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Presenting Miss Info, One Of The Architects of “Illmatic” (Video)

The 5 mics was right… There’s no person that this can’t touch.

YES! Speak on it, Shortie.

“It did not feel like something that was created in a boardroom. It felt like it was happening… like a storm.” The legendary Miss Info remembers penning her storied “5 mic” Illmatic review for ‘The Source’ under her “Shortie” moniker before the album was out in ’94. That moment changed two industries forever: Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop journalism.
– Mass Appeal

You did not think she was just a blogger, did you? Naaaah, son. Miss Info was Miss ‘It Thang’ in several circles back in the day. And she called it on “Illmatic,” declaring the LP worthy of a rare rating of 5 (out of 5) mics in THE Hip-Hop magazine of the era. Shortie aka Miss Info had the ear, demonstrating that early on, and earned the juice going forward. With such stripes in the game, you need to listen to her speak on this. Kind of ‘made’ a career for herself and Nassir.


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Food: South L.A.’s African-American Taco Movement (Video)

Okay, you know Memphis for the barbecue and Philly for the cheesesteak… Basically, there are a lot of cities with food that reps. Check out a new food movement: South Los Angeles’ African American Tacos. Just a taste of Food Grails, a new First We Feast travel series.

Welcome to Food Grails, a new First We Feast travel series hosted by Miss Info. As a music journalist, she’s travelled the world and seen the power of artists who rep for their hometown sound. Now, she wants to discover how foods define a city’s flavor—from Atlanta’s lemon-pepper wings, to NYC’s beef patties. These are America’s food grails.
First We Feast

Learned some math: Profit from slanging tacos > profit from selling weed (wow, plus weed heads probably come through with ‘the munchies’ yo). Serious business here. Watch.


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Nas Talks Hip-Hop’s Presence In Fashion & Culture and Gives His Response To Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ Verse (Video)

Check out Nas’ response to Kendrick Lamar…

‘My response is “Wow, I love Hip-Hop right now.’

Miss Info, as an adept interviewer, tries to pull more from Nasir on the current “Control” verse controversy. But Nas is appropriately terse. Answers on that topic, and Hip-Hop’s influence and place in fashion and culture, were pointed and polite. You get the feeling that, toward the end of the clip, Nas is more ready to party than to answer more questions. Let’s go, Miss Info!

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50 Cent Speaks On Relationships & Having Threesomes (Video)

50’s comments & philosophy on his relationships with women are similar to my own. Check out the video above as he explains a little more in detail plus he goes in early talking about the threesomes he’s had in the past with women.

50 Cent Speaks On DJ Mister Cee (Audio)

Hot 97 NY’s Miss Info spoke with 50 Cent about DJ Mister Cee’s recent arrest for having sex with a male transvestite & gave his opinion on how DJ Mister Cee should continue with his career thus far.