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Method Man x DMX x Joey Bada$$ – “Cold Place” feat. Scarface (Video)


Straight-forward beat, and lay straight-forward lyrics from some straight lions, and you get a nice FIRE going. Good look for Joey Bad holding it down with these Golden Era greats – DMX, Meth, and Facemob.


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Antoine Fuqua And Denzel Washington Promote ‘Equalizer 2’ And Hint At The Possibility Of A ‘Scarface’ Remake (Video)

Keep nudging Antoine. A ‘Scarface’ remake starring Denzel Washington has all kinds of cool opportunities for reshaping the iconic image of Tony Montana, as portrayed by Al Pacino in the original.

The Equalizer 2 Interview Antoine Fuqua suggest Denzel Washington for Scarface Remake.
– BlackTree TV

Just think of the memorable moments Washington and Fuqua could squeeze from the classic flick… Just think of that ‘King Kong ain’t got sh!t ON MEEE!’ power poured into the Scarface ‘Okaaaay, I’M RELOADED!!’ scene. Nice!

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The Rap Music Generation Gap Debate (Teaser Trailer)

Interesting convo here… Maybe enough room for everyone to get their views appreciated and get mad during the course of it. Great look to have Scarface in there as a student of the game AND an O.G.

Rappers from 90’s go head to head with new rappers to talk about the state of music. The panel discusses whether current artists should be students of “the game” and study the older generation and respect what came before them. They also talk about how to stay financially-secure because not all artists stay “hot” their whole career. Find out their thoughts on the state of Hip-Hop.
– Complex

Haaaa! Pete Rock snapped a bit, but Vince Staples got right back. And this is just a teaser. See the whole episode on go90 here

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Nas – “I Am…” (The Has-Lo Version) [Album]


Interesting. VERY! Has-Lo redoing the Nassir classic project “I Am”…bold move! It panned out though. Has-lo finally decided to share it with the world, literally, because this is a FREE download. Check out what Has-Lo has to say about this Version:

I was going through my hard drive and came across these. A few years ago I was working on a remix version of Nas’ “I Am”. I never completed it due to some technical issues. These rough mixes are all that’s left of the project. I figured it’d be pointless to sit on them. Maybe some of you will enjoy them. Some of these beats will be remade and used for other things, some will only exist here. Anyway, I hope you dig it.


Swizz Beatz – “Sad News” feat. Scarface

It’s not about the flag. Change the people.

Think: Do you think Swizz Beatz and Scarface had this “Sad News” jawn already recorded, or did they hit the studio right fast in light of a recent tragedy? Don’t answer that aloud.

Think: Do you think it really matters with all that’s ging on? Don’t answer that aloud either.

Just listen. Think. Feel.

No big I’s. No little U’s. We all together.
Swizz Beatz


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Scarface – “Cold Shoulder” feat. Ray J (Prod. By Chuck Heat)

Say what you will about Ray J, he do some damage on some hooks. This one, for example, that he did for Scarface… proof positive that dude has still got it. Check out Uncle Face on his new single “Cold Shoulder” (produced by Charles “Chuck Heat” Henderson) off “Deeply Rooted.”


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Scarface Keeps It Real About Hip-Hop, Reminisces About Eazy-E & N.W.A. Back In The Day And More (Video)

Sometimes it takes seeing it through the eyes of an O.G. who you thought had seen it all… to get back your appreciation of it. Right off the bat, Scarface is making a big deal about his latest NY trip. The Power 105 Breakfast Club presses him to describe the ‘what’ that had him excited: It was Hip-Hop, NYC and Hip-Hop in NYC! Truth was, until this latest August trip he had not seen a real ‘jam in the park’ – no superstars, no ‘turn up’ – just the people jamming to Hip-Hop in the park. And he comes to New York a lot… Hell, he’s been to the Apple enough to know how to catch the train…

And yet, we NEVER get tired of Uncle Face’s interviews. Check this one out: Talking about being himself and staying himself (Scarface, Brad Jordan, no turn up; but no disrespect to the youth who do) this time out; talking about how he is in no hurry to see ‘Straight Outta Compton’ (because he was there when everything they are talking about happened); what’s going on with Geto Boys and their last tour and more.


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Scarface – “Mental Exorcism” (Video)

Whoa. Knowing it’s coming from Scarface, you know the lyricism and delivery for this “Mental Exorcism” would be on point. But extra-extra, this version is taken from the Best Buy exclusive version of the “Deeply Rooted” album. Both the previous post link for the album and the link to the Best Buy version are provided below for you.

Shout to Dr. Teeth for putting together dope visuals, too. Grim reminders of recent past injustice, unrest and despair woven into this piece of art.


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Scarface Speaking On Being ‘Deeply Rooted’ In Independent Music, His Best Album Ever And More (Video)

Scarface is definitely a citizen of The Universe… and a recent guest on Sway in the Morning. Good candid convo, as we have come to expect from BrotherMob’s interviews. Dropping “Deeply Rooted” on September 4, 2015, the talk around the web will likely be, at least in part, on how the work is guaranteed to be ‘real’ or ‘less commercial.’ Again, isn’t that also what we have come to expect from Uncle Face. He’ll touch on that aspect above as he speaks on ‘the best work he has ever done.’

