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Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Cops Some Sneakers (Video)

Dez gots aaalll the Jordans. Dez cops aaalll the Jordans (hence, he stays having all the Jordans). Sure, he is Team Cowboys; but watching this, you KNOW he is Team Jordan Brand. This ep of ‘Sneaker Shopping’ is another one for folks who get their kicks from copping kicks.

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Nate Robinson: Is A Pro Football Career A Slam Dunk For The Former NBA All-Star? (Video)

You’ve watched sports contests on the tube, and from time to time likely thought, “Look at the big man. He could bowl ’em over on the field as easily as he bangs down low to the bucket,” or… “Dude can move! Even at his size, he’s dunking over the crossbar AFTER leaving everybody 20 yards behind!”

Let’s call them crossover [football or basketball] ballers. Now, who among the retired greats of one sport do you think could come back and do the damn thang in the other? Quickly… times up! How about Nate Robinson? Is anybody thinking Nate Robinson can do it? Well, Nate is…and he could give a damn whether you agree or not.

Nate Robinson, the three time Slam Dunk champion and one of the most dynamic athletes in NBA history is considering a run at the NFL. Friends (Jamal Crawford, Glen Davis), former coaches (Rick Neuheisel), and NFLers (Marcedes Lewis, Brendon Ayanbadejo) think Nate has what it takes. Do you?

Could Nate be that next-level crossover baller? Looks like we are about to find out!

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Donovan McNabb Speaks On Terrell Owens, Cam Newton And More (Video)

Well. If ANYBODY can speak on it, former Philly football beast QB Donovan McNabb can. And he’s talking to Tiki and Tierney on CBS Radio. Plainly spoken, straightforward, honest, real. What T.O.’s former teammate has to say about him may or may not sit well, but you can tell he’s speaking his truth… about Owens, Cam Superman, his own time in the League… so much.

(Interesting take on Cam and that Super Bowl fumble.)

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Jerry Rice: NFL Hall Of Fame Receiver… And Undercover Lyft Driver (Video)

That one guy though. Really dude? You are an all-time, all your life, 49’er fan and you did not recognize the guy you’re sitting next to? One of the team’s… check that…the WORLD’S all-time greats?? Actually… Jerry’s disguise is pretty solid. He can go shopping low-key. Still hilariously wonderful though.

See what happens when Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice turns on Driver Mode for a day and takes a few unsuspecting Lyft passengers for a ride around town.

Watch the whole song and dance above.

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A Look Back: LeSean McCoy on Moving to Buffalo (Video)

Not gonna armchair manage the whole Chip Kelly situation (um…former situation) with the Philadelphia Eagles. But check out the clip above that hearkens back to the NFL’s preseason. LeSean “Shady” McCoy seemed to have made peace with making the move from Philly to Buffalo, and things sorta worked out. Injury concerns aside, McCoy likes the coaching situation better; and maybe he and the Bills can do better next year.

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60 Minutes: Football And The Brain (Video)

Screenshot 2015-11-28 11.43.20

Well… with Frank Gifford’s post mortem diagnosis of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), we get yet another headline and reminder that football – like it or love it – is a dangerous COLLISION sport wrought with injuries…when playing and for the decades beyond. Try and try as American football’s flagship (the National Football League) might, no one has been able to reengineer injury out of the game. Look no further than comments from the NFL commish Roger Goodell in the 60 Minutes clip (embedded after the jump, or click the pic above) for a dose of football-injury reality.

Steve Kroft: You think the game is safer than it’s ever been before?
Roger Goodell: I do. I’m convinced of it. I think the changes that we’ve made have had real results. And we’re seeing that.
Steve Kroft: But do you believe it’s safe?
Roger Goodell: I do believe it’s safer. But injuries are part of active sports and they’re certainly part of football. Football is a contact sport.

Or you could boil it down to retired Ravens’ linebacker Ed Reed’s response…

Steve Kroft: Can you take the violence out of football?
Ed Reed: No.

Truly engaging treatment of the the topic in “Football And The Brain” on CBS News’ 60 Minutes.


