rated morning show that is syndicated all over the US. Someone would think that it was something you were a natural at. Then couple that with being on a top rated TV show that airs five times a week. Most people would think that it just all came together nicely.  Well Headkrack is someone who is on a top rated morning show (The Rickey Smiley Morning Show), on TV (Dish Nation) five times a week and it didnt just fall in his lap.  He joined ArtbyOdell on Odell’s Roundtable to discuss his journey and what it took to get here.  He is not finished and is not someone who is resting on what he has already accomplished.  He is a talented emcee and is making a name for himself in all forms of media.  In this interview he gives detailed events of how he got on the airwaves in Dallas without any prior radio knowledge.  He stated that growing up in the Bronx made him a hustler and he never lost that mentality.  Check out the interview and let Headkrack & Odell know what you think about it!

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Odell’s Roundtable: “Props To the Purple One” (Podcast)

The Round Table is back and this is a special episode dedicated to the late great “Prince” Rogers Nelson.  Odell is joined by Alita, Tierra, Tia Trina, normal Round Table members.  Everyone shares their thoughts and feelings on the impact that Prince had in Music.  Kool Kila, Jayforce, and Rayford also share thoughts with Odell on not just Prince the singer but also how he challenged the record industry.  This episode is dedicated to the man behind the Minneapolis sound!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Odell’s Roundtable: “Interview With DJ Jamad” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable, DJ Jamad stops by to talk with Odell.  Brittany of the “ATL Remix” show co-hosts with Odell to interview Jamad who discusses his start as a DJ.  Jamad goes into detail about his journey from Allentown, PA to Atlanta, GA sharing with Odell & Brittany what motivated him to start his Afromental movement and what’s next for him.  Make sure you Subcribe to Odell’s RoundTable on iTunes Subcribe on Stitcher & Subscribe on SoundCloud


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Odell’s Roundtable: Love, Sex, & “Cuffin’ Season” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable the topic is “Cuffing Season”.  It is getting colder and people are going out less and want to snuggle up with someone.  What goes in to cuffing season?  Is this really a scenario where you are only dating someone for a Season rather than a Reason?  Do you let the person you know that this is temporary and not to catch any feelings?  What about you do you catch feelings or what happens if someone tells you this was only temporary?  The panel consists of host Odell along with Alita, Brittany (from ATL Remix show) & guest BoxMann.  Funny but informative discussion like always on the Round Table.  Follow the show on Twitter/Instagram and email them at


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Odell’s RoundTable: “Is Experience The Best Teacher?” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable the panel discusses Is Experience the best teacher?  Think about that question for a minute can experience best teach you in relationships?  Do you need to have bad experiences in a relationship to appreciate a good one?  Just because someone else has experienced something can you learn from them or do you have to experience it yourself?  These questions and more are discussed.  The discussion is moderated by Odell aka ArtByOdell along with co producer Dre Day.  The regulars of the panel like DJ Knotts, Tierra  Alita & Petrina are there as well along with two first timers at the Round Table.  Mr Be Everywhere himself Sean Falyon along with Filmaker/Photographer Artemus Jenkins join in on the discussion.  Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and on SoundCloud.


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Odell’s RoundTable: “Monogamy in 2015”

Another week another episode of Odell’s RoundTable the podcast which is now also a live video show that airs every Monday night 9pm Est 6pm Pst.  You can watch the show live at LiveHipHopDaily and interact by texting the number on home screen or tweeting to @ORTshow & using the #ORTshow.  The topic of discussion for the latest episode was “Monogamy in 2015”?  Odell is joined by his co/producer & co host Dre Day along with Petrina & DJ Knotts.  Smaller panel than usual but great discussion nonetheless with insightful thoughts and comedy along the way.  Can you truly expect a person to only sleep with one person the rest of their lives?  Is monogamy natural for men and women and what happens if your partner has a lower sex drive than you?  These topics and more discussed on this episode.  So sit back and enjoy and remember you also have the choice if you want to just catch the audio of podcast make sure you subscribe to iTunes and get new episodes delivered to you for free.  Get ready for next week where the panel will have another juicy topic to dive into.

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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Odell’s RoundTable: “Researching Your Date Online” (Video)

I am happy to say that Odell’s RoundTable is moving forward and is gaining progress.  I want to thank everyone who has listened to the podcast and shared with others and now you can subscribe in iTunes as well.  Also along with the podcast being on iTunes you are able to watch me conduct the Round Table.  That’s right for the first time the RoundTable was video taped and ready for you to view courtesy of Live Hip Hop Daily.  So watch me as I have Asha, DJ Knotts, Shon, and my partner in crime Dre Day discuss the topic of Researching your date online.  Is that cool to Google search someone you just met ?  Should you go online and look at someone’s social media profile and use that to judge if you should date them?  Plenty of great ideas shared let us know what you think Follow the show on Twitter: @ORTshow and subscribe and comment on iTunes!

