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Eye Candy: Veronica Valle ‘Re:Shoots’ As Rihanna in “Wild Thoughts” (Video)

Mm mm MM!! Does RiRi got thickums like this sexy chica Veronica Valle though? I’m asking…



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Lex Boogie From The Bronx – “Bad Gal RiRi Live From Lexington Station”

Just being creative and decided to do something the ladies might enjoy.

Reeeespect to Lex Boogie From The Bronx for always keeping up looped in with exclusives like this. Nice airy chant style music to this RiRi mix. Vibe, dance, whatever to this.

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Kendrick Lamar – “Loyalty.” feat. Rihanna (Video)

Watch. What’ll get your heart racing faster… ever sexy and sexier RiRi or K. Dot hanging her off the side of a sky rise in his visual for “Loyalty.” Insanely good. Good insanity. The visuals, the depth of the song, everything!


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Philadelphia 76’er Joel Embiid Makes A Play For Rihanna At The Bar (Video)

I mean… look at myself!

Hahaaaaa! You know how some athletes might clam up, play tough or off-brush when talk show hosts hint at blatantly push a love-life line of questionning? That is NOT Joel Embiid’s problem…AT ALL!

Shoot your shot, player! Not mad at you. Of course, you might consider that Jamele Hill is looking pretty nice and Kelly Rowland is hella sexy (as always); and they’re right there.

Because we’re considering it. Yeaaahhh, considering all that right now…

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Activism: 23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America (Video)

Remember when Chris Rock did the comedic PSA “How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police” on his show years ago? No? We’re not surprised. With the passage of time AND all the police involved tragedy going on today, who can remember? And with all the unwarranted KILLING happening to us, it is really hard to laugh anymore. Crazy thing is… there seems to be NOTHING we can do to GUARANTEE living through a police encounter nowadays. Truth is, the time for folly is at an end. Hence the #WeAreHere Movement and the video above.

Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Pink, Bono, and others explain why it’s time to take action to heal the long history of systemic racism in America. #23Ways

In collaboration with Alicia Key and the We Are Here Movement, with original reporting from Mic’s Jamilah King. Go to to find out more.


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Rihanna – “Needed Me” (Video) [NSFW]

Wow. Long time since we had a Not Safe For Work nooner vid. So heeerrre’s Rihanna’s!

Visual for “Needed Me”… apologies… HOT visual for the latest single from her “Anti” album. Mm mm mmmm! Ri Ri knows exactly what she’s doing. Glad she is ‘doing it’ for the world to see.

Anybody else notice how Ri’s hottest T&A shots in videos always come with other visceral shots; like your eyes gotta pay for this prize (e.g. watch my nudity beauty AND this GUN… or BLOOD, like in “BBHMM”)?


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Rihanna – “Work” feat. Drake (Video)



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Miss Piggy – “BBHMM” (Vulture Remix) [Video]

Ahahahaaaa! RiRi and Miss Piggy are both popular. But Piggy’s star will rise even further; now that she has gone viral with a game show clip miming Rihanna in this “Vulture Remix” music video for you entitled “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

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Rihanna – “B#tch Better Have My Money” (Video) [NSFW]

Look. You HAD to know there would be a video. This song was an online viral smash alone… then e’erbody made a remix or freestyle to it… then it’s RiRi… and who doesn’t want to see her a little bit more.

How about in a little bit less? Yep, our island princess of sexiness goes absolutely there. The lyrics tell the visuals to tell the story GRAPHICALLY for this presentation. Been a long time since we stamped a post Not Safe For Work. But we are doing it!

They get gory, crazy, crazy gory, AND buck naked in this. Watch with this warning: This macabre video for “BBHMM” will haunt your dreams (or nightmares, depending on your appetite for ‘horrorcore’)!


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Freeway – “BBHMM” (Freemix) [Video]

On fire! No denying. Ri-Ri’s “BBHMM” track has already blazed the Interwebs… and generated lots of redos. Why not one more from none other than the Philly Freezer?? Check out how Freeway goes in on the remake of Rihanna’s hit with his own lyrics.


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Rihanna – “B#tch Better Have My Money” (Chakra Remix) [Prod. By electricw3irdo]


Indicator that a song’s caught fire on the Interwebs… hella many mixes uploaded to it. Like this new Rihanna remix. Yeah…another one. Peep. It’s electric! Haaaa!

A remix of Rihanna’s new record with an electricw3irdo twist…enjoy.


Rihanna – “B#tch Better Have My Money” (Flosstradamus Remix)

Wow. Okay this ain’t your daddy’s B#tch Better Have My Money” (esp. if your pops is AMG, haahaa)! Check out RiRi going for hers in this Hip-Hop again. With this so entitled Flosstradamus Remix of “B#tch Better Have My Money.”


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Eye Candy: Rihanna’s Vogue Brasil Photoshoot (Video)

As if Brazil could stand to get hotter. It can and will! Damn if this ain’t some delicious eye candy. Thank you, Rihanna.

Rihanna covers “Vogue Brasil” (May issue) to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the magazine.

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R&B: Rihanna – “Diamonds” (Big Cats Remix)

rihanna-promo-2_thelavalizardProducer Big Cats remixes Rihanna’s Diamonds. Less operatic, more bounce; but worthy nonetheless. Stream and download for FREE below.


Rihanna’s Barbados 2013 Tourism Campaign (Video)

I’ve been to Barbados twice & it’s definitely a beautiful country. I’ve been there for the Barbados Jazz Festival & even served as a reporter & live broadcasted my radio show, The Beatz & Lyrics Show, from the festival.

Great place to take your lady, but for a while the eastern most Caribbean Island may have been still a best kept secret for some. Barbados relies heavily on the tourism industry as its primary engines driving the economy probably more than many other countries located in the Caribbean. It’s a no brainer to have Barbados’ most famous daughter, Rihanna, to help promote the Bajan culture in this new tourism campaign.
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R&B: Rihanna – “Diamonds”

Mmm! Rihanna with her sexy azz! She’s leaking “Diamonds” off her upcoming album “Unapologetic” (available for pre-order at iTunes in advance of its November 19, 2012, release). The joint has the standard (but good, don’t get me wrong) melodic musings of the island diva, but the visuals… that makes this leak go bananas and… wait… is that dude… walking… ON FIRE??? Rihanna got insurance and CRAZY stuntmen y’all! Watch.

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The 54th Annual Grammy Awards Live Performances (Video)

I was too busy drinking & stuffing my face with popcorn while watching the Miami Heat annihilate the Atlanta Hawks to watch the Grammys. I tuned in rather late, but Mr. World Premier himself Yardie always come through with the performance videos from Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Rihanna, & more so I knew I could count on them being there for me when I got home late. More videos under the hood….
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Rihanna Appears On The Cover Of Rolling Stone Magazine (Photo)

Nothing else to say besides looking at that backshot…..

Chris Brown Goes Into A Rage Following Interview On Good Morning America (Video)

Chris Brown appeared on Good Morning America & apparently was getting sick of all the questions about the beat down incident with Rihanna.  He allegedly went into a rage following the interview & threw a chair & breaking windows.  Chris seemed like he tried to keep it professional for the cameras, but what he REALLY wanted to say was THIS!
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Kanye West – ‘All Of The Lights’ feat. Rihanna & Kid Cudi (Video)

Here’s the official video for Kanye West’s ‘All Of The Lights’. Several of the stars that appeared on the album version are missing in the video so he should have renamed the video ‘Some Of The Lights’. haha