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Dom Kennedy On Snoop Dogg’s GGN Network (Video)

The DoggFather aka Nemo Hughes welcomes Dom Kennedy to the GGN studios as a guest. What did they talk about? His project “Get Home Safely,” a Hip-Hop Battle Royale, and… who are we kidding? The Eye Candy! Snoop. Dom. Let’s check the weather!

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Russell Simmons On Snoop Dogg’s GGN Network (Video)

Russell Simmons joins Snoop Dogg on GGN. The Godfather and The DoggFather. Talking about the early days of Hip-Hop culture, about that green (*cough* you know Uncle Rush got down back in the day)… and Snoop tries some “green” eating: a vegan pastrami sandwich.

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GGN: Redman and Snoop Talk About The Funk, The Marijuana Movement, The Music And More (Video)

Snoop welcomes the Funk Doctor Spock (aka Redman) onto the GGN set for some good smoke, and to talk about what he and artists like him sacrificed to get the marijuana movement – nicknamed “Mt. Kushmore” – to where it is today… and about “Muddy Waters 2” and more… Oh yeah… the Stormy Fronts forecast (of course, mostly ‘cloudy’) with the banging honey @ChanelUrban.

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Snoop Dogg x Arsenio Hall on GGN Network (Video)

Dre said to me: I want you to meet Calvin and hear him flow.’ – Arsenio Hall

Snoop (aka Calvin) welcomes Arsenioooooo Haaaaall (aka The Dream Maker)! Just imagine the show Arsenio is bringing back to television this fall (September 9, 2013). Need a preview of the crazy? Check him out on GGN clowning with Snoop in this clip. Fun, filled with great stories and memories and insights. Check it out.

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Snoop Dogg and Larry King on GNN (Video)

The king of issues commentary and talk meets the king of ‘herbal medicine’ and West coast flow meet on the GGN set. For a once in a lifetime taping, Snoop helps Larry find with the art of emceeing… putting rhymes into the mic on camera! Plus: the weather, with Thunderclaps!

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Snoop and Kurupt – Then, Now, And On And On on GGN (Video)

And It Don’t Stop! On GGN: Kurupt and Snoop talk that grown man *ish (raising sons, little league), smoking on that good home grown, talking about how Kurupt came up and got up with Snoop and Death Row… all that and more. Question: How long can their cipher go? Cipher = Circle. On and on… Good watching!

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Talib Kweli Appears On Snoop’s GGN Network (Video)

Talib Kweli stops by Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion aka Nemo Hoes‘s GGN Network to spit rhymes & speak on a variety of topics from the difference between the early New York & California hip hop scenes, emcees they respected like Jeru Tha Damaja, Das Efx, Rakim, KRS-ONE, Souls Of Mischief, Freestyle Fellowship, & more.   A key point of interest in this interview is how Snoop Dogg & Talib Kweli explain how both of their son’s favorite rappers introduced them to newer artists like Wiz Khalifa & Ab-Soul.  The GGN Weather Girl explains how she likes fat guys…..
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GGN News: Snoop Dogg x Curren$y (Video)

Snoop Dogg reprises his role as the GGN news anchor “Nemo Hoes” & brings along New Orleans emcee Curren$y to kick it as they speak on everything from the “Mary Jane” to President Barack Obama. Quite a few laughs in this episode of Snoop’s online television show…..
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