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Sneaker Shopping With ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair (Video)

Okay, at the count of three holler out a multi-time champion out of North Carolina who is all about the shoe game: One, two, three, Michael Jordan Ric Flair. Hell yes, we are going Sneaker Shopping with The Nature Boy! Woooooooo!

Ric Flair goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC, and talks about partying with Michael Jordan and LeBron James being the greatest athlete of all time.
– Complex


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Pusha T Speaks On His ‘Run For the Oceans’ And Says “King Push” Is 85% Complete (Video)

Interesting. Instead of moping about ‘taking the L’ in the recent U.S. Presidential election, Pusha T is getting into being more ‘self-governing’ and pushing the causes he is interested in (with no more ties to the White House)… and partnering with companies in line with them.

Adidas and Parley join forces to help draw attention to and preserve the world’s oceans. Pusha T performs and speaks on the importance of brand activism and his love for Adidas.
– Complex News

Hmm… Push drones on and on a bit about Yeezy’s beats being the driver for choosing his production to dominate the forthcoming album… over his OGs The Neptunes (Chad Hugo, Pharrell Williams). Not disrespectful really. Kanye is a well-known worldwide all-time beast on them beatz. But, maybe, someone might feel slightly slighted with how ‘energetic’ Push got when he got the question. Just saying.

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Food: South L.A.’s African-American Taco Movement (Video)

Okay, you know Memphis for the barbecue and Philly for the cheesesteak… Basically, there are a lot of cities with food that reps. Check out a new food movement: South Los Angeles’ African American Tacos. Just a taste of Food Grails, a new First We Feast travel series.

Welcome to Food Grails, a new First We Feast travel series hosted by Miss Info. As a music journalist, she’s travelled the world and seen the power of artists who rep for their hometown sound. Now, she wants to discover how foods define a city’s flavor—from Atlanta’s lemon-pepper wings, to NYC’s beef patties. These are America’s food grails.
First We Feast

Learned some math: Profit from slanging tacos > profit from selling weed (wow, plus weed heads probably come through with ‘the munchies’ yo). Serious business here. Watch.


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‘Sneaker Shopping’ With Grammy- And Emmy-Winning Comic Chris Rock (Video)

I’m buying, and you’re paying.
Chris Rock

And now you see how a rich ninja stays RICH… ninjaaaaa! Rocking the Yeezys already, Rock is going ‘Sneaker Shopping’ with Joe La Puma while sharing some insights on his fashion sense, his history, hanging out the Michaels (Jackson & Jordan) and Eddie Murphy (RIP Charlie Murphy) and more.

Chris Rock and Joe La Puma go Sneaker Shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City and talk about the time Michael Jordan was on SNL, why Yeezys are a must-cop, and the history of Lil’ Penny.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Drops Science & Drips Hot Sauce On Some Wings (Video)

Tough talk from our personal astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson. By ‘tough talk’ we mean it will be tough to talk with his mouth on FIRE (from all the HOT wings and HOT-HOT-HOT sauce)!

Star Talk host, Hayden Planetarium director, and astrophysicist extraordinaire Neil deGrasse Tyson has a brilliant knack for breaking down big scientific ideas to the masses. But can he keep his facts straight while battling the heat of Zombie Apocalypse and Mad Dog 357? Find out as NDT takes on some hot questions and even hotter wings with Sean Evans, tackling everything from Obama selfies to Kanye West lyrics along the way.
– Complex


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‘Sneaker Shopping’ With Shoe & Microphone Fiend Joey Bada$$ (Video)

His dream shoe might be the All Day I Dream About… ya know. But you gotta dream about a possible dream collaboration between Joey Bad and ADIDAS. If you are into the shoe game heavy, that is.

Joey Bada$$ goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Alumni in Brooklyn, and talks growing up as a Jordan head and the mix of sneakers with politics.

Interesting. Joey comments on the former First Daughter from last administration rocking a Pro Era tee. Then he comments on Under Armour’s honcho stumping for the current President, Donald Trump. Kinda makes Joey Bada$$ a two-term political pundit. When it comes to apparel maybe. Maybe.

Ha! Watch and learn a bit Joey’s aspirations (non-political, basketball), choices in kicks (including a possible pick for his pops) and more.

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The Rap Music Generation Gap Debate (Teaser Trailer)

Interesting convo here… Maybe enough room for everyone to get their views appreciated and get mad during the course of it. Great look to have Scarface in there as a student of the game AND an O.G.

Rappers from 90’s go head to head with new rappers to talk about the state of music. The panel discusses whether current artists should be students of “the game” and study the older generation and respect what came before them. They also talk about how to stay financially-secure because not all artists stay “hot” their whole career. Find out their thoughts on the state of Hip-Hop.
– Complex

Haaaa! Pete Rock snapped a bit, but Vince Staples got right back. And this is just a teaser. See the whole episode on go90 here

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NBA & Chicago Bulls Star Jimmy Butler Goes ‘Sneaker Shopping’ (Video)

C’mon son! You gotta know by know that sneakers is religion! For sneakerheads, it is not just ‘shopping’… it is spiritual, ritual, and to be done right!

Jimmy Butler goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Saint Alfred in Chicago and talks wearing Jordans to the White House, walking away from his Adidas deal, and playing basketball with Michael Jordan.