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Future NFL Hall Of Famer ‘Darrell Reveis’ on 60 Minutes (Video)

Screenshot 2015-10-30 02.29.03

(Full episode embed, after the jump, is blocked from viewing in some areas. Click above to view segment clips at CBS.COM)

This episode of CBS’ 60 Minutes featured a piece on Darrelle Revis; why he is one of the most best cornerbacks in the NFL, his work ethic, how he lives and more. Interviewer Armen Keteyian guides viewers’ discovery of a monster shutdown defensive back on-field; but off-field, a humble New Jersey guy living above a restaurant (save those millions man) who enjoys art and plays drums in his spare time.

Great watch. Unless you’re one of the poor receivers that spends a Sunday on “Revis Island” I guess.


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Marshawn Lynch’s ‘Beast Mode’ Fish Tank (Video)

Above: All custom, all “Beast Mode”Marshawn Lynch’s fish tank. In Lynch’s words, “That thang SAUCY!” See what the builders on the Animal Planet thought about the experience of creating Beast Mode’s fish tank after the jump below…

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Odell Beckham Breaks Guinness Book Of Records For Most One-Handed Catches (Video)

Sure this weekend is leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. But how about we stop off at Record Breaking Saturday for just a bit, shall we? Odell Beckham, Jr. Guinness Book world record holder. Most one-handed catches. OFFICIAL (even after the whistle)!

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Marshawn Lynch & Rob Gronkowski Battle Before The Super Bowl (Video)

Sunday, it’s the Patriots vs. the Seahawks. But who wants to wait all the way to the end of the weekend to see ’em square off? Right! Conan O’Brien doesn’t either. So he got Gronk and Beast Mode together to get it on right then and there. MORTAL KOMBAAAT!!

Hahaaa! Their nicknames sound like video game fighters already. Click play and watch ’em play.

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Marshawn Lynch’s ‘Skittles’ Super Bowl Press Conference (Video)

Marshawn Lynch gives an exclusive Skittles press conference to discuss the most pressing issues in football.

Leave the brother alone, won’t you? Just trying to ‘not get fined’ – showing up and saying as little as possible – but noooo… they keep inviting (read: forcing) him to go to press conference after press conference.  Here’s another…  supposedly assembled to discuss football topics… but…

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Sports: Tom Wrigglesworth Probably Looks Like Someone You Know… Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers! (Video)

There ought to be some money in this… Just saying. An Aaron Rodgers’ look-alike so good he fools some Green Bay residents? Yep, that’s Tom Wrigglesworth (who?).

‘The Amazing Mr. Wrigglesworth’ was made by NFL Films and follows Tom Wrigglesworth as he visits the lovely people of Green Bay in a quest to meet Aaron Rodgers.

Li’l little for an NFL quarterback, isn’t he? Well, big enough to put one over on a few Cheeseheads. So there you have it. Watch above.

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‘Change The Mascot Movement’ Scores A Major Win: U.S. Patent Office Cancels Washington’s NFL Team Trademarks (Video)

Aha! So we’re seeing some real movement on the ‘Change The Mascot’ movement since we posted about it here.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled six trademarks belonging to the football team on Wednesday, saying they are offensive to Native Americans…If the decision is upheld, it will be hard for the team to claim ownership of its brand, a crucial step in going after the makers of unlicensed merchandise…The decision came in response to a suit brought by five Native Americans.

It’s been time Washington; and the U.S. Patent Office obviously agrees. Change The Mascot. JayForce suggested ‘Washington Warriors’ as an alternative. See? Still bad ass, yet not offensive.



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The National Congress of American Indians Says It’s Past Time To ‘Change The Mascot’ For Washington D.C.’s NFL Team (Video)

“Native Americans call themselves many things. The one thing they don’t…”

Powerful point made with lots of eyes watching. Above is the commercial the NFL would not let air. The National Congress of American Indians went for another ‘big game’ viewing audience though.

The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation bought airtime in seven major cities during halftime of the NBA Finals Game 3 for a one-minute spot criticizing the Redskins team name, and calling for it to be changed. Here’s the extended two-minute version of the “Proud to Be” video, produced by the National Congress of American Indians back in January, leading up to the Super Bowl.

After the jump, Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation leaders speak on why they got involved with the Change The Mascot movement.