Big talk… But real talk. Along with him admitting imitation-flattery of Chuck D’s style (and to being a crazy FANatic when it comes to PE’s “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos”), likening his Geto Boyz to N.W.A. (maybe even a movie coming of it, similarly. Hmmmm). All that and so much more in the interview above.


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Scarface – “Steer” feat. Rush Davis (Video)

Banging visuals (intense!) to further promote Scarface’s banging azz single “Steer” (featuring Rush Davis) – off his forthcoming album entitled “Deeply Rooted” (due out September 4, 2015). Linked below in an earlier post.


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Scarface – “Steer” feat. Rush Davis

Rush Davis and Face Mob! Check out this “Steer” banger off the forthcoming Scarface LP entitled “Deeply Rooted” (due out September 4, 2015).


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Raekwon Speaks On His Classic Song ‘Criminology’ & Various Beat Samples (Video)

Historical and real. Starting from part 1 of this multi-part series. Raekwon speaking on how songs came together for Wu-Tang Clan back in the day; especially recounting how he was there to grab the beat for his classic “Criminology” from RZA right ‘off the stove’ at the home studio (because if he wasn’t, someone else would…that’s just how the wolves ate in the studio)!

That’s just the beginning. Check out all this good content; a series of shorts that start above and continue after the jump.

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Tony Touch Welcomes Mr. Scarface To The Mic…To Freestyle (Video)

Facemoooob! Tony Tocaaaa! WHAT! Don’t every say Scarface fell off, down, or slipped in any way shape or form on that mic. Backpack, Beats and all. Surely he was in the studio to promo his “Diary of a Madman” book; but he came, he saw, he conquered with this freestyle. Veni vidi vici mickey fickeys!

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Scarface Speaks Out On Police Brutality (Video)

“I feel like we’re being hunted…and I’m not cool with it.”

At HuffPost Live mainly to promote his book “Diary of a Madman,” Face gets into other topics as guided by interviewer Marc Lamont Hill. You know, Scarface (born Brad Jordan) makes some enlightened points here. And some in an impassioned way. But even when using his outside voice inside, truth is truth. Hear him speak on, among other things, police brutality.

Most interesting: FaceMob KNOWS his ‘mob’ (his people, his fans) will ride – just because he says to when he says. And instead of taking the not-a-role-model stance, he refrained from saying what he really wanted done about police abusing their power. Plus, it was smart not to ‘scare away’ potential readers of his book by getting too real to fast (e.g. let them get shocked…later…by reading the book).

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Scarface Speaks On His Longevity, New Music, Better Health And More (Video)

Lean in for this one: Mr. Scarface stops by Power 105 for a Breakfast Club interview. FaceMob talks about the moves he had to make to continue to live – losing weight, exercising and letting go of the drugs. He talked about his book – which in part expresses dark suicidal thoughts and insights on what he would say to someone else trying to make it through what he did.

And of course, he went deep on the Geto Boys. Great watch!

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Devin The Dude Featuring Scarface, Slim Thug And Paul Wall On His Show (Video)

Did you think this might be a new Devin The Dude song and/or video? Nah, this is ‘The Devin the Dude Show’ with guests Scarface above in part 1; and Slim Thug and Paul Wall in parts 2 and 3 after the jump. For real. Snoop can host GGN shows and music video countdowns, right? So… now it’s Devin’s turn. Guests share views on today’s music, how they came up (in music and life)… good talk… and yes, where there is smoke, Devin got that fi-yaaah!

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Scarface – “The Exit Plan” feat. Akon (Prod. By Cardiak)


Don’t put squares in your circle.

Yup. This Face and Ak jawn “The Exit Plan” is rrrrrough! Ominous beat track (by Cardiak) full of that Biggie ‘Crack Commandments’ type of advice on living that life. Press play for some of this real rawness off the upcoming “Deeply Rooted” LP.


Stat Quo – “The Way It Be” feat. Scarface (Video)

Stat Quo with video for this single off his “ATLA: All This Life Allows” LP. Featuring Scarface, some deep lyricals, eye candy, and compelling visual content showing “The Way It Be.”


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Scarface – “No Problem” [Video]

On “No Problem” (on iTunes now) Mr. Scarface is a problem… still! Gritty video for it shot in Houston’s South Acres neighborhood. Uncle Face’s new LP “Deeply Rooted” is due out this summer. Video directed by Mr. Boomtown & produced by by Jaime Clark aka Big Monstar. Listen to the end for some of the realest talk from the industry veteran.


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Tez McClain feat. Scarface – “Showtime” (Prod. By Focus…)

tez-showtime-1My homie Tez McClain gave me the honor to debut this collaboration with Scarface called “Showtime” a number of months ago on The Beatz & Lyrics Show with Jayforce. We didn’t get the go ahead at the time to post the song up on this site until everything behind-the-scenes was cleared properly, but now the day has come where we can let the world hear this banger drop free.  When you have “Tez McClain”, “Scarface” & “Focus…” supplying the production you just know it was going to be nothing short of greatness. Be on the lookout for the southside Atlanta representer’s next project “Free Lunch: My Last Tape” in the very near future.  Now press play…. it’s Showtime!



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