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A Party Yacht With Its Own Private Beach… On Board! (Video)

This shizz iz craZy! Know how they say don’t bring sand to the beach – like not bringing a date because it will ruin your hump-around chances? Well, imagine bringing this monster baller boat around… where you are not bringing sand to the beach… you are bringing a yacht near shore… and the yacht has its own damn beach! WHAT!

(All good until Jaws comes through to ‘belly up to the beach’ for some human hors d’oeuvres. Hahaaaa! Just listen for the horror scene music and you’ll be a’ight… you tough, right?)

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Technology: Prodrone Co. Presents Its PD6B-AW-ARM Flying Drone (Video)

Ahh… got it! The PD6B-AW-ARM is an “armed” drone… a flying drone with arms that can pick up and carry 10 kilograms of payload and fly 30 minutes for stable air transport. Pretty cool.

Prodrone Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce it has developed the PD6B-AW-ARM, a large-format drone equipped with two internally-developed robotic arms, enabling it to directly accomplish a variety of tasks.

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Ayesha Perry-Iqbal Reviews ‘Infinity Wars Reborn’ (Video)

Anybody even know what Infinity Wars Reborn is? It’s a game, right? I dunno. What does Ayesha Perry-Iqbal think about it? Is she selling them, because if so, I AM BUYING! Claude Hammercy, that woman is flat out GORGEOUS! And trust, there is nothing flat about this curvy Honey. So thick and sexy!



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Eagle-360: Goodyear’s Spherical Futuristic Concept Tire (Video)

You’ve heard, “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel,” before, right? Well, maybe we don’t NEED to; but Goodyear is damn sure doing it. Full disclosure: This ‘reinvention’ is actually a reimagination of the vehicle tire concept. Introducing Goodyear’s Eagle-360. Think ‘wide tread’… the widest ever… spherical! Amazing – a tire of the future! Watch.

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Technology: Airport Sleeping Pods (Video)

Traveling can be stressful. These futuristic pods will put you at ease and to sleep!

Right now, in the Abu Dhabi International Airport, weary travellers are getting a chance to get a nap. Think about that long layover, or missing that connector flight and having to wait many hours… but not quite a day… for the next. If you could find a quiet, secure place to relax & recharge at the airport, wouldn’t that be everything? Well, these airport sleeping pods are… EVERYTHING! Check ’em out, and keep your fingers crossed that they make their way to your terminal next botched flight.


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Tabria Majors Reviews The Anti-Gravity iPhone Case (featuring Eliza Love) [Video]

You know what? I know this is pretty much an infomercial for the Anti-Gravity iPhone Case. YOU know it, too. But WE don’t care that much, do we? At least not enough to keep us from watching for the rush of seeing two Honeyz looking so thick-a-licious while they sell to us.

(Hell, whatever Tabria is selling, I have been down to buy from jump. Facts.)



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Technology: It’s A Drone, An X-Wing… Nah, It’s A Parrot Swing (Video)

With Parrot Swing, you have the stability of a quadrocopter and the power of a plane!

Parrot Swing is the only mini-drone allowing you to pilot a supersonic plane with surprising ease. It’s also the only plane with autopilot and a vertical take-off and landing mode. With the Parrot Flypad controller, discover ultra-precise control to pilot like a pro. Transform the sky into an unbelievable race track!

Truth. But what’s even doper than the model/drone/toy is the possibilities for real-life. Imagine combining the great speed and efficiency of a plane with the ability to take off and land from small platforms, rather than long runways. Of course, the military would jump on this first. But imagine the search and rescue possibilities. Mobilizing quickly for tough terrain rescues, where planes cannot go but copters cannot be sent quick enough… disaster relief for that matter… Think about unmanned vehicles getting materials in and/or people out of places where the roads are impassible or non-existent.


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Look At The 2.5 Million Dollar Supercar ‘Money Mayweather’ Is About To Get (Video)

Don’t you get nervous about even seeing a car like this Kode57 supercar being touched by humans, touching pristine tires to ‘used’ roads? Maybe? It’s 2.5 milli on the price tag. Still no jitters? Good. Well, ask Floyd Mayweather Jr. to drive his when he gets it. Yup, Money is about to add a new toy to his collection.

