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Chelsea Handler Speaks On Dating, The Risks Of Sex With Her, & Her New Book “Life Will Be The Death Of Me” (Video)

Man, the last time Chelsea stopped by The Breakfast Club was HILARIOUS! This one just as much so, and engaging on another level.

Comedian Chelsea Handler stops by to talk about her dating and sex life and whether or not she wants to be in a relationship. Handler also chats her experience with drugs and how they let her think in different ways.
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Chelsea Handler Vs. The World’s Hottest Hot Wings (Video)

Chelsea Handler is a still a ‘Hot One’ (no cap, plus she’s probably fun to hang with). AND she’s looking for a boyfriend (sweet). BUT he needs to be a skiier (dammit). Sigh… At least we can enjoy hot wings together. Pass the almond milk.

Chelsea Handler is one of the world’s most successful TV hosts, a writer, producer, actress, and New York Times best-selling author many times over. Her latest book, Life Will Be the Death of Me…and You Too!, is set to release on April 9th followed by a 22 date comedy tour. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Handler battles the wings of death with Sean Evans and discusses skiing, dogs, thirst traps, 50 Cent, HR blunders, and so much more.
– First We Feast


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Comedian Chelsea Handler Focuses On Political Activism (Video)

Interesting. Comedians, esp. when there’s an “easy target” in the White House, usually make fun of political folly. And Chelsea did that. But she is really moving into the ‘woke’ lane to ride that for a long while… at least until President Trump and his ilk are out.

Comedian-turned-activist Chelsea Handler shares the moment she recognized her White privilege and dishes on exactly how she wants to see Donald J. Trump humiliated.
– PROFILE by BuzzFeed News


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Comedy: Chelsea Handler Visits Russian Bathhouse (Video)

Yep. Chelsea Handler somewhere being silly, and naked, again! It’s like she cannot help herself. And I cannot help but post stuff like this. I mean, hey, I like to laugh. AND what’s not to like about Chelsea’s breastses?

(Warning: The masseuses WILL spray Chelsea’s tig ole bitties AND she will admit to not minding being blasted in the face. YES!)


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Chelsea Handler Speaks On Men, Masturbation And More (Video)

The word for this episode is CRAZY! For just a second, it looked like (1) Envy was really a Latino in denial and (2) Charlemagne was gonna ‘drop trou’ as Chelsea commanded. I mean, she did say she was into many cultures…and many penes (like that 100 Pene challenge we posted hereChels would smash that)!

Chelsea Handler stopped by the studio to “shoot the sh!t” with the Breakfast Club. After refusing to answer DJ Envy’s questions about her Netflix show, Chelsea talked about some slightly raunchier subjects. The comedian discussed her opinions on masturbation and blow jobs, as well as why she doesn’t mind one night stands. Check out the interview.

Chelsea Handler is hella funny on this, and there is nowhere she won’t go. Wow! Watch.


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Chandler Parsons Talks About Sex, ‘His Performance’ And More On ‘Chelsea Lately’ (Video)

Too bad Chelsea Handler’s run on E! is almost done. This is a cool clip with her putting the NBA’s Chandler Parsons in the hot seat. She does that. A little ‘sex talk’ on Chelsea Lately.

Chelsea: “Are you allowed… to like have sex… They say you can’t have a lot of sex when you’re performing at that level, right?”
Chandler: “There’s…there’s definitely some sort of penetration during season.”

Hmm. Why is Chels so curious though? A li’l Handler on Chandler after Lately maybe? Heh… Seriously though, I’ve always dug the way Chandler Parson’s game when he was playing the Houston Rockets. I’m looking forward to him doing great things with the Dallas Mavericks.

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Nas Speaks With David Grohl On ‘Chelsea Lately’ (Video)

‘Chelsea Lately’ with no Chelsea? Yeah. Don’t worry about it. Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters took over hosting duties for Chelsea Handler and interviewed Nas for the series Grammy show week. The interview touched on Hip-Hop’s presence at the Grammys, differences between the Hip-Hop world and that of Rock music, and more. Good late night TV.

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Lenny Kravitz on Chelsea Lately (Video)

Lenny Kravitz stopped by Chelsea Lately in this sort of funny interview in which he speak on his new album “Black And White America”, his daughter actress Zoe Kravitz, his current projects, & they both share funny stories & flirtatious vibes….

Don Cheadle on Chelsea Lately (Video)

Outstanding actor Don Cheadle stops by 50 Cent’s former flame’s talk show & speaks on everything from his new show ‘House Of Lies’ on Showtime & his personal life. He also goes on to reveal that he and his girlfriend have been together for 20 years and still aren’t married! If it works don’t fix it…

Chelsea Handler Speaks about her Breakup with 50 Cent on the Howard Stern TV Show (Video)

Here’s video from that Howard Stern interview with Chelsea Handler speaking on her relationship with 50 Cent & how Ciara played a part in the breakup. Check out the subsequent interview after the jump she did with Ciara following the break up with 50 Cent. It’s interesting to note that they both sorta dressed to kill on the show & didn’t make any mention of 50 Cent that day too…..
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Chelsea Handler Speaks on her Relationship with 50 Cent; Says Ciara Cause of Breakup (Audio)

Chelsea Handler, host of the popular television talk show “Chelsea Lately”, finally speaks out on her relationship with 50 Cent as a guest on the Howard Stern Show. Chelsea talks about how she’s always been attracted to black men because of their hyper masculine aura, the details of the 3 month long relationship with 50 Cent, & how R&B singer Ciara’s attempts to get back with 50 Cent was the cause of their actual breakup. This was pretty good interview & Howard Stern manages to get her to go in-depth about a variety of relative things regarding their relationship.