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One Last Look Before Jeffrey Wright’s HBO Prison Drama “O.G.” Debuts (Trailer)

Latest teaser before the February 23rd premiere of “O.G.”


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Jeffrey Wright Stars In HBO’s New Prison Drama “O.G.” (Trailer)

Been following (Jeffrey Wright) since ‘Boardwalk Empire’ days. This one right here. If it got any realer, it’d be a documentary. Realistic, accomplished actors alongside real inmates who are ‘acting’ (because HBO) but not ‘playing,’ filmed in a real prison.

O.G. follows Louis (Jeffrey Wright) a maximum-security prison inmate whose impending release is upended when he takes a new arrival under his wing. Starring Jeffrey Wright, Theothus Carter and William Fichtner. O.G. premieres February 23 at 10PM.

And the trailer looks to tease a series that addresses very complex issues: Like when the lady tells Louis (Wright) that she believed he should stay imprisoned for life, even if she believed he was remorseful or reformed. Can a prison system truly reform the incarcerated? If so, is that justice for their victims or loved ones? For society? What about justice/protections/respect for inmates who serve?

This should be good.

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What If Your Best Friend Might Be The Cause Of You Going Back To Prison? (Trailer)

Wow! Two things about this “Blindspotting” trailer stand out.

One, while most would expect that you are ‘innocent until proven guilty’ the default position felons on parole are put in is one where they must continually prove that they are innocent. Imagine that (some don’t even have to ‘imagine’): Having to self-check EVERY move to ensure that it ‘looks’ pure & innocent.

And two, remembering when Dave Chappelle said “that White guy hanging with the Black crew” is the most dangerous dude because there is no telling what he’s done to ‘earn respect’… That’s the dude Miles in this flick. Bet big money on that. He is big trouble.

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Activism: Matthew Charles Does Decades Of Fed Time, Turns His Life Around, And Now Has Return To Prison. Meanwhile… (Video)

Damn. America’s justice system is broken. You may not need more proof, but maybe someone around you does. Press play and walk away. Get coffee or something. But stay mad, stay woke, stay engaged and stay ready.

Black Man Who Spent 20 Years In Jail & Turned His Life Around, Is Being Sent Back. Meanwhile A Child Rapist Get’s House Arrest. This Really Is America.
Francis Maxwell


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Released From Prison, But Still Not Free: NBC Nightly News Covers Meek Mill’s Legal Ups & Downs (Video)

Damn. Caught the case at 19 and even after 30, freed on bail, he does not feel free. The NBC News organization is all over this Meek Mill legal entrapment story… good for them and for us viewers.

Rapper Meek Mill was granted bail by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday after being sentenced in November to two to four years in prison for a probation violation — a decision criticized by his supporters as too severe. In an exclusive interview with Lester Holt, Mill says he recognizes this as “a very important moment.”
– NBC News

Got Mill around here looking like an activist, speaking on the evils of the American Justice system. A positive outcome. Maybe some reforms will come of it. At least some very rich and powerful figures are attached and talking now.

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Penal Code: Former Inmate Speaks On The ‘Cheek Busting’ Hierarchy In Prison (Video)

Listen up. Real talk from someone who was on lock. Pay attention, too, for those who like their pants to ‘sag’ and sh!t.

We know you guys are worried about getting your cheeks busted in prison, we get these types of questions all the time. If this is something you are that worried about, it may be time to get out of the game. if you’re a square, stay a square and you wont have anything to worry about.
– Fresh Out: Life After The Penitentiary

Sheeeehzzz!!! It’s like that??

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Check Out The Trailer For OWN’s Life-After-Prison Series “Released” (Trailer)

OWN’s docu-series “Released” tells the stories of formerly incarcerated men and women as they re-enter society.

The new docuseries Released is the story of six of these individuals, who are all searching for a fresh start after their release from prison.

The series premiered September 30th on OWN. It comes on Saturdays at 10pm EST.

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Sean Price – “Prisoner” (Video)

Not 100% sure, but I think this YouTube channel owner (Matt) put this Sean Price “Imperius Rex” jawn “Prisoner” to visuals for the love. Freeway does not feature anywhere in this version though. Pretty damn dope though. Enjoy!