Dude, this dude wore sneakers to the White House to chit-chat with President Obama (and bless him with a pair).

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DJ Premier On The State Of New York Rap (Video)

Preemo ONLY plays the bangers! That’s his lane, and it is not for the wack. And he is DEFINITELY qualified to be a gatekeeper for real Hip-Hop. To be clear, DJ Premier is not hating on that artist you like, but if he or she is wack… Oh well.

That sounds harsh. Preem explains it better. How he has always been, what he is into nowadays and more in the sit-down above.

A documentary with Jay Z and Nas is in the works, and DJ Premier also has a solo album—‘Last Session at 320’—on the way. He also discusses Desiigner, Dave East, Young M.A., and how he’s stayed relevant for multiple decades.
– Complex

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Sneaker Shopping: Cam’ron Chooses Killa Kicks (Video)

Cam’ron goes Sneaker Shopping. A self-declared Reebok guy; but he loves Jordans. But do not twist things up… Cam is ’bout the biz. Shoemakers need to holler at him about his Killa Pink (the album and the color) coming soon. Watch him and Joe La Puma chop and check out what to step into.

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Kevin Powell Speaks On His Relationship With Tupac Shakur, Shares ‘Rikers Island Interview’ Audio From 1995 And More (Video)

Very few people know the turmoil that erupted between 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G. better than Kevin Powell. A political activist, author, and journalist who first became known as a cast member on the original season of MTV’s The Real World, Powell made perhaps his biggest impact as a senior writer for VIBE magazine in the mid-’90s. It was there that he had the opportunity to chronicle the life and career of Tupac Shakur. He penned three highly acclaimed cover stories about the enigmatic superstar. including one based around an interview conducted when Pac was locked up on Rikers Island.

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DJ Khaled’s New Restaurant Is ‘Finga Lickin’ In Miami (Video)

Wow… DJ Khaled… his new restaurant… Finga Lickin… soul food… Miami style… the Best! Looks delicious. But saying he doesn’t know who Food Network’s Guy Fieri is; wonder if that was a shot or a tactic. No matter. Look at what’s coming out of the kitchen, maaaan!

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Raekwon Describes His Hood Hero Character ‘King Kwon’ (Video)

Now Kendrick’s superhero character ‘Hardbody’ was dope, but The Wu Chef took it up a step. Raekwon described his hero persona, King Kwon, as the dude who is always around and always looking out. Armed with Hater Spray and the Upgrade Spray, King Kwon would stand ready to convert haters (or have his super partner Eraser Head ‘wipe them out’ if they’re suckas) and help out deserving folks in the hood who are trying to do for self. Cool premises and super teamwork. Nice! Enjoy this animation-enhanced episode of “Super…” featuring Raekwon.

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Marshawn Lynch Checks Out Some New Sneakers (Video)

Joe La Puma went sneaker shopping with Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch at District Footwear in Alameda [California, USA].

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Comedy: Papoose Pranks Aspiring Rappers (Video)

Bwaaahahaaa! Okay, this was cruel AND funny at the same damn time. Pap surprised up-n-comers Doc Nice, S-Class, Big Tyni, and Lord Kas at the studio; then in the booth. They were recording, trying to get out there. And here comes the diss king throwing shots through the mic at them…totally unexpected. Caught ’em raw. Watch the clip. Watch their faces. HEAT!

Yeah, if the prank went on too long it would have gone from remixes to mixing it up with a couple of the rappers and Pap (maybe… got some apologies when he fronted ’em though… wow).


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And It Don’t Stop: Allen Iverson On His Injecting Hip-Hop Into The NBA, His New Documentary And More (Video)

Allen Iverson was into way more than basketball as a young’un. And we know he brought more than phenomenal skills to pro basketball. If there was a name with which history could associate the NBA’s Hip-Hop swag, it’d be Iverson’s. Here in his sit down with Complex, he talks about that, other sports passions early in life, being controversial, a new documentary (to ‘splain it all) and more.

(Yuuup… he touches on that rap album he had, too.)

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Fat Joe Goes Sneaker Shopping (Video)

You already KNOW Joe’s sneaker game is on 20s. Remember when he licked his kicks on MTV Cribs back in the day? Serious. Now for for more serious business. Get a kick out of The Terror Don going shopping for and critiquing more kicks. Gotta refresh to be fresh. Watch.

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Magnum Opus Episode 4: Watch Jeru the Damaja “Come Clean” About His 90s Hit and How He Came Up (Video)

‘Whatever you wanna get into, Jeru gets into it better.’

DJ Premier

If you know your 90’s Hip-Hop, you know and respect Jeru the Damaja. Complex TV has him on its fourth installment of the Magnum Opus series. Above, Jeru talks about the making of his Golden Era classic, “Come Clean” and more. DJ Premier and others pop in there with commentary, too. Good watching.

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Slaughterhouse’s ‘Complex’ Feelings (Video)’s “30 Rappers in Their Thirties” list has set off a tidal wave of feelings with Slaughterhouse. It’s okay to chuckle as we ride it out with Joe Budden, Royce da 5’9, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I; because these fools are hilarious! Feel their “pain.” Share it. Grow from the experience. Hahahaaa.

Complex: The Rick Ross Sound Board (Audio)

Just click on any of the BAWSE’s tattoo’s & watch the magic happen courtesy of the folks at COMPLEX…