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Salaam Remi x Akon – “One Time” (Video)

The greats find each other. And they make great music together most times. We expect that. But that great music is no less special just because it is expected.

Salaam Remi is one of Nas’ go-to beat beasts from way back. And ‘me only are gone tell you this one time’Mr. “Locked Up” Akon locked this Remi track down!!

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Akon – “Benjamin” (Video)

Oh so cold! She cannot find a real lover, but there is one man she’ll ride for… That’s “Benjamin” (whoa, not even Diddy could have seen that one coming)! After all this years in the game, Akon is still kicking A-Game in his melodic storytelling style #Akonic


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Akon Speaks On Having His Own Crypto Currency, New Music And New Artists (Video)

Ever the Cryptocurrency Crusader, Akon is speaking on it and more in his latest sit-down with the Power 105 Morning Show.

Akon drops in to give us all the details on his new crypto currency, Akon, and what he has in store for new music.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

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Drink Champs: Akon (Video)

Akon. Been getting some buzz about the man… that he’s got his own island, that he’s partnering with China to bing up a billion-dollar power grid in Africa… It’s all out there. But in here, there is DRINKING (and sh!t talk). Pretty much in that order. Haha!

Akon discusses how he went from being locked up to signing Lady Gaga. He talks growing up and being more financially responsible, he shares some advice on investing, and also the economic influence of Africa.

Ohhh, and Akon is into cryptocurrency. We’re on that wave (you’ve seen the posts on here).


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R&B: Akon – “Good Girls Lie”

Akon never hid his thugged out R&B stylings. Well, some might say he hid them in plain sight. Hey, if you got the delivery skills, and sing it with enough flava, they’ll eat the pizza AND THE BOX (get it?)! Check out “Good Girls Lie.”

Them good girls lie
For good love
And bad boys lie
Just cause
Cause good boys ain’t no fun
And bad boys carry guns
Empty that clip, talk that sh!t
F#ck ya hard ’til you c%m

Yup. Akon been RAW! Now you know. And don’t front. We just posted that hardcore Chris Brown a while ago on here.


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Akon’s Give Props To Kendrick, Kanye And Alvin & The Chipmunks (Video)

Alvin & the Chipmunks… I used to love that n!gga when he sang.

WHAT?? Outstanding Montreality interview with Akon. Yup Alvin was a BLACK chipmunk (ye’en even know did ya? HAHAHAAAAA)! Good student without even trying for real, hustled up that bread since a youth (slanging them goo-goo clusters and creme cakes and flipping chips, son)… had “Locked Up” popping back in the day even before getting Styles P to lace in the verse… Giving due respect to Kendirck Lamar, Drake, Kanye West… So much good stuff in the clip above.

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Akon Talks To Al Jazeera About His Art, Philanthropy And Impact On The World (Video)

Senegalese-American recording artist Akon comes onto Talk To Al Jazeera about U.S. race relations, “rebranding” Africa, and his music. Some poignant moments with punch in this interview, but it all comes from the right place. Perspectives from an African living in the U.S., who has drawn a conclusion that native born Americans of African descent have reached time and time again: “America was never built for Black people.”


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Scarface – “The Exit Plan” feat. Akon (Prod. By Cardiak)


Don’t put squares in your circle.

Yup. This Face and Ak jawn “The Exit Plan” is rrrrrough! Ominous beat track (by Cardiak) full of that Biggie ‘Crack Commandments’ type of advice on living that life. Press play for some of this real rawness off the upcoming “Deeply Rooted” LP.


Akon Talks To Sway About “Lighting Africa,” Changing The World With Hip-Hop And More (Video)

Konvict Music’s Akon stopped by the Sway in the Morning show to drop his single, “So Blue.” Oh… and to discuss “Lighting Africa” – the project and powering Africa (with electricity for 1 million homes on the continent by year end 2014. AND to declare the Hip-Hop is world music, way more important than swag and bling… It has the power to change the world! Speaking on all that and then some.

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R&B/Soul: Salaam Remi – “One In The Chamber” feat. Akon (Video)

Producer Salaam Remi puts it down, and puts Akon down, on this “One In The Chamber.” Off Salaam’s Grammy-nominated “ONE: In the Chamber” album, the video had to bring it. Sex, guns, and intrigue all in less than five minutes… Consider it brought.


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VH1 Behind The Music: Akon (Video)

Akon Blows $50,000 In Dollar Bills at a Strip Club (Video) [NSFW]

Must be nice to trick off that type of money without even thinking about it. Don’t think I’d trick off $50,000 grand in a strip club even if I had millions like that, but hey (shrugs shoulders)…it’s not my money. Meanwhile someone is starving somewhere & someone else is getting extorted.

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, & Akon Perform At The Interscope Records After Grammy Party (Video)

Still I am….tighter than the pants on Will.I.Am….

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