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Look At The New Nike Shoe With EARL (Electro-Adaptive Reactive Laces) Technology

Nike’s new shoe magically adapts to your foot.

Posted by WIRED on Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Duuuude! I was on some Phresher (waitWAITwait a minute) when I watched this. So we did not get the “Back To The Future” hoverboard like we were supposed to by now, but aren’t these the shoes from the movies? Wow!

Nike’s new shoe magically adapts to your foot.
– Wired


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The World’s First Male Sex Doll (Video)

Ooookay. VICE’s Karley Sciortino is taking girls “playing with dolls” to a whole other level! Getting mighty cozy with the concept in this documentary episode exploring the making of male sex dolls for women.

Because, you know, gender equality.

(Hahaa! Karley, though. Got an undeniable sexy about her, right? Just saying, she probably does not need to go the doll route. Surely there is a real ‘plaything’ out here that will gladly play with her… Errr… Just watch.)

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This Hoverbike Is A ‘Beast’ (Video)


Check out what going ‘Beastmode’ will mean to the future of travel. This Beast is a conceptual hoverbike, but wow, what a concept! Looking like part Tron, part Star Wars. All the way dope futuristic ride!

Check out a video compilation of hoverbikes of 2016 after the jump.

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DJ Khaled Speaks On Staying Focused, How ‘They Block’ And More On ‘The Late Show’ With Stephen Colbert (Video)

Definitely gotta bless up. Grammy-nom, NY Times Best Seller, father, producer, restaurateur, motivator, Snapchat phenom… and now formulator of a special ‘cocoa butter’… They Block! You must watch this to understand man. There is just no way to hate on DJ Khaled. Why even try? Check out his sit-down with Stephen Colbert above. Nice!

The music mogul, fresh off his latest GRAMMY nomination, takes Stephen through the success tips in his bestselling book ‘The Keys.’

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How Flat Can A Flat Screen TV Be? (Video)

Apparently, LG is coming with a TV as thin as a credit card. Wowwww, now that’s a neato cool toy! Maybe one we can roll up and stuff in a stocking. Got to imagine they will be hella expensive. But not if you got it playa. Haaa!

I don’t. I’m saying if YOU got it.

I was surprised at the amount of vitriol ($10 word for ‘hateration’ – word value to be determined) being spewed on the comments where I found this clip. Guess we can’t have nice things… without spiteful things being said about them. Aaaanywaayyys, it’s cool leisure tech candy to at least look at (sweet). Plus it is lightweight and magnetically mounted to a wall. So moving days would be a bit easier on the back. I wonder how that next argument over what to watch might go though…

(Look… we ain’t watching ‘Scandalicious’ or ‘House Chickens Of Gotham City’ tonight… Think we are? Oh yeah?? Well, just keeping thinking that. Meanwhile, I’m gonna watch ‘Arrow’ in the other room… AND I’M TAKING THE TV!)


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New GoPro Throwable Camera Lets You Capture High-Quality Aerial Footage (Video)

Wow. When the director calls out “throw” to camera 3… well, now the cameraperson will need some further clarification… Because GoPro, that’s why! Watch the clip above: You can aim, throw and shoot this GoPro (as many times as needed) to get the perfect aerial shot. Whyyyyy are we not filming touchdown receptions with a ‘football cam’ yet? Get on that GoPro. ASAP. And get Cam Newton to speak on it (Cam’s Aerial Cam, Air Cam Cam, ThrowPro…something more catchy).

Hey! What about a dodgeball cam?? Imagine commentating someone getting BLASTED in the face, huevos, guts, glutes or somewhere sensitive (yet hilarious) from the ‘incoming!’ point of view. Could be some fun tech! And you can invest in it via the link below.



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The World’s Most Expensive Cheese… Is Made From WHAT???!! (Video)

$500 a pound? How did 2 Chainz not try this as The Most Expensivest cheese? But the $500 tag…not the standout fact about this cheese. It’s what it’s made of: not goat or cow milk. Naaah, son. DONKEY milk!

At the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve in Serbia, Slobodan Simić creates the world’s most expensive cheese with milk from his herd of donkeys. Donkeys only produce a tiny amount of milk, so that—coupled with the fact that Slobodan is the only one with the recipe—means that his cheese goes for around $500 dollars per pound.

So… ASS cheese. Is that’s what’s hot in these streets? When you get your paper way up, you can have donkey cheese on that expensive ass burger. Ha!!


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BMW’s Motorrad Looks Like Batman’s Motorcycle (Video)

Sort of like the cycle in the Batman movies. Although that self-balancing function probably cannot ‘guarantee’ no crashes. There are some crazy riders out there that might put that feature to the ultimate test if & when this cycle comes out. Pretty sweet looking toy though.

BMW has released their next concept vehicle in the Vision 100 series, and it’s a motorcycle. The Motorrad is sleek, self-balances and comes with augmented reality goggles.


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Weed Infused Wine (Video)

This line of Mary Jane Wines though… wooo… the promise of a glass of high-class high. Some conjecture as to whether the hemp-infused wine will actually make you flyyyy robinnn flyyyy, but the prospect is fun to consider, isn’t it. Check it out and see if it’s something you and your friends can go five on.

(Normally the ‘Mary Jane’ comes in a sack, right? So, would this come in some kind of Crown Royal bag? Some folks transport in that… we’ve heard *wink*)


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It’s A Bird. It’s A Drone. Wait, It’s A Drone That Looks Just Like A Bird! (Video)

Now this looks like some action movie spy, James Bond, futuristic stuff! The Bionic Bird looks as much like a living bird that you would not give a second look. Watch this video of it flying above the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Seems easy to launch, easy to use. Check it out.

