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J. Cole – “False Prophets” (Video)

Did you see the J. Cole documentary we posted on here yet? On top of that: New visuals from a new forthcoming album from a renewed J. Cole? You damn right Hip-Hop Nation! And yes…SHOTS FIRED! Do something. Haha!

Word on the Interwebs is that Cole is going at Drake and Kanye West. Maybe. But actually, this is the realest way to step to and stomp out wackness on the whole. With dope music… off “4 Your Eyez Only.” Check out “False Prophets” above.


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In Advance Of His Album, J. Cole Gives Fans A Look At His “Eyez” (Documentary)

We’ve got a J. Cole sighting. This documentary “Eyez” (like all “Eyez” on me) from Coleworld heralds the all-of-a-sudden pending release of “4 Your Eyez Only” (available for pre-order on iTunes now). Check it out. December 9th is only a week away. Get ready!


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J. Cole – “Everybody Dies” (Video)

Who’s ready for more Cole? Good. Because we got more. J. Cole does actually. From “4 Your Eyez Only,” check out “Everybody Dies” above.


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J. Cole Crafts A Beat On His Tour Bus (Video)

Even downtime is work time for ColeWorld. Peep this video documenting J. Cole making a beat while tucked away on the tour bus. It ain’t easy, but he is giving it all he’s got to make something hot.

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Nia Long Tells Larry King That J. Cole Isn’t Too Young For Her…And So Much More (Video)

OMG… Nia Long is so gat dam fine. And Larry King is gangsta for those questions. Know that clip blowing up the ‘Net where Nia said ‘J. Cole is not too young for her’ though? Well, this is the entire interview around that. It’s very good… if for nothing other than it’s 20+ minutes with one of the most gorgeous women on the planet!

(Larry knows… catch him gazing at her from time to time in this episode.)

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Ryan Coogler Interviews J. Cole For #MLKNow (Video)

Above: Ryan Coogler (Director of “Creed” and “Fruitvale Station”) with a deeper than in-depth interview with J. Cole. You can tell it was more a frank discussion than an interview though; Coogler admitting to this being his first time as an interviewer and Cole admitting to a gang of things: the tragic death of Oscar Grant as told in “Fruitvale Station” makes him cry every time… fear-frustration-sadness and artistic motivations that came from subsequent incidents of police brutality… feelings on Black-on-Black crime… life as a married man (stunned the crowd, and toned down the ladies’ screams…for the time being).

Watch the whole 20 minutes. Very appropriate conversation in the wake of the Martin Luther King, Jr. commemoration. Engaging, enlightening and empowering! The web was on fire due to news of Cole’s nuptials being dropped like a bomb in this clip, but the most powerful moment was when the brothers were exchanging thank-yous to end the interview.

Stop thanking me… We a part of the same body. Bruh, my hand don’t wake up and thank the other hand.
Ryan Coogler

Wow… feel that chill? That surge of pride? That’s #MLKNow and hopefully motivation to take strides.

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Pusha T – “M.P.A.” feat. Kanye West x A$AP ROCKY x The-Dream (Video)

Producer credits to Kanye West…and J. Cole and Che Pope! Ye is conspicuous (well, not really) by his absence. But the rest of the squad on this jawn is front and center enjoying this ‘wonderful cocktail’ in the video for “M.P.A.” off “King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude” (iTunes link below).


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J. Cole x Kendrick Lamar – “Black Friday”


Clever. Coleworld and Black Hippie Kendrick switch the promo game up by swapping out verses and beats; each blessing each other’s tracks with rhymes. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar each put up a “Black Friday.”

A Tribe Called Quest – “Can I Kick It?” (J. Cole Remix)

Whaaaaat???!! J. Cole jumped on the ATCQ classic “Can I Kick It?” Well… yeah, but not like that. Cole remixed the single for 25th Anniversary remaster of “People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm” due out November 20, 2015. Click above and enjoy the J. Cole remix.

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Going ‘Off The Grid’ With J. Cole (Video)

Promo vid for a boots brand offering, J. Cole offers so much more here. The scenery, vibe and inspiration… feel it as Cole World comes to the old world Tuff Gong Studios. Hiking the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Great look!

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Janet Jackson – “No Sleeep” feat. J. Cole (Video)

It didn’t take long for the legendary Janet Jackson to hit us with a brand new video for her new single “No Sleeep.” There’s other ladies in the game doing it big in the pop world, but you gotta make room for one of the Queen’s of this game to make her return. Great choice of artist to include on this official remix by bringing J. Cole along for the ride as well. Dope! ‘Don’t Sleeep.’

