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Pusha T – “Drug Dealers Anonymous” feat. Jay Z


Stretch first. This beat. These lyrics. There will be head nodding, and that’s the least movement this “Drug Dealers Anonymous” banger from Pusha T will inspire. Pepper in some Jigga spice and this word gumbo is bubbling hot!

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

Nice work Hova. Flipping in what seemed like a Star Trek IV line in the rhymes, but the bars go deeper like Jay is prone to do. Reference A Course In Miracles.


Fat Joe x Remy Ma – “All The Way Up” feat. Jay Z (Remix)


Go. Go NOW! Get this “All The Way Up” remix that Jay Z jumped on. Download it ASAP. Stream it and get it in your ears, head and blood before the ‘forces that be’ snatch it down.


Fat Joe On Nas Making Peace With Jay Z (Video)

A casualty of war. Don Joey tells a real story of how what was seen as good for the Culture… but left Terror Squad out in the cold. The definition of what real studio gamesmanship, beef over beats, Jay Z vs. Nas, happened then ended amicably; for most all but Joe and his bros (that would include Remy, on the couch there with him).

Watch and let Fat Joe tell you how it was and is right quick.

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Jay Z – “Sweet” (Green Lantern Remix)


Some titles tease blog content, but when the content is like this, there is no need to tease. You just slap a straight ahead headline on it and post. No gimmicks needed; DJ Green Lantern got at Hov’s “Sweet” and touched the power ring to it like so. Click, listen, download…FREE!


Dame Dash On ‘Straight Outta Compton’ & Possible ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Film (Video)

One time for Hip-Hop history y’all… really ought to be among the standard electives for colleges nowadays. Plenty of stories to tell: like when Jay was Jiggaaaa. We need that. Truth, beyond a “Reasonable Doubt.” Yeah. Went there. Maybe Dame Dash will take us back there, too. Check out the vid above.

It’s gonna get done at some point by somebody…
Dame Dash on the possibility of a “Reasonable Doubt” (Roc-A-Fella story) film

Wow. The box office success of “Straight Outta Compton” has opened all kinds of doors to all kinds of discussions for possible biopics.

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Emilio Rojas – “Dear Summer Freestyle”

Going a capella for a sec, Emilio Rojas preps you for the Jigga-worthy onslaught. Dude did damage to Jay Z’s “Dear Summer” instrumental. Oh, and catch that ‘baby stacks’ line…ILL!! The Rojas EP entitled “L.I.F.E.” is out now. Dropped Friday, the new music industry release day (as opposed to Tuesday).


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Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks on Jay-Z issues with Spotify & YouTube (Video)

There has been a lot of talk recently about music streaming and artists getting what they deserve regarding royalties.  One of the main discussions has been over Jay-Z and his new company Tidal that is marketed as a platform created by the artists for the artists.  There has been some push back from people stating that Tidal is a corporation out here to get rich just like all of the others.  When it comes to Jay-Z recently he has implied that people have no problem supporting the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs but not supporting him because he is black.  Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks on this and questions some of the things Jay-Z speaks on while opening up the discussion on true Black independence.

“Jay-Z can state he has 99 problems but the struggles of the Black Community is not one”Dr Boyce Watkins

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud
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Jake One Takes Us ‘Behind The Beat’ For Rick Ross’ “3 Kings” feat. Jay Z And Dr. Dre (Video)

Hmmm… Kendrick Lamar had a shot at the “3 Kings” beat first, huh? Interesting. Well, it wasn’t like the music was wasted. Rozay did the work (listen here). Jake One beats should never be. Check him out as he explains how the beat came to be for the Behind The Beat series.

I finally show you how I made Rick Ross feat. Jay Z and Dr. Dre “3 Kings.” The drum sounds for this song and many others from my personal library are available on
Jake One

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Pharrell – “Frontin’” feat. Jay Z (Disclosure Remix)

This beat’s build-up kinda makes you wait for it… Then Disclosure lets enough of the original drip into the drop for the beginning to set it off right. No “Frontin'” this is a nice dance remix to the Pharrell and Jigga classic collab.


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Dame Dash Speaks on Black Businesses Not Sticking Together & The Jay-Z vs. Solange Incident (Video)

Dame Dash speaks to Hip-Hop Motivation. Still tongue in cheek comical while sharing street-level wisdom. Check out his commentary above about how to handle the Jigga-Solange elevator incident and fallout. Back in the day, Dash and The Roc fam would have laughed the whole incident off (or laughed at Jay if he couldn’t find humor in how silly the whole thing was).

“If he was still hung out with us, we would’ve been roasting him.”
Dame Dash

Kind of brings the phrase, “Small things to a giant,” to mind, doesn’t it? More after the jump, as Dame speaks on ‘the trouble with Black folk.’

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Comedy: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Coverage Of The Solange vs. Jay Z Fight (Video)

The ‘true Hollywood story’ behind the Solange vs. Jay Z elevator fight… brought to you by the ‘combatants’ themselves (and the ‘bodyguard’)… on Saturday Night Live. With a surprise guest appearance you must not miss!


(Well, maybe that ‘video leaker’ security guard doesn’t think so. Hahaaaa.)


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A Brooklyn Street Legend Reflects On His Violent Life Of Crime, Past Relationship With Jay Z And More In His New Book (Video)

Jack Thriller interviews Brooklyn street legend, hustler and stickup man Calvin Klein Bacote for Thisis50. What a roller coaster ride – speaking on getting his name from the real 50 Cent, robbing rappers back in the day, the time him and his man robbed the whole F train; about how Jay Z used to hustle for him, the nature of their relationship over the years, and where they stand today.

…and he’s got a book about it, revealing even more than this interview does. Wow. The game is to be SOLD!

Check out part 1 above and part 2 after the jump. Required!

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Beyonce and Jay-Z Show Up To Miami Heat Game Despite Solange’s Recent Attack On Mr. Sean Carter (Video)

0512-beyonce-jay-z-2Despite all of the chaos surrounded by the elevator surveillance footage (see after the jump) released yesterday of what appears to be Beyonce’s sister, Solange physically attacking her brother-in-law, Jay Z after the Met Gala at the Standard Hotel in New York City, the power couple are all smiles courtside at the Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets game last night.

The question that everyone has been asking is, “What happened for Solange to go off on Jay Z?”

Since Jay Z and Beyonce are so private, who knows if we’ll ever find out the reason it all occurred.


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Planet Asia – “Rhyme No More” (Produced By DJ Premier) [Video]

Planet Asia spits a verse on the classic beat (produced by DJ Premier) that Jay Z spit on… for DJ J-Ronin’s “Freestyle Files” (Vol. 2). FREE download link below. Dope visuals for Asia’s “Rhyme No More” above.


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Jay Electronica – “We Made It” feat. Jay Z

jay-z-and-jay-electronica-we-made-it-remixJust a few days after releasing the track ‘Better In Tune with The Infinite’, New Orleans native son Jay Electronica drops another this time featuring Jay Z.  I like the use of the soundclip from a scene in HBO’s hilariously funny  ‘Eastbound & Down’ comedy to start off the record, but other than the jewels Jay Electronica laced the record with I was somewhat underwhelmed with the song as a whole. It’s just an ‘aight’ song in my opinion & I feel it will also do a disservice to Jay Electronica because most people will focus their attention on Jay Z’s subliminal disses back at Drake on this record instead of on Jay Electronica himself.  Personally, I need to hear more Jay Elect, more of  Just Blaze’s quality production, & less guest appearances from other rappers on future Jay Elect jawns.



The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Jay Z – “Picasso Biggie (Picasso Baby Rmx) [Prod. By !llmind]

The greatest rapper of all-time may have died on March 9th almost 20 years ago, but many DJs & producers continue to keep his name alive with ‘ill’ remixes like this one. Dope producer & creator of what is known as the ‘Boomtrap’ sound, !llmind, tweaks Jay-Z’s hit record Picasso Baby’ record with Biggie’s vocals. We’ll always love Big Poppa

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Exile Flips A Few Jay Z Songs (Video)

This dude Exile on the MPC … beast! Watch what he does with Jay Z’s singles “Holy Grail,” “Dear Summer” and “F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.” Good stuff.

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Q-Tip Says He’s Producing Kanye’s Next Album Along With Rick Rubin (Video)

What does it take to be a producer’s producer? You can probably get an answer from Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest). Tip recently told journalist Elliott Wilson that he and Rick Rubin would be producing Kanye West’s next solo album. Watch the interview clip from Jay Z’s “Life + Times” … and hear what’s up on a future ATCQ album and more from The Abstract.

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Jon Stewart Calls Out Jay Z Over Maintaining Business Relations With Racist Retailer Barney’s (Video)

Over the controversy that some have called shop-and-frisk, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart points out and pokes at Jigga for selling out by standing by a major business partner of his – Barney’s. The high-end retailer has come under fire by the media and protest groups for apparently subjecting its Black patrons to racial profiling that went so far as to send undercover security into the street – holding up Black purchasers outside the store to verify that their debit cards were “authentic.” Jay Z has a merchandise line set to come out in the store chain… no way he’s going to let a little bad racial press stop him from cashing in on purchases made by Black folk who may get stopped after buying his stuff. Time for a little “perspective”…

“If I make snap judgements, no matter who it’s towards, aren’t I committing the same sin as who it’s towards.”

Jay Z

Well, how about that. I guess you can talk yourself into anything when enough money is on the line. Get him, Jon!

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NFL Running Back Steven Jackson At 30, Beginning Again In Atlanta (Video)

10,000 rushing yards by age 30, Steven Jackson is among the NFL’s (and history’s) elite running backs. However, now Jackson finds himself at a crossroads: joining the Atlanta Falcons after nine years with the St. Louis Rams… hopefully bringing enough steam with him to push the train down the tracks (e.g. deep into the playoffs some day soon). Jay Z’s Life + Times gives the mic and face time to Jackson this episode; so he can tell us where his mind, body, and soul are at this point in the game.

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