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‘Sway In The Morning’ Interviews Comedian Jay Pharoah and ‘Friends’ (Video)

President Obama, Denzel, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Chris Rock all rolled into the studio for Sway in the Morning’ for an interview. Yep, all of them… in the person of Jay Pharoah (comedian, cast member on NBC’s Saturday Night Live). The man has a knack for mimicry and tomfoolery. Fun clip.

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Will Ferrell Will Do Anything To Get You To Vote For President Obama (Video)

Actor & comedian Will Ferrell never ceases to get more than a few laughs out of me even when dealing with situations as serious as this very close 2012 Presidential Election. Clearly President Barack Obama is the best candidate with a shot to win at this time in my opinion. It’s apparent that Will Ferrell feels the same & wants to make sure you laugh your ass to the polls on November 6th & re-elect the President for a 2nd term.
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President Obama Speaks On The Trayvon Martin Case (Video)

The Road We’ve Traveled (Film)

“This film gives an inside look at some of the tough calls President Obama made to get our country back on track. Featuring interviews from President Bill Clinton, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Elizabeth Warren, David Axelrod, Austan Goolsbee, and more. It’s a film everyone should see.” – Academy Award®-winning director Davis Guggenheim: “The Road We’ve Traveled”

President Barack Obama Sings ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ During Blues Night at The White House (Video)

You can see it in President Obama’s facial expression that when he gets the urge to sing in public he just wants to let loose but restrains himself. First doing it up with Al Green at the Apollo & now singing “Sweet Home Chicago” with Blues legends like B.B. King at the White House….This is hilarious!


President Obama’s Pre-Super Bowl Interview with Matt Lauer (Video)

President Obama speaks with Matt Lauer briefly about NFL football then gets down to business with the nation’s & global politics….

President Obama Sings Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ Kicking Off His 2012 Re-Election Campaign (Video)

While at the famed Apollo Theater last night in Harlem, the Commander-In-Chief President Barack Obama took a brief moment out of speech to his supporters to sing the Al Green classic “Let’s Stay Together” to kick off his 2012 presidential campaign. Funny…

Lupe Fiasco Appears On Fox News To Debate With Bill O’Reilly (Video)

Props to Yardie for this video…..everyone I know has been waiting for Lupe to speak out on his comments regarding President Obama & the wars talking place. I can see where Lupe may have been going with some of his comments, but it’s clearly evident that Fox News may have edited out some of Lupe’s comments to their own advantage. It would have been a better discussion had it been on-air live.

Common Performs His Poetry At The White House (Video)

Despite Faux News trying to paint Common as a ‘Vile Thug Rapper’, Common performed poetry at the White House & manifesting the best of who we are as hip hop heads & as a people.

President Obama Discusses Osama Bin Laden On ’60 Minutes’ (Video)

Comedy: President Obama On Death Of Osama Bin Laden Spoof (Video)

Keith Olbermann Comments On The Death Of Osama Bin Laden (Video)

If Osama Bin Laden is truly dead, the profiteers of war can no longer cash in & that truly is a win. Keith Olbermann’s commentary is on point once again especially when he pulls it all together in his conclusion.

BREAKING NEWS: Osama Bin Laden Reportedly Killed By U.S. Forces In Pakistan (Video)

President Obama Clowns Donald Trump While He’s In The Audience (Video)

President Barack Obama goes in on Donald Trump amidst all of the ‘Birther’ controversy that had been raised as of late. Donald Trump couldn’t even laugh at himself which made this even more funny! You can tell that Donald Trump was just seething inside…..This is hilarious as hell!! More video under the hood….
SNL’s Seth Meyer Also Goes In On Donald Trump

Jamie Foxx Talks About President Barack Obama, His New Animated Film ‘Rio’, & More On ‘Late Night With Jay Leno’ (Video)

Jamie Foxx’s interviews are always hilarious to me! I’m still laughing! Recently he stopped by Jay Leno’s show to talk about performing for President Obama, Dancing With The Stars, his new animated film ‘RIO’, & other stuff that only Jamie Foxx can make seem funny as hell. After the first break Jay Leno’s band played the Village People’s ‘YMCA’ so I’m wondering if they were trying to hint that Jamie Foxx is suspect! Haahaa!