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Listen To Cam’ron: If You Know What President Trump Is Up To… You Must SNITCH! (Video)

Hilarious! Wow, how’s Cam’ron REALLY feeling? Mr. No Snitchin’ says that everybody and anybody has a DUTY to snitch on President Trump. CIA. Even the First Lady. Gotta tell us what The Donald is up to in the White House, Watch him speak on it on ‘The Daily Show’ #SnitchesGetRiches

Rapper Cam’ron believes that members of the Trump administration have a civic duty to leak information about White House dysfunction.

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Mr. Noah Goes To Washington: The Full President Obama Interview (Video)

Trevor Noah visits President Barack Obama at the White House for a special interview for The Daily Show. The two discuss Russia’s impact on the 2016 election, the state of the U.S. democracy, the incoming Trump administration, the future of Affordable Care, modern racism and more.


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Host Trevor Noah Has An Intense Discussion With Outspoken Internet Conservative Tomi Lahren On ‘The Daily Show’ (Video)

Taking a different angle for the noon hour today. Tomi Lahren is cute. No doubt. But her views, well, we may not see eye-to-eye a lot. And though I play the horndog on here, I care about what people say…even the beautiful people I ogle. To be clear, all views matter. We have to listen and try to understand. We cannot even have a good argument if we are not understanding who and what we are fighting. And eventually, we are going to have to find a way to get along.

Trevor Noah gets at her in the clip above, but not in an angry way. Tomi talks about her views, not too angry either. In the end, the convo comes out about the same as when Jon Stewart was running ‘The Daily Show’ and would have uber-Conservative frienemy Bill O’Reilly on there. Give it to Trevor: He won with that ‘Why so angry, Tomi?’ approach. Take a look/listen.

(Tomi Lahren. Her name makes me think of Jim Lehrer from PBS NewsHour back in the day. Maybe it’s because I want to her to move at least a bit closer to center.)


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Jidenna – “Long Live The Chief” (Live Performance On ‘The Daily Show’) [Video]

Dope! Dope! DOPE! I knew Jidenna could deliver the goods on the pop music tip, with an alt twist, but before the BET Cypher did you know he could spit (not even distracted by super-fine lyricist 3D Na’Tee)? Well, after this performance of “Long Live The Chief” there is no doubt. Jidenna earns the emcee stamp.



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Free State Of Jones (Trailer)

Should be really dope. I remember author Sally Jenkins’ appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart years ago… talking about “The State Of Jones” book (see that here). Great story. The trailer above teases a movie that seems like it will do the story justice.

Written and directed by four-time Oscar nominee Gary Ross (THE HUNGER GAMES, SEABISCUIT, PLEASANTVILLE), and starring Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey. FREE STATE OF JONES is an epic action-drama set during the Civil War, and tells the story of defiant Southern farmer, Newt Knight, and his extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy.

Banding together with other small farmers and local slaves, Knight launched an uprising that led Jones County, Mississippi to secede from the Confederacy, creating a Free State of Jones.

Knight continued his struggle into Reconstruction, distinguishing him as a compelling, if controversial, figure of defiance long beyond the War.

In Theaters June 24, 2016.


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Trevor Noah Welcomes Emmy Winner Regina King To ‘The Daily Show’ (Video)

How fine is Regina King? So fine that Trevor Noah came back a day after life-saving surgery to interview her! Watch their convo a la Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Congrats on the Emmy and for being such an incredible beauty, Regina.


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‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Makes Fun Of His Very Serious Emergency Room Experience (Video)

So, the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, had to have an emergency appendectomy just days ago. See his comical recount of what was a f#cked up emergency room experience. Besides the ‘waiting room’ shot, this was my fav quip from the above clip: Asked for more info to fill out endless forms while in excruciating (near blackout) pain, Trevor responds,

“What more information do you need, other than the fact that I’m dying?”

Ever a political hot topic in the U.S., many always bring up the fact the MANY nations abroad provide free/better healthcare than America’s. But you may have wondered if folks from other countries say U.S. healthcare is better somehow. Well, let’s hear from someone who has now experienced both.

Play the clip. Laugh through the pain. Welcome back, Noah. Get better soon.


