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The First Ever NFL Draft In Las Vegas 2022 – JAYFORCE.COM

The JAYFORCE.COM team headed out to Las Vegas, which is the new home of the Raiders, for the first ever NFL Draft in Sin City. Here at JAYFORCE.COM we wanted to get a few interviews if possible, but most importantly cover the NFL Fan experience. Check out the following videos & captions about the experience over the weekend through the lenses of JAYFORCE.COM

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Comedy: Jimmy Kimmel Talks to People Buying Weed at Marijuana Drive-Thru (Video)

Shouldn’t ALL weed dispensing establishments have a drive-thru? I have seen drive-thru liquor stores around the ATL, so why not drive-thru dispensaries some of everywhere? Go to the burger drive-thru to get grub, then go smoke up some munchies and go BACK to the burger spot after you devour what you already bought.

See? Good for the economy. Good for everyone! Wonder if Jimmy brings that kinda of thing up? Let’s see.

The world’s largest marijuana dispensary, Nu Wu Cannabis Marketplace in Las Vegas, Nevada, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the best thing is – it’s got a drive-thru window. We checked back in with our friends there to play another round of ‘Let’s Make a Dope Deal!’ with their customers.
Jimmy Kimmel Live


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Food: Marshawn Lynch Taste Testing Expensive Burgers In Las Vegas (Video)

First baller meal for Beast Mode… Red Lobster… maxing out on the Cheddar Bay biscuits. Ha! But I ain’t mad at Mr. Skittles at all. Wonder how impressed he will be with all this fancy high-priced food though?

Marshawn Lynch taste-tests a $777 and $1200 burger in Las Vegas, and creates his own custom Beast Mode burger.
– First We Feast


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Have A Look At The Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Scale Model (Video)

Behind the scenes video on the making of the new Las Vegas Raiders Stadium scale model. It’s on display now at the Raiders preview center at Town Square in Las Vegas. Looks cool! A trip to Vegas to see it up close might need to happen. Soon!

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Las Vegas Is Pushing For A Sports Dome… And For The Raiders To Call It Home (Video)

What’s lacking is a professional sports team. What’s particularly lacking is the Las Vegas Raiders.

Wow. Now, that’s a pitch video! Las Vegas is putting it out there. The entertainment capital of the world wants a Dome now: For major events AND FOR A PRO FOOTBALL FRANCHISE! Well, will the Raiders ‘happen’ in Vegas? Because you know: What happens in Vegas…


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How The Magic Happens: Penn & Teller Show How Their Balls Trick Works (Video)

Back in my day, if you walked into a theater and two dudes were swapping cups and playing with balls… well… you just might have walked into the wronnng theater, dude. HAHAAAAAA!

Or not, no judgments.

But feel free to use your most discerning eye to see if legendary duo Penn and/or Teller actually give away the secret to one of their magic tricks. These guys’ performances are always incredible; definitely a bucket list item. Check out the video above.

Penn & Teller break the rules of magic and show the secrets behind one of the oldest magic tricks in the book.


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Viva Las Vegas: Clubbing By The Numbers (Video)

They call Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) Sin City. Not for this reason, but the money that changes hands over there is obscene! Marquee Nightclub give us a breakdown the costs and revenues. CRAZY!

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Live From Las Vegas: Will Smith And DJ Jazzy Jeff Perform “Summertime” (Video)

Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince with another surprise on-the-spot performance! It’s summertime… Right, so they did “Summertime” … big up’d his son and let the ladies know the ab work is still being done. Like grown folk spring break on stage. Hip-Hop’s true blue friends (Will and Jeff) still doing it live (30 years strong)! DJ Jazzy Jeff, drums please!! Enjoy the show.

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Scott Storch Arrested For Cocaine Possession In Las Vegas (Video)

As a fellow Philadelphia native it hurts me to see producer & arranger Scott Storch go through his struggles with drug addiction. Considering I remember meeting him during his early days with The Roots. According to TMZ, Scott was picked up in Las Vegas last month after failing to pay for his hotel room before getting knocked for cocaine possession. Hopefully Scott can live up to his “Tuff Jew” moniker & eventually kick the habit or get it under control somehow.


Raekwon Speaks On Recording ‘Verbal Intercourse’ With Nas (Video)

These Reebok X Rock the Bells interviews are DOPE. This time they get with Raekwon talking about his classic song with Nas and Ghostface Killah, Verbal Intercourse off the classic Only Built For Cuban Links album . More video of Raekwon in Las Vegas for Rock The Bells under the hood…..

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