(Damn. Floyd told y’all his money ain’t like other folks’ money… Remember this post here?)

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Technology: Upgrade Your Golf Cart Game With Bubba’s Jet Pack (Video)

Sports performance equipment and lifestyle item maker Oakley has teamed up with professional golfer Bubba Watson to create a flying platform that looks straight out of a “Jonny Quest” cartoon… with a special place to put your clubs. It’s called Bubba’s Jet Pack. AMAZING!

Waitaminute. Didn’t Oakley and Watson collaborate on the production of a golf hovercraft?? Yes, and we posted about that on here earlier.

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The Roots – “Bittersweet”

You cannot just turn a concept for a commercial jingle over to The World’s Greatest Late Night Band… the standard bearers for Hip-Hop with instrumentation… and think you will just get a 30-second clip. No. And Stella Artois had to know that. A promotional song so strong it can stand as a single alone. Check out The Roots with their “Bittersweet” jawn.

What does a sound taste like? Experience “Bittersweet” by The Roots, the first ever song you can taste. Based upon scientific research that explores the relationship between our senses, one side has been written to bring out the sweeter flavors in a Stella Artois, while the other enhances the bitter notes. Can you taste the difference?

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Check This All-Black ‘Super Yacht’: The Black Swan (Video)

Duuuuude! This ought to make a “Most Expensivest Sh*t” episode, hosted by 2 Chainz, with theme music done by Rapsody (“All Black Everything”)!

This slick yacht looks like a supervillain’s hideout straight out of out of the next 007 film. The superyacht is called The Black Swan and is a design concept by designer Timur Bozca.
– Tech Insider


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Performance Enhancement: ‘Sex Shorts’ Help Men Train The Pelvic Floor (Video)

For real? Pelvic floor exercises. Well, the ladies have their Kegels to do. Now, the technology exists for men to (pause) keep it tight (double pause). Nah, not saying any more here. Watch and let the video tell you what the hell these VylyV smart pelvic training shorts are supposed to do.

(Want to keep a strong schlong? There’s an app for that. BWAAAHAHAAAAA!)

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Technology/Product: Amazing Omni-Capable Liddiard Wheels (Video)

William Liddiard – just using his noodle (e.g. brain), available materials and time to work on them – has developed his own working omni-capable wheels (e.g. wheels that can move a vehicle in all directions, and turn on the spot). Liddiard Wheels are durable and can work in all weather and road conditions. They could be installed on anything that works using regular tires. Even these are proof-of-concept prototypes they are good enough to show that they work (like in the clip above). Remember this is what William did in his spare time, with spare materials. Imagine what a dedicated manufacturer could do.

Thing is, he actually wants to license or partner with someone or some such manufacturing entity to bring Liddiard Wheels to market.

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Technology: Boston Dynamics Introduces Its SpotMini ‘Dog Robot’ (Video)

Dog robot, dog bot, looking-like-a-giraffe-bot… whatever. Though we are into tech, gotta admit this is getting kinda creepy. Especially at the end of this clip (you can keep that cola can, um, ‘Spot’).

SpotMini is a new smaller version of the Spot robot, weighing 55 lbs dripping wet (65 lbs if you include its arm.) SpotMini is all-electric (no hydraulics) and runs for about 90 minutes on a charge, depending on what it is doing. SpotMini is one of the quietest robots we have ever built. It has a variety of sensors, including depth cameras, a solid state gyro (IMU) and proprioception sensors in the limbs. These sensors help with navigation and mobile manipulation. SpotMini performs some tasks autonomously, but it often uses a human for high-level guidance.

Still, this is a solid step forward in robotics tech; a mobile pick-and-place robot with some serious intelligence designed into it by Boston Dynamics.

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Technology: Nissan’s FPV Drone Is Insanely Fast (Video)

We’ve done our share of posts on drones on here for certain. We’ve even written up drone racing for sport. That might bring to mind just how fast these things go; but how fast is that really?

Well, Nissan has this GT-R Drone – one of the fastest accelerating FPV (First Person View) racing drones in the world. Watch it above, keeping up with the new 2017 Nissan GT-R while filming on the track.

Zero to 100, real quick. Like in less than two seconds. Crazy!