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A Discussion On The NFL’s “N-Word” Rule On ‘Larry King Now’ (Video)

Some say it’s a gray issue. Some say it’s black and white. In a way, they’re both right. To come at the discussion of use of the ‘N-word’ … in all its likely contexts (including on the field of battle in the National Football League) … Larry King sits down with panel of folks with varied points of view on the subject – Ryan Ford, Nipsey Hu$$le, Jimmie Lee Solomon and Chester Pitts.

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Drake – “Draft Day”

156069-0-600These are the type of joints I like to hear from Drake on some emcee shiiiiiiiet. In this ‘Draft Day’ joint the Toronto kid manages to throw a few shots at Jay Z, salutes his homie & future NFL draft pick Texas A&M QB Johnny “Football” Manziel & overwhelmingly delivers over a good beat that compliments but doesn’t drown out the lyrics.  There’s a bunch of things perfect about this joint right here. Even the timing of the release of this is gold with the NFL draft day coming up Thursday May 8th.


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Mike Vick’s First Interview as Quarterback for The New York Jets (Video)

I’m kinda sad to see Mike Vick no longer playing for my hometown Philadelphia Eagles, but I’m excited he’s still being given the opportunity to play in the NFL for head coach Rex Ryan & the New York Jets. I’m not a fan of the NY Jets, but I’m definitely a fan of Mike Vick & Rex Ryan. I believe they’ll make a good combination up there in New York City & I hope they do well this upcoming season except, if and when, they play my Oakland Raiders. Check out this new video from Mike Vick’s first interview as a NY Jet above. The reporter asks the standard run of the mill questions, but he missed a key opportunity to ask what number does Mike expect to wear this season considering both he & Geno Smith both like the number “7”. I’m sure there won’t be any beefs between Geno & Mike based on their mutual interests in helping to push each other, but just who will get that number “7” should be interesting.

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The 1983 Los Angeles Raiders: A Run To Remember (Video)

You should know by now that I’m an Oakland Raiders fan to the fullest. Of course I still support & will always support my hometown Philadelphia Eagles & other Philadelphia sports teams because I’m a proud Philly native, but the Raiders have always personally resonated with me since I was a young kid. The last 10 years haven’t been great ones for my Oakland Raiders squad, but some of the good moves taking place during the current 2014 Free agency period has me feeling good & optimistic. I have a feeling it won’t be long until my Raiders return to greatness which inspired me to post this mini-documentary of arguably the greatest Raiders squad in the history of the organization. I’ll never forget cheering loudly as a kid watching the Raiders win the Super Bowl in my mother’s living room back in the day. It’s been 31 years since the last Super Bowl win back then, but you can relive those moments with me in the perspective based video above. Back in 1983, NFL Hall Of Fame running back Marcus Allen & the Los Angeles Raiders truly had a ‘Run To Remember’.


Business: How Worker-Owned Companies Operate (Video)

I was speaking with a friend who is also an Oakland Raiders fan like myself.  The Raiders have major financial obstacles in their attempts to get a new stadium built in Oakland or anywhere else in Northern California. The Oakland Raiders have also recently been ranked by Forbes magazine as the least valuable NFL franchise despite having a huge global fanbase.  The Raiders have one of lowest amount of operating dollars of all the 32 teams in the NFL.  Fans may not be able to help the stadium situation, but they can definitely change the value of the team.  I have said on numerous occasions it would be great if the Raiders adopted a similar ownership system like the Green Bay Packers in which the fans of the team can become shareholders. The Green Bay Packers are the only NFL franchise that operates in this manner.  Current NFL rules require an owner to have no less than a 30% majority share of the team.  I feel this could work for the Raiders if owner Mark Davis offered a 49% or less share to the fans.  Our discussion then turned to the corporate aspect of worker owned companies. Ironically I ran across this interesting short documentary on the topic while surfing the web that goes to further illustrate the point that collective ownership is the key to win in many instances.


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Comedy: NFL QB Brothers Peyton & Eli Manning Debut Hilarious New Video For ‘Football On Your Phone’ (Video)

Yeah! Rap with a message. Even the NFL’s Peyton and Eli Manning know it is important to have a message within the music. “It’s football on your phone.” How’s that for a message?

Hahaaaa! The Manning boys are flow-nomenal (and funny) in this one… even getting their dad (Archie) in this crazy DirecTV’s NFL Sunday commercial.

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