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Jon Stewart Calling Bullsh!t On Media’s Baltimore Protest Coverage: ‘Kids Blowing Off Steam’ Versus ‘Urban Kids Rioting’ (Video)

This episode of The Daily Show, hosted Jon Stewart, takes some funny-but-true shots at CNN and Wolf Blitzer’s coverage of ongoing protests and riots in Baltimore. Blitzer said the events there are “unbelievable” and never-before-seen…Really? What about the RECENT events in Ferguson? And unbelievable? C’mon… college kids do much damage after big games. Of course, the Baltimore situation is not a game; and indeed there is more to the outbursts in Baltimore (if only the news would cover it).

The heavier coverage of the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner compared to the riots in Baltimore (sparked by the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who died days after suffering a spinal cord injury while in police custody) was more than fair. The governor calling in the National Guard, properties and cars were set on fire citywide…all less than an hour’s drive away??? Yeah, CNN [and Today Show and other news media], you’re slipping. And blowing on the flames on the fires now, to keep your ratings stoked, instead of fanning out and covering the fullness of the story (including root causes like poverty, lack of economic opportunity in the community, issues related to youth disenfranchisement) is not helping.

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The Daily Show’s Senior International Correspondent ‘Trevor Noah’ Reports On Boko Haram…Because Somebody Should! (Video)

Watching our posts from The Daily Show, you are probably familiar with the way Jon Stewart and his people dance along the fine line political satire – the one that separates comedy and tragedy. Trevor Noah (repeat ‘contributing reporter’) files this report on happenings in Boko Haram – with an all but in-your-face jab at the West’s lack of media coverage of such.

“Africa Is The Vegas of Islamic Terror: What Happens In Africa Stays In Africa”

That’s the punchline of the night, but you can tell that the audience was struggling to find it’s funny bone. Is it that we are that under-informed… or insensitive… or desensitized… or suffering that much from an attention deficit disorder, being crippled by news media currently chasing down leads on ‘deflated balls’ in the NFL or…

Yes… yes… okay dammit… YES!

Watch this report. We have to get our political and current affairs news from somewhere… even if Comedy Central is in the lead reporting it… AGAIN!

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Dead Wrong: Fox News Pundits’ Slanted Coverage Of Ferguson Stirs Up Sh!t…And Jon Stewart Rubs Their Faces In It (Video)

BOOM! Jon Stewart cracks Fox News upside the dome again! Hypocrisy, calling Michael Brown the bad buy, poor framing of the true “systemic injustice” that went down in Ferguson and Fox News’ super-slanted reporting on events… as usual.

You know… you’d think they be tired of being on the wrong side (being a right-wing network)… or at least be tired of being beat down by clever comedic comic attacks from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report.

You’d think.

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Heated Debate On White Privilege: Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reilly Square Off (Video)

Frienemies Jon Stewart and conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly sit down to have a light convo about White privilege. Yeah… NO! Heck, it took a gargantuan effort from Stewart to even get O’Reilly to admit that White privilege exists… on some level O’Reilly. And even then he stuck to his guns; refusing to acknowledge that White people enjoy any advantages in America because of their race.

“You think I’m sitting here because I’m White? What are you, a moron? I’m sitting here because I’m obnoxious, not because I’m White!”

Bill O’Reilly

Ummm… heh, heh… That’s just a piece of it. See the full fracas above. Keep in mind that they actually respect each other… sorta.

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Reunited: Wu-Tang Appears On ‘The Daily Show’ With Jon Stewart And Performs “Ron O’Neal” (Video)

Ha! Here’s the vid. Wu-Tang was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart the other night to talk up their re-union in front of the hometown crowd; and to do a performance of their new single “Ron O’Neal.” Decent. They took the on-air broadcast home with a performance of “Triumph.” See the performance clips after the jump. Start with the interview above.


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Shots Fired: Rush Limbaugh Disses #BringBackOurGirls And Jon Stewart Slams Him For It (Video)

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, pressured into action by ‘hashtag activism’ on Twitter recently, now has help from several nations to save more than 200 schoolgirls held hostage by Boko Haram terrorists. #BringBackOurGirls our girls has been trending worldwide, bringing and maintaining attention on the issue. Good, right? I mean, the terrorists are the bad guys; but you MUST be a genuine azzjack of a bad guy to hate on the movement, right?

Enter Rush Limbaugh, azzjack. On his radio show, the conservative host ripped the effort, even calling a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama with a #BringBackOurGirls sign “pathetic.”