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See What It Takes To Make Acura’s NSX Hybrid Supercar (Video)

Acura’s NSX hybrid supercar is capable of a blistering 191 mph but to make a car this fast, you have to build it slowly and precisely.

You understand (or you will): Precision. But before we see the process behind the phenomenon… can we slow down and see that speed run again? DAAAAMN! So that’s what 191 MPH on the straight, screeching into the turn looks/sounds like?! DOPE! Okay.

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Ghostface Killah – “Starry Winters” feat. Killah Priest (Prod. By Spok Beats) [Video]

All about the oil. Ghost and Priest talking about ‘catching the vapors’ the modern way again. The duo goes IN on this “Starry Winters”… in on the beat; and on the Wu Goo oil. Get your lighters and press play above.

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Tesla’s Coming Out With A New Model And Coming Down On Its Price (Video)

It’s no longer a game…no longer a pipe dream. The new Tesla hits production lines in 2017; so sayeth Elon Musk. And before you suck your teeth and go, “So what? Another electric car that no regular person can afford,” ask yourself if you can scrape up $1000 down for a brand new car of the future. That’s the ‘reserve’ fee. Price tag is $35,000…confirmed. And with tax breaks, get yourself one for $25,000.

Price is no longer an object. Watch.

(FYI… that is NOT the car in the video… Tesla’s not giving us that early a look.)

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Ghostface Gets At Back Martin Shkreli With His Own ‘Goons’ And ‘Goo’ (Video)

Stop f#cking around and grow the f#ck up…BE A MAN!

It’s the clap back at Millionaire Martin for all that reckless talk… But not how you think. Interesting. Verrrry interesting. The Hip-Hop Nation might’ve expected Ghost to go hard at prescription drug magnate Martin Shkreli. However, only the shrewdest heads could have thought it though to come up with this type of battle plan.

Ghostface Killah strikes back at Martin Shkreli with the 5000% increase of Daraprim.

War is chess, not checkers, folks. It’s often about winning hearts and minds. So, to take the battle to where Shkreli cannot win (e.g. Martin ain’t winning anybody’s heart anytime soon), to paint him as TRYING to be the ultimate villain THEN clown him for that THEN bring in the ‘goods’ to join the laughter… THEN have one of them end with a teary-eyed plea to Shkreli (and his MOM) to do right by the people who are sick and dying in the wake of his greed (e.g. his aforementioned 5000% price increase of the HIV drug Daraprim)…checkmate!

And in the midst of it all, promote the Wu Goo brand as the ‘anti’ to all of that at the same damn time! Mr. Starks’ is showing the skill and temperament of a master… Shaolin technique is VERY good and his sword is deadly sharp. Well played.



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Barbie Doll Evolves To Match The Reality Of A Diverse World (Video)

Remember when Nicki Minaj used to holler ‘Barbie’ this and that? Were you mumbling (aloud or in your head) to yourself, “Cute, but not for real. Barbie ain’t shaped nothing like you, Nicki!” Well, I did. And arguments about cultural representation in our kids toys aside, I wasn’t mad about it. It just was what it was… like having a Black U.S. President. President Bill Clinton was pretty cool, and President Nelson Mandela had South Africa for us. I figured that was as close as we would get.

Then we got a Black President, but Mattel (maker of Barbie dolls) wasn’t budging. Y’all better chill with this sharp-nosed White girl with a tan and keep telling your daughters they’re beautiful. Yeah, it WAS like that. Then SOMEBODY at Mattel must have bumped their head and had a thought… Folks are REALLY not wanting to deal with ‘generic’ anything anymore, including toys. Music, Film and TV (the stuff with the characters that dolls mimic) has changed – lotta more shapes, sizes and colors in there. Parents (read: people that might stop buying Mattel’s stuff) are likely looking for that diversity in their babies’ toys, too. Looks like Mattel is back ready to do business…. and so #TheDollEvoles

(Smart business move. Miss me with any other explanation though. They changed for M-O-N–E-Y! That all. But at least our babies can play with something that looks closer to what they look like.)

Good thing, too. My Mom still collects Barbie dolls. I will be making her Christmas merry with some righteous Mattel newness!


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