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‘Big Rich Town’ Vacay In Puerto Rico: 50 Cent Took Grandpa To The Strip Clubs (Video)

Hahaaa! YouTube surfing will let you catch some cool content in the side margins. Then when you click on one of those, you find several related. Like the 50 on Kimmel a while back. Hilarious. Dope.

Streets is watching. And 50 Cent is behind you! But that’s after the jump. Start above.

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David Alan Grier With ‘An Important Message About White People’ (Video)

Call WashingtonDenzel Washington. Let’s get this discrimination against White people stopped. Bwaaahaaa!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is trying to get back on Trump’s good side by directing the Justice Department to focus on the important issue of discrimination against… White people. According to the New York Times, the civil rights division of the Justice Department is planning to investigate what they call “intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions.” So, Grammy and Tony nominee David Alan Grier stopped by with a very important message.
Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Gal Gadot Wants To Know What Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Of Her Breasts (Video)

Kind of a flashback before the movie hit the theaters.

(Well, actually, that’s exactly what this is.)

Gal Gadot, point blank, asks Jimmy Kimmel about her breasts (wow) – something comic book fans have had a big reaction to (because… they’re breasteses)! She talks about her name, recalls the first time she tried on her Wonder Woman costume and more in this clip.


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Snoop Dogg – “Trash Bags” (Live Performance)

These guys know how to mix fun and serious business. Jimmy Kimmel and Snoop Dogg doing the damn thing on the tube again; not ‘roasting’ on Comedy Central, rather with Snoop performing “Trash Bags” on Jimmel Kimmel Live.

And the re-THICK-ulous dancing girls on stage made it an extra ‘special’ night on stage. But for something really special, hit the jump (more footage of Snoop’s time with Kimmel).

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Will Smith Tells Jimmy Kimmel How Being ‘The Fresh Prince’ Got Him Home One Time (Video)

Popular Hip-Hop icon turned movie mogul Will Smith fell through Jimmy Kimmel’s set and onto his couch to talk about “Collateral Beauty” (in theaters Christmas Day)… oh, and that time a fan let him hold some gas money. Yeah. You read right! Check out the clip above. More after the jump; including the scoop on “Bad Boys 3.”

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Comedy: The 50 Cent Store (Video)

Forget about Dollar General… shop with the G-Unit general! Hahahaaaa!

50 Cent is a man of many talents. He’s an actor, a producer, a rapper and he also owns a highly successful chain of retails stores which are currently having a big back-to-school sale.

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Kanan’s Nudity On “Power” Surprised 50 Cent… And His Aunt Geraldine (Video)

The opening theme of “Power” focuses on coming from the ‘poorest part’ of a ‘big rich town’… Well, show creator Courtney A. Kemp didn’t tell producer and star Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson (playing the arch enemy, Kanan, on the show) that his private ‘part’ would be prominently featured in episode four of the hit series.

Bad move. The bad blood caused by that surprise full frontal shown on-screen still lingers to this day. Fiddy has learned to joke about it, but we’re not sure about his auntie Geraldine. We can only hope she’s calmed down. Ha!

Watch. You gotta.

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Nia Long Speaks On Her Cherry Thong, Why Rappers Keep Putting Her In Songs And More (Video)

Definitely NOT ‘Becky With The Good Hair’… but Nia Long (so f#cking sexy!) stays up in rappers’ rhymes (like J. Cole’s… she keeps toying with that young man… ha!). Here she is, on with Jimmy Kimmel, speaking on her sustained popularity within emcees’ rhyme schemes.

Nia talks about a few of the various times she’s been mentioned in rap lyrics and explains how a Nas song led her to purchase a cherry thong.

Hold on. Point of order, Jimmy. It was HORSE with Bravehearts (Nas’ crew) that put that ‘cherry thong’ on Nia in his “Oochie Wally” rhyme. Sweet mercy!

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Magic Johnson Explains Why You Should Never Talk Trash To Michael Jordan (Video)

Magic Johnson tells Jimmy Kimmel about the one time he chose to trash talk, playing against Michael Jordan, and how the great ‘other’ MJ made him and those on his team PAY!

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Comedy: The Hizzistory of Bizzasketball with Snoop Dogg (Video)

Hahaaaaaa! This is genius captured in visual form. This Jimmy Kimmel Live clip featuring Snoop’s hizzistorical commentary is hizzsterical!!

The NBA has been around for a very long time. The game has obviously changed a lot over the years, so we invited basketball historian Snoop Dogg to share some insight on how things have transformed over the years.