Watch Part 2 after the jump

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Str8outdaden x ArtByOdell Discuss The Changing Landscape Of Media From Blogs To Radio (Podcast)

So it seems everybody and they mama has a Podcast these days.  With technology people get a laptop and a mic and they think they have a radio show.  It is not truly that simple, yes technology gives everyone the chance to do their own thing without corporate restraints but it still needs to be quality.  A podcast that does a good job of having good dialogue and quality guests is the Str8outdaden show by J Good.  He provides a voice to the underground giving them tips on how to make it and navigate in this Hip Hop game.  He recently invited Beatz & Lyrics co host ArtByOdell to sit down and talk about a myriad of topics.  The two brothers discuss how artists can get their music on Blogs, Odell explained hw he got his start in radio and what he has going with his personal podcast “Odell’s RoundTable”.  It’s a great discussion with plenty of great stories like how Odell got a drop from Killer Mike at the request of Mike’s wife Shay.  Or how Punch (manager at TDE) screened ArtByOdell on the spot before he gave him access to interview the artist SZA.  Check it out plenty of great information shared in this one!


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Adrian Younge Has A Conversation With Odell While In Atlanta For His 1st Performance As A DJ (Video)

How many producers do you know that can say they have worked one on one with the likes of Bilal, Ghostface, Souls Of Mischief and the Delfonics?  Well the only one that comes to mind is Adrian Younge who was recently in Atlanta for his first DJ performance and ArtByOdell sat down with him for an exclusive interview.  They talked about what inspires his musical process what he thinks of today’s R&B and what new albums he has coming out.  He shares with us a great piece of information that he will have 4 albums out by the end of 2015 listen to find out who they are with and what the titles are!

“The level of execution of older music compared to music of today. By bringing in a Horn section, or just literally having a song arranged with complex chords and a  bridge with ill structures rather than just noise put together for a Stripper to dance to.” – Adrian Younge


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Male & Female Relationships: “Does Size Matter” on Odell’s RoundTable [Podcast+Recap Video]

The Round Table is back with another episode for you to check out.  The topic of discussion is “Does Size Matter” of course there is an obvious thought when that phrase is said.  The discussion goes much further than just the sexual connotation including size of someone’s bank account weight size and more.  Moderated by host Odell joined by co-host Dre Day & guests Lady Godiva, Ali Rai, Lady T, and Sheriff Quick sure you will enjoy the discussion.  So listen, comment on SoundClud page and share with others.  Stay connected email the show ortshow@gmail and follow on Twitter @ORTSHOW

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Jayforce & ArtByOdell Discuss Propaganda & Give Tips to Artists on Channel Dynamic (Video)

Channel Dynamic a site based here in Atlanta, GA sat down with Jayforce & ArtByOdell of the Beatz & Lyrics Show during A3C 2014.  FBI & Jeff Blactracks of Channel Dynamic asked the two a myriad of questions about the music industry, how they got started in radio, and what advice to give artists.  ArtByOdell & Jayforce gave their opinions on modern day reality TV, propaganda & reminding artists they have to get out here and work to make it.

Check out Channel Dynamic site and YouTube page for more videos with Jayforce & ArtByOdell and a number of music professionals!

ArtByOdell  SoundCloud

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Male & Female Relationships: Welcome To “Odell’s RoundTable” [Podcast + Introduction Video]

Welcome to the Round Table…. Odell’s Round Table, a place where real conversation happens between men and women. It seems like everywhere you turn someone is telling you about relationships giving their “expert” opinion. Who made these people experts? Are they really saying anything that you don’t already know? How about sitting some men and women in a room and talking about what’s going on and get a better understanding? You like how that sounds? If so, Welcome to the Round Table where Odell, an Atlanta based radio show host & visual artist will be stirring the quality discussion.

Odell will moderate the discussion along with his partner in crime “Dre Day” as they invite different ladies to join in & contribute to the issues. Listen to the first episode of the ORT Show where the topic is “First Date Rules”, what to do what not to do and we even have a drink of the week best for first dates. So watch the video learn more about the Round Table Go to Odell’s SoundCloud page follow the show on Twitter @ORTShow @ArtbyOdell.

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Beatz & Lyrics Show with Jayforce Tonite 9pm-12mid EST / 6pm-9pm PST Uncensored on @ablradio

In addition to all the great new music that will be spun, this week the team of Jayforce, Twice Born The God, & Odell are prepared to speak on various issues such as the upcoming Super Bowl & #Deflategate involving the New England Patriots, the death of 26-year-old A$AP Yams who was the founder the harlem based A$AP Mob, & recapping what happened earlier in the week as it pertains to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.


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