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Nissan BladeGlider (Video)

Don’t tell me that tech is wimpy or that futurism is ‘nerdy.’ Well, you can but eff what you say… I will be too busy riding out in my sick futuristic whip, the BladeGlider!

Nissan has introduced its idea of the future of sports cars. The Nissan BladeGlider is impossibly thin, because only the driver’s seat is in front. The new design is much more aerodynamic, and the electric engine gives off zero emissions.
– Tech Insider

Dope AND great for the environment. Science!


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Eye Candy: Chelsea Miller Unboxes JooVuu’s Mini Car Camera (Video)

“Reminds me of something that Q would give James Bond…”
Chelsea Miller

See? Movie references like that, plus that sexy lisp, plus her being sexy & THICK (in that fitted black dress…LAWDY) gets me. Okay, Chelsea Miller, what’s up? Hollering. Oh, you’re doing an #AllGoodThings unboxing video for the JooVuu mini car camera? Ha! I got caught up. You got me. Not even mad. And I’m REALLY not even mad at that striped swimsuit on your Instagram



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A Party Yacht With Its Own Private Beach… On Board! (Video)

This shizz iz craZy! Know how they say don’t bring sand to the beach – like not bringing a date because it will ruin your hump-around chances? Well, imagine bringing this monster baller boat around… where you are not bringing sand to the beach… you are bringing a yacht near shore… and the yacht has its own damn beach! WHAT!

(All good until Jaws comes through to ‘belly up to the beach’ for some human hors d’oeuvres. Hahaaaa! Just listen for the horror scene music and you’ll be a’ight… you tough, right?)

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Technology: Prodrone Co. Presents Its PD6B-AW-ARM Flying Drone (Video)

Ahh… got it! The PD6B-AW-ARM is an “armed” drone… a flying drone with arms that can pick up and carry 10 kilograms of payload and fly 30 minutes for stable air transport. Pretty cool.

Prodrone Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce it has developed the PD6B-AW-ARM, a large-format drone equipped with two internally-developed robotic arms, enabling it to directly accomplish a variety of tasks.

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Ayesha Perry-Iqbal Reviews ‘Infinity Wars Reborn’ (Video)

Anybody even know what Infinity Wars Reborn is? It’s a game, right? I dunno. What does Ayesha Perry-Iqbal think about it? Is she selling them, because if so, I AM BUYING! Claude Hammercy, that woman is flat out GORGEOUS! And trust, there is nothing flat about this curvy Honey. So thick and sexy!



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Eagle-360: Goodyear’s Spherical Futuristic Concept Tire (Video)

You’ve heard, “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel,” before, right? Well, maybe we don’t NEED to; but Goodyear is damn sure doing it. Full disclosure: This ‘reinvention’ is actually a reimagination of the vehicle tire concept. Introducing Goodyear’s Eagle-360. Think ‘wide tread’… the widest ever… spherical! Amazing – a tire of the future! Watch.

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Technology: Airport Sleeping Pods (Video)

Traveling can be stressful. These futuristic pods will put you at ease and to sleep!

Right now, in the Abu Dhabi International Airport, weary travellers are getting a chance to get a nap. Think about that long layover, or missing that connector flight and having to wait many hours… but not quite a day… for the next. If you could find a quiet, secure place to relax & recharge at the airport, wouldn’t that be everything? Well, these airport sleeping pods are… EVERYTHING! Check ’em out, and keep your fingers crossed that they make their way to your terminal next botched flight.


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Tabria Majors Reviews The Anti-Gravity iPhone Case (featuring Eliza Love) [Video]

You know what? I know this is pretty much an infomercial for the Anti-Gravity iPhone Case. YOU know it, too. But WE don’t care that much, do we? At least not enough to keep us from watching for the rush of seeing two Honeyz looking so thick-a-licious while they sell to us.

(Hell, whatever Tabria is selling, I have been down to buy from jump. Facts.)



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Technology: It’s A Drone, An X-Wing… Nah, It’s A Parrot Swing (Video)

With Parrot Swing, you have the stability of a quadrocopter and the power of a plane!

Parrot Swing is the only mini-drone allowing you to pilot a supersonic plane with surprising ease. It’s also the only plane with autopilot and a vertical take-off and landing mode. With the Parrot Flypad controller, discover ultra-precise control to pilot like a pro. Transform the sky into an unbelievable race track!

Truth. But what’s even doper than the model/drone/toy is the possibilities for real-life. Imagine combining the great speed and efficiency of a plane with the ability to take off and land from small platforms, rather than long runways. Of course, the military would jump on this first. But imagine the search and rescue possibilities. Mobilizing quickly for tough terrain rescues, where planes cannot go but copters cannot be sent quick enough… disaster relief for that matter… Think about unmanned vehicles getting materials in and/or people out of places where the roads are impassible or non-existent.


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Look At The 2.5 Million Dollar Supercar ‘Money Mayweather’ Is About To Get (Video)

Don’t you get nervous about even seeing a car like this Kode57 supercar being touched by humans, touching pristine tires to ‘used’ roads? Maybe? It’s 2.5 milli on the price tag. Still no jitters? Good. Well, ask Floyd Mayweather Jr. to drive his when he gets it. Yup, Money is about to add a new toy to his collection.

(Damn. Floyd told y’all his money ain’t like other folks’ money… Remember this post here?)

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