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Love Ultra Radio May 2015


Listen to another segment from the syndicated mixshow with host/dj Jah Prince. This episode includes new music from Raekwon, Kenny Lattimore and Elhae in addition to our fam Noel Gourdin, Rapsody, Case & The Foreign Exchange. There is even a little #PopFresh c/o Marnie!

Follow the full playlist of this show and SHOW your support of good music:
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J. Cole – “Wet Dreamz” (Video)

J. Cole’s latest single & video for ‘Wet Dreamz’ is probably my favorite song from his latest album ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive.’ The beauty of the song is not just how it sounds sonically, but the honesty in the lyrics & storytelling. The video doesn’t disappoint either in the creative way J. Cole chose to tell his story.  That ‘ol puppy love on some old ‘Lady & The Tramp’-type ish.


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BIGREC – “BLSM” (Respect To J. Cole)

People getting fed up, and it HURTS, when it seems that our lives DON’T matter…

New music from the man making sure Real Hip-Hop Is Back and here to stay! The realest part: BIGREC talking to his little boy about dealing with the cops. And not that “policeman is your friend” mini-speech that TV parents (read: White parents) give their kids. This is real life; too real.

Rest In Peace to the myriad of Black Men lost in similar fashion: #RIPWalterScott #RIPEricGarner #TrayvonMartin #RIPMichaelBrown #RIPAmadouDiallo #RIPTroyDavis #RIPOscarGrant #RIPSeanBell #RIPEmmettTill (…and the list goes on).

Unfortunately, there’s nothing new for Black folk here but the song. That said, like everything BIGREC’s been dropping, this “BLSM” (Black Lives Still Matter) work will hit you in the chest – dead center. And respect to J. Cole, true indeed. He has spoken on occasion on situations, too. FREE download below.


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Waka Flocka Flame – “Fire Squad”

Well, well. At the start of 2014, I would not have believed Waka Flocka had this in him! Pretty decent treatment of J. Cole’s “Fire Squad” beat… as a far cry from bow-bow-bow-bow. Check it out.



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J. Cole – “Apparently” (Video)

Hot off the iTunes, this is J. Cole’s single “Apparently”… in visual form. Get the single and new album – “2014 Forest Hills Drive” via the link below if you like.


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J. Cole Shares A Few Memories, Knowledge And More On His Way To Do A Concert With His Classics (Video)

You know the dopeness of J. Cole on the micand off. We’ve posted examples of both. Here Mr. Cole World reveals the nature of his connection to his fans; remembering what it was like to have A Dollar And A Dream and sharing that with viewers before rocking an eager crowd later that day.

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Activism: J. Cole Speaks On How We Must All Value Each Other To Change Our Music, The Level Of Violence & Killing In Our Community and More (Video)

Hip-Hop is a powerful medium; esp. when it has something to say. KRS-ONE often commented that rap is the voice of Hip-Hop. Well, one of rap’s top lyricists was caught on camera speaking some very salient points about the goings on in Ferguson and how we must move forward in the States. Away from the view that any of us are worthless, or among the ‘others’ in society. J. Cole has spoken at length before on the evils of racial profiling and hate. As a man of mixed racial heritage, he has always represented a broad, intellectual perspective that engenders universal care and respect for all sides. Watch. Be proud of Hip-Hop yet again.

We want justice for this young boy. But we would be doing him an injustice if this didn’t lead to everybody coming together and looking at each other like “Yo, you’re my brother. If you die… if you got killed… I gotta start feeling like… ‘This sh!t gotta stop.'” It ain’t about this White man going to jail… It’s bigger than that.
J. Cole

Wow. And trust that Cole wasn’t the only one with something to say in this clip. Several spoke wisdom in this clip. We all have value. We all have something to say. Having someone with the mic and the spotlight who allows us to be heard, and for us (all) to shine as we should. Beautiful. Thanks, Cole.


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J. Cole – “Be Free”


Rest in Peace to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America, whether by the hands of white or black. I pray that one day the world will be filled with peace and rid of injustice. Only then will we all Be Free



J. Cole – “Lights Please” (Video)

Some things never get ‘old’ – like a Cole world vid. Check out visuals for “Lights Please” (originally appearing on the 2009 mixtape “The Warm Up”) in this MTV Rapfix debut.

“…laid it down proper like she was recording tracks: “I know you want to change the world, but for the night please, just reach over and hit the lights please.”
J. Cole

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