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Comedy: Jimmy Kimmel Shows A Deleted Scene from “Batman v Superman” Starring (Video)

Ben Affleck is Jimmy Kimmel’s guest.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and Jimmy Kimmel were talking and… Ahhh skip it! Clark is Superman. Bruce is Batman. Oh you knew that, huh? Well, now Jimmy knows. Okay, okay, “So what?” I’ll tell you what.

Jimmy told Lex Luthor!

(And it was all hilarious! And sooo much more is in this clip. Watch it all the way through.)

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Captain America: Civil War (Trailer)

Okay, Cap and Falcon found Bucky… not The Winter Soldier… good ol’ Bucky! So, all’s well and we can hug and go home right? Aw hell naw. All HELL is about to break loose! Can you say love at first sight? The Captain America side of the Marvel Universe movies has always put incredible stories and action up on the big screen, and it looks like this “Civil War” installment will not disappoint on that front! Cap and Iron Man going IN… on each other? War! And is that Black Panther?? RAW!

Check out the trailer above. And do not make ANY other plans for May 6, 2016.

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Jalen Rose Speaking On Trash Talking With Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Hahaaa! It’s like the ‘crack’ commandments… as in cracking jokes and talking trash to opponents. Somebody get word of this to Kristaps Porzingis. Word is, he has an interest in trash talk. Jalen Rose is hilarious; but he admits Gary Payton’s got skills, too.

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Jill Scott Performs “Run Run Run” (Live)

Just saying: Jill Scott is looking good! She looking for another background dude? Sure, it’s work; but the view… whew!

Alright, now on to the biz. Jilly From Philly gave a high energy performance of “Run Run Run” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The song is part of the “Woman” project out now, linked (via earlier post) below.


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Comedy: Patrick Stewart As Every Annoying Passenger On The Plane (Video)

This is so funny because I’ve run across every type of these airline passengers. Guaranteed you lose it at “my genitals were almost in your mouth” (okay… pause, @ojones1 said he did). Sir Patrick Stewart. Starfleet Captain. Mutant Mentor. Hilarious in this Jimmy Kimmel Live skit.

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Jamie Foxx Tells Jimmy Kimmel About His ‘Republican Partying’ And More (Video)

Jamie talks about being sick and that his mom doesn’t take care of him (above). After the jump, he talks about aaaalllll the family members living with him. Then… it’s time to get down… with the likes of Republican leaders Chris Christie and John McCain; dancing at charity events.

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Bill Murray Accepts A Spontaneous Offer To Travel… Next Week… From Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Bill Murray. Wanna know something about world travel? Holler at JayForce. Just saying. And as long as Bill’s paying, it can be another passport stamp!

Ok, enough. Promo stop, dropping in on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ Mr. Murray probably talked up his movie “St. Vincent” (co-starring alongside Melissa McCarthy, Chris O’Dowd and Naomi Watts) … but in the clip, it’s all about Bill being spontaneous and traveling at the drop of a hat.

That hat though, by the way. Nice!

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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…Then Kim Kardashian Comes To Sit On The ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Couch And Talk About It (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Live! welcomes the Yeezus [Dime]Piece… Kim Kardashian (the Armenian formally known as Mrs. West). She and Jimmy discuss her and Kanye West’s recent wedding event. KimYe did it like no other. Everyone we know books a location months (up to more than a year) in advance of the wedding day; but the soon-to-be-Wests just went from France to Italy as a site like that. And guests still made it! And your folks probably get a photographer, but do you get photography from the likes of Steve McQueen? Outside of this being a press-worthy event, Kim and Kanye seemed to have done their best to make marital memories that will last them a lifetime.

Whatever you feel about how important it is to “Keep Up With…” any Kardashian, you should watch the interview clips (starting above; continuing after the jump). The chat is light and lively. Lady Kim is as demur and lovely as any blushing bride… You get a feel for Kim as a person rather than a paparazzi target; even amid the silliness that is Kimmel.

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The Amazing Jam Session Guys Rock ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ With Trey Songz x Juicy J x Aloe Blacc (Video)

Wow! Remember coming across the ‘3 Random Dudes Jam Session’ vid that went viral a while ago? Yes/no? Well, apparently the viral went epidemic… enough to get the notice from Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show staff. And man, they put together something special. A dream come true for the artists and audience to be sure! Check it out.


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50 Cent Pitching His Disney Movie, Explaining His Awful Opening Pitch And More On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Video)

Above: A clip from 50 Cent’s Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance, during which he premieres an ‘exclusive’ Disney movie trailer. The highlights and hijinks from the interview continue after the jump.

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