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Rapsody – “Oprah” feat. Leikeli47 (Video)

Okay, Rapsody is fire. But Leikeli47 added that hot sauce to this “Oprah” jawn (off her “Eve” album) for real! Really liking the cinematography (Rapsody doing her thing on the glass plate for a different make-it-rain angle for the visuals. Dope.



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4 Little Girls: Spike Lee Speaks On The Heart-Wrenching Decision He Had To Make (Video)

Another must-see before the focus on Black History for 2016 is lost…“4 Black Girls” (a real gut punch; but you still MUST watch). It will be hard to watch. Let Spike tell you (as he tells Oprah, above): It was hard to make.

In 1997, Spike Lee released “4 Little Girls,” a moving documentary about the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, which killed four African-American girls. The film went on to earn an Oscar nomination for best documentary. Watch as Spike discusses one of the most difficult decisions he’s ever made as a director and how the birth of his daughter, Satchel, changed his perspective.

You can see a trailer for the actual documentary here.


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Katt Williams Says Dave Chappelle ‘Was Decapitated In Front Of Us’ (Video)

“I’ve always been aware of who’s funnier than me. I’ve just also been aware of who wasn’t.”
Katt Williams

Ohhhhh. Ding ding ding! Love him or hate him, Katt has something to say…always. And whenever he wants to speak, he’s never scared to speak up. Listening to his ‘Dave Chappelle was DECAPITATED in front of us’ testimony above makes me reconsider the positioning of Katt’s brand of ‘crazy’ in my mind (newsflash: we’re ALL crazy; you just gotta find folks who like your brand of crazy and call ’em friends). Makes sense. VLAD TV scored with this interview clip.


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50 Cent Speaks With Oprah On ‘The Next Chapter’ (Video)

After years of rumored feuds between Oprah & 50 Cent, they finally sit down at 50’s grandmama’s house & hash it all out on Oprah’s ‘Next Chapter’ program via her OWN network. Part two of the interview under the hood below….
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Oprah Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

The Queen Of All Media, Oprah Winfrey, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live & spoke on a gang of topics which made for interesting late night television. Check out part 2 of the interview under the hood….
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50 Cent Appears On The Conan O’Brien Show (Video)

50 is funny as hell! Hahaa