Oh…my…damn! Did Limbaugh just slam a humanitarian movement AND diss our beloved First Lady? Sure did. But don’t worry. Jon Stewart got him; as you’ll see in the Comedy Central ‘Daily Show’ clip above. In fact, by the show’s end, Stewart had set off a Twitter trend of his own – a message for Limbaugh: #F*@KYOURUSH.

(Even more important, Jon had some heartfelt words for the real G’s caught up in this horror story; the captive Nigerian girls who knowingly risked life and everything daily to get educated and empowered.)



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Jon Stewart Calls Out Jay Z Over Maintaining Business Relations With Racist Retailer Barney’s (Video)

Over the controversy that some have called shop-and-frisk, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart points out and pokes at Jigga for selling out by standing by a major business partner of his – Barney’s. The high-end retailer has come under fire by the media and protest groups for apparently subjecting its Black patrons to racial profiling that went so far as to send undercover security into the street – holding up Black purchasers outside the store to verify that their debit cards were “authentic.” Jay Z has a merchandise line set to come out in the store chain… no way he’s going to let a little bad racial press stop him from cashing in on purchases made by Black folk who may get stopped after buying his stuff. Time for a little “perspective”…

“If I make snap judgements, no matter who it’s towards, aren’t I committing the same sin as who it’s towards.”

Jay Z

Well, how about that. I guess you can talk yourself into anything when enough money is on the line. Get him, Jon!

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Comedy/Politics: Jon Stewart Blasts GOP Over U.S. Government Shutdown on ‘The Daily Show’ (Video)

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart taking it there – to the heights of satire – addressing the government shutdown, and calling out the House Republicans for doing all they can to scuttle the Affordable Care Act, including forcing a government shutdown. “It’s a f**king law” that all three branches of government have thus far upheld. Then Stewart sacked the the Republicans, scrambling to down President Obama’s hallmark legislative achievement, with THE hardest hit:

“Did you see the Giants game on Sunday? They lost 31-7. Do you know what the Giants didn’t say after that game? ‘If you don’t give us 25 more points by midnight on Monday, we will shut down the f**king NFL.'”

– Jon Stewart


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Comedy: Members Of U.S. Congress ‘Representing’ In Egypt (Video)

VOTE DAMMIT! Okay… no this is not going to turn into a PSA by @ojones1 (this time). This Daily Show with Jon Stewart clip is a comedy post (but watching ELECTED members of our U.S. Congress “represent” us could send me off on a rant). What’s really funniest though is the portion BEFORE the comedians (Samantha Bee, David Cross, Bob Odenkirk) come in. Just watch…


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Comedy: The Daily Show’s Take On NYC’s ‘Stop & Frisk’ Issue (Video)

Who said hot women aren’t funny? Well, don’t say that anymore. Jessica Williams is hot… and hilarious in her skit on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. The Show is currently being anchored by John Oliver while regular host Jon Stewart is on break working on his movie. This ‘Frisky Business’ segment comes to us from ‘Wall Street’ (aka ‘Business Harlem’), as Jessica gives hardline on-site commentary about the need for MORE stop-and-frisk in this crime-ridden area. Boom!

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Jon Stewart to President Obama via ‘The Daily Show’: Wake Up! (Video)

Okay, so President Obama did NOT have his best showing at the first of the 2012 Presidential Debates. Sure, moderator Jim Lehrer could have been more assertive – to wrest control of the event back from Mitt Romney (who was obviously the most confident and aggressive on stage) AND from the President. Yes, yes… all true… unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot count on Jon Stewart to help us laugh about it. Be clear though: As Jon is so skilled at doing, he makes a serious point in the midst of his comical barrage. He made it directly to the President in his own Samuel Jackson-ish” way… He… well, just watch.

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George Lucas Says Hollywood Didn’t Want To Fund “Red Tails” Because Of Its Black Cast (Video)

George Lucas, known as one of the greatest filmmakers of our time, stopped by the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote the new film “Red Tails” that hits theaters January 20th. The Star Wars filmmaker provided some insight as to why Hollywood wouldn’t back the film that’s based on the lives of the Tuskeegee Airmen because the movie’s all black cast.

Common Speaks with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (Video)

Common continues making the daytime television rounds to promote his new autobiographical book “One Day It’ll All Make Sense”. Great idea for the title. Here he stops by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart & gets into more of the book as well as his controversial visit to perform for the President in the White House.