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Check Out The Story Of ‘Ear Hustle’ – The First Podcast Produced In Prison (Video)

Don’t take ANY of your freedoms in this day and age for granted. If you are not locked up, especially, you may not even be aware of how easy access to Internet ‘stardom’ is for you. You want to do a podcast, you go to a blog/vlog/etc, site and follow the directions. But if you are in prison, you gotta…

(Nuh unh. What you gotta do now is watch and learn. Do some ‘Ear Hustling’ – above to learn about the show, then tuning in via the link below).


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Prison Fighters (Showtime Documentary Trailer)

‘Prisoners turn Muy Thai fighters to fight for their freedom’ definitely reads like a logline for a hit series. We assure you, it is not. Think more like ring announcer Jimmy Lennon shouting, “It’s SHOWTIME!” And you will be much closer to truth.

PRISON FIGHTERS: 5 Rounds To Freedom uncovers a shocking practice of liberation in the criminal justice system of Thailand. The SHOWTIME Sports original production examines a fully sanctioned and accredited rehabilitation program called Prison Fight through which convicted criminals can train and compete in fights that lead to early release. Premieres on Friday, Feb. 24 at 8:30PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

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‘Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo’ Documentary Covers His Rise From Prison To Hollywood

The video above is not the trailer for actor Danny Trejo’s upcoming documentary, but its interesting to provide you all an appetizer for the upcoming documentary ‘Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo’. There was another documentary on Danny Trejo called “Champion” that we posted the trailer to after the jump.

“The big screen tough guy is currently in production on Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo, a documentary that will chronicle his life and career — from his early days on the streets that led him to prison, to getting clean and working with directors like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez and appearing in films such as Heat, Con Air and Machete.

Today, Danny Trejo is temperate, benevolent and likely one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. But he wasn’t always this way”, says producer Adam Scorgie in a statement. “Growing up in the mean streets of Pacoima, California, he was raised and mentored by his uncle, a drug addict and armed robber. By the age of 12, he had tried heroin. By age 15, he was introduced to his first jail cell. At 23, he was sentenced to San Quentin for selling a $30,000 bag of heroin to an undercover agent.”

Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo is expected to be released in 2018.

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The School To Prison, Explained (Video)

Damn. Vox breaks it down… how schools are breaking us down. Surely, you’ve heard of the ‘school-to-prison pipeline.’ Officers in classrooms, abundant and extreme zero-tolerance policies, Black students way more likely to be disciplined. In effect, our children are being set up, prepared even, to go to prison at some point. And it all starts in preschool. Watch the clip explaining it above. To get deeper in depth, check out Vox’s full write-up (linked below).


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Otis Johnson Tells Al-Jazeera How He’s Adjusting To Modern Life After 44 Years In Prison (Video)

It’s nice… It looks funny…

Okay, so the quote above is VERY doctored. But they are the words of Otis Johnson, released from prison after 44 Years served on attempted murder of a cop. Check out this Al-Jazeera English video on Johnson’s adjustment to modern life.

Otis Johnson went to jail at the age of 25. When he got out at 69, he rejoined a world that was starkly different from the one he remembered. This is his story.

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The Majority Report: Inside The Private Prison Industry (Video)

Great way to get the deep knowledge you need to join the conversation on the prison industrial complex, prison profiteering, minority imprisonment injustices and related topics. Spend 20 minutes of your day wisely. Watch and learn. And discuss.

Journalist Christopher Petrella, explained the power of the private prison industry, why private prisons are working to be reclassified as real estate holding companies, who the biggest players in the private prison business are and how to hold the industry accountable.

This clip from the Majority Report, live M-F at 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM

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John Oliver Slams America’s Slammers: The Prison System Is ‘Horribly Broken’ (Video)

Former member of the late night tongue-in-cheek commentative cabal over at Comedy Central (you know, folks like Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams of The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report)… John Oliver has been loosed on the HBO audience; where he’s making even more biting wisecracks. Letting them have it!

Here’s yet another occasion to unleash the cracking Kraken – spotlighting America’s broken penal system.

On the episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver embedded above, the host spent about a third of his show’s run-time on how broken America’s prison system is. In essence, tearing some a-holes some new a-holes. Oliver dropped science and atomic bombs… America having more imprisoned than China, the rampant amount of prison rape, the abysmal medical care and maggots in the food (as contractors cut costs beyond the bone), folks copping pleas to avoid prison instead of defending themselves in court as is their legal right… all wrong, wrong, wrong!

Tie the tirade together with a Sesame Street styled clip; and you’ve got a winner. Realize though that in the midst of the joking, how disproportionate the number of people of color vs. Whites end up in the hell we call prison…and you’ll understand that the U.S. has got a loser… its prison system!

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Mike Tyson Breaks Down The Process Of Successfully Having Sex In Prison (Video)

Oooookay. Iron Mike Tyson goes in (uh oh, word choice) on Sirius XM Radio’s Opie and Anthony show about getting azz in prison. Wow.

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Thai Prison Fights (Documentary)

If you want to claim ‘baddest man on the planet’ (e.g. what they called Iron Mike Tyson in his prime)… and you are in the knuckle-up game in Bangkok, Thailand… then Klong Prem high-security prison is as good as Madison Square Garden. Sorta. Well, the inmates there box outsiders; and they fight hard for what’s really on the line – money, shorter sentences, glory, to settle arguments. Watch the VICE mini-documentary on it above. Let’s get it on!

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Fat Joe Released From Prison In Time To Surprise His Daughter For Thanksgiving (Video)

Ha! Almost walked by him. Gotcha!

This is truly in the spirit of the season. Fat Joe, having gone up a few months ago for tax evasion charges, got out just in time for Thanksgiving. A pleasant surprise for his daughter. Check out the Instagram video of his daughter above; and see what being thankful looks like. Touching…

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Travel: The World’s Nicest Prisons (Video)

If you live in the U.S., nine times out of ten, you or someone you know has been to jail… even if it’s not JAIL jail (e.g. prison). They might have come out with that dismissive steely-eyed thug life declaration, “Jail ain’t sh!t.”

And you, knowing better, didn’t believe a word. You know jail SUCKS. But traveling outside the U.S. and getting incarcerated in one of these facilities… well… you could do worse. Some might say the prisoners of these facilities live in relative luxury. Of course, no prison can be considered “luxury accommodations” because, by definition, imprisonment takes away the one accommodation we all supposedly have from birth – LIBERTY.

That’s as deep as this post gets. I swear.

Above: Watch a “promo clip” for the ‘world’s nicest prison’ (in Norway) with clips for some runners-up embedded after the jump.



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Former Angola Prisoner Herman Wallace, Denied A Fair Trial For 41 Years, Dies Just 3 Days After Being Freed (Audio)


Herman Wallace spent the 41 years of his life in solitary confinement in Louisiana State Penitentiary (aka Angola).

A free man, Wallace died of liver cancer, three days after gaining his freedom. He was 71 years old.

“While already serving a 50-year sentence for armed robbery, Wallace was convicted of the murder of a prison guard in 1974, along with Robert King and Albert Woodfox. The men became known as the ‘Angola 3’ for spending most of their years in solitary confinement… All of them claimed to be innocent.

On Tuesday a judge overturned Wallace’s conviction on the grounds that he had been denied a fair trial because he was indicted by a grand jury comprised solely of men — in violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

Wallace spent the first 18 years behind bars without an appeal. The argument that finally won Wallace his release was one he had been making for decades, mostly acting as his own attorney.”

It didn’t take new legislation, new science or DNA (as was the case for freed Angola prisoner Henry James)… It just took work, reconsideration, and FORTY F**KING YEARS for a judge to do the right thing.

“It’s tragic it took 40 years for him to find a court that would say, ‘You’re right, Mr. Wallace, that violated your Constitutional rights; you are entitled to a new trial.'”

– Attorney George Kendall, one of Wallace’s advocates

This is sad, folks. Of course, we are talking about the wasted years of a man now at rest; but we are also talking about the denial of rights and protections that we are ALL supposed to be afforded in America. God be with you are denied due process in a time of legal trouble. Because if you are convicted, it might take half your life to get that ‘judiciary oversight’ even looked at by a judge!

I… I don’t have the words